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Social Sharing Plugin for WordPress Bring your online community to the next level with MONARCH, a stylish plugin for online media. The elixir of life that makes the web shine is online media, and online media enables you to take advantage of this opportunity and use it as a powerful asset for your company. Select from over 20 different types of online sites that appear on your website.

Easily expand and organize any number of available network sites to build a customized set of share opportunities for your users. Various sites, pages and contributions have different requirements for use in society. For this reason, we have put together a large variety of places where you can place the share button. Hovering sidebars are a very popular, efficient and elegant way to include socially shared symbols on every page of your website.

We even integrated one of a kind hook style for the horizontal and horizontal border alignment of a fringe bar. Ideal for blogs and content-intensive sites, Monarch allows you to place share button either above the Contents pane, below the Contents pane, or at both places. Most often, the web is divided into different types of information, and Monarch makes it even simpler to share it.

For fast and simple publishing, when your audience hovers their mouse over items within your assets, the socially shared button appears. With Monarch, you can generate pop-ups for automated approval that can be caused by scheduled lags when a message or page is viewed by a particular person at the bottom of a page, or even when that person leaves the page. Have Monarch automatically recognize when your reader hits the bottom of a posting or page and give your reader a kind shared memory.

Once a site contributor has left a message or page annotation, you can present a popup or fly-in to that motivated site contributor. Say Monarch that he should initiate a popup or fly-in to your users after they have scrolled a certain percent down the page. Show your clients an approval popup or fly-in after check-out so they can easily enjoy your store window with your loved ones.

Monarch can be activated if a site owner is idle on your site for too long, in order to draw your visitor's interest back through a pop-up or fly-in. Knowing that deploying plug-in items into your website can seem sticky and out of place, we have equipped Monarch with many different styling choices for smooth styling integrations.

The Monarch features 3 buttons forms, 5 side bar buttons and 4 in-line buttons. The combination of these presentation choices allows you to integrate your logo and symbols into your designs to perfection. To make the connection more resilient, you can view your net name and/or single or entire shares or track your censuses.

Whatever information you want to view, your relationships will look good. The ability to view the symbol of the community on top of or to the left of your shared count, followed count, and/or community name will double your options. Regardless of whether you want to view your symbols in a more vertically or horizontally oriented way, you can use the available free spaces with this one.

You can use your own colours or choose your own! Normally, the colours of the buttons are those of the natives of the individual networks. To customize your look, you can choose your own color for buttons and symbols both before and during theover. Monarch's share symbols are fully reactive and look great right down to the smallest portable device.

The Monarch stores all your approvals and tracks the countings for optimised load on your website. In fact, we give you full autonomy over the number of times Monarch will update your numbers. Configuring and administering your Monarch preferences is anything but complex. We' ve designed a customized front end in the WordPress dashboard that provides simple and convenient Monarch user interface to your Monarch preferences, statistics and information.

Monarch also allows you to customize your screen preferences in order to meet your needs, in additional to the fundamental publishing choices. The choice of animation for idle load, minimum number of shares to be displayed and columns structure are just some of the things you can do. A summary of your Monarch stats can be viewed at any given moment via the Dashboard.

When you have more than one Web site where you want to view similar Monarch layouts, you can quickly and simply convert Monarch preferences from one WordPress site to another and start exporting.

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