Moon Fruit

lunar fruit

The fruit enzymes gently lighten the skin, while Kokum and Shea Butters provide the skin with moisture during sleep. skin care moisturizers night moisturizers moon fruit superfruit night treatment. Moonfruit - Superfruit Night Care Another secular, versatile overnight care that nourishes the epidermis with super fruits, softly refreshes it with fruit enzymes and moisturizers, and deepens it with a mix of tropical butter and bioidentical vegetal hyaluronic acid while you are asleep. A small amount should be applied to clean and dry epidermis before bedtime. Rub in well to allow Moon Fruit's naturally occurring butter to fully penetrate the area.

Apply one of our face lotions to the lunar fruit for optimal moisturization and results. We recommend lapis oil for oily/stained skins. Try Phoenix Oil for dehydrated skins. Try orchid oil for a better balance of the complexion. Notice: Moonfruit is not a masque and should not be placed on the top of the body, rub it in fully so that it can unfold its magical power while you are asleep.

Daily use is to prevent exposure to the sun and use a high SPF (over 30) to prevent the sun's light from becoming sensitive to lunar fruit algae and lunar food AHA. What is it lilac for?: "The lunar fruit was always a lunar fruit with a lilac colour. In order to do this, we have mixed pure unnatural indigenous anti-inflammatory, skin-soothing powders with a touch of Mangens flavored vegetable oil and ultra-marine.

All of these together make #moonfruitpurple, which is actually good for your epidermis as most of it is made up of indigenous roots powders. "Recommended Routine: Clean -> Fog -> Mask (if it is a covering night), Moonfruit -> Face Oil. Super fruit: High-performance antioxidant fruit such as prickly pear, goji berry and red raspberry nourish the skins with essential nourishment and help restore the day sun's oxide stresses and environmental pollutants to correct symptoms of sleeping aging.

Moisturizing and moisturizing, these luxurious Butter's are naturally moisturizers that absorb and store hydration into your epidermis. Fruchtenzyme and AHA's: Papaya, lemon, sugar cane, orange, blueberry, cranberry and maple softly reappear and rejuvenate, making your complexion peeled, soft and radiant. Reappearing and excellently suited to free the voids of fault-prone, susceptible skins.

Softens and smoothes all kinds of skins. Also a moisturizer that absorbs and stores moisture in the epidermis for optimal moisture delivery. It'?s Aloe Juice: Aloe contains natural nitric oxide and is therefore ideal for clarifying and eliminating impurities in the epidermis.

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