Monkey Business

The Monkey Business

"These dogs have a serious monkey business going on." Age: I don't think that sounds like a monkey business. Darling, I'm getting younger (1952) Dr. Noah Praetorius loves Debra, a female undergraduate who finds out that she is expecting from her old friend. An naïve but persistent co-owboy loves a salon singing girl and tries to take her away against her will, marry her and stay on his Montana farm.

Five pairs of husbands and wives are told in seperate tales that they are not lawfully engaged. Sons Tim encounters the hat-check girls Vicky and the nude starts to disintegrate. Highschool kid falling in love not only with a playsboy performer, but with the results of a ball game. There were three wives on their way to find suitable millions to get married but to find real charity.

While two pairs visit the Niagara Falls, the tension between a woman and her man reaches the stage of homicide. In World War II, a man talked a man into living on a remote islet and using a commercial plane to find a schoolteacher and several pupils, all women. A woman who has given up loving encounters a gentle bankier and begins a flirt with him... although he is already engaged.

As Edwina leaps over the wire, her trouser feet are curled up. As she goes to the front room doors, the trouser feet are folded out.

The Marx Brothers at Sea (1931)

Throughout the Florida country booms, the Marx Brothers run a motel, sell some property, frustrate a jewellery heist, and generally act like themselves. Marx Brothers come to the aid of the Wild West as a young man trying to resolve an old vendetta so that he can get married to the little gal he loved is being run over by thieves.

Marx Brothers are busy in a Casablanca post-war resort where a ring of Nazis is trying to salvage a stockpile of treasures. The vet who poses as a physician and racehorse keeper and his buddies fight to keep a sanatorium open with the help of an unsuitable racehorse.

Marx Brothers try to help the creature who owns a big top win back money before he recovers from a work. An impecunious theatre productionist has to outsmart the hospitality effectiveness experts who are trying to drive him out of his room and at the same time win a sponsor for his new work. An astute managing director and two crazy boyfriends of two operatic singer help them to succeed and humiliate their musty and snobby foes.

Marx Brothers help young Broadway hooligans fight off diamonds. Chico was also a celebrity of his own after participating in Varieté and Broadway as half the Gallagher and Shean teams. Hid under the desk in the card room (before meeting the Captain) Chico has a smoke in his right palm.

In the opening of the movie the Marx Brothers figures are stowed on a cruiser and hide in drums with the inscription "Kippered Herring".

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