Moonfruit Cream

Lunar Fruit Cream

The Moon Fruit is a cream, not a mask, so it is not intended to sit on the surface of the skin, make sure you massage it in completely so that it can unfold its magic while you sleep. Purchase HERBIVORE BOTANICALS Moonfruit - Superfruit Night Care Multi-tasking nightime skincare regime that nourishes the epidermis with superfruits, softly emerges with fruityzymes, and provides a mix of natural butter and moisturizing moisturizers. Superbly packaged, this nourishing cream for the dark will help you fight off the obvious symptoms of ageing while you are sleeping with potent anti-oxidants such as cactus figs, go-ji berries and seeds of raspberries.

Moisturizing coca and shellfish butter are naturally occurring moisturizers that deeply hydrate and retain humidity in the dermis. Papaya, citrus, sugar maye, oranges, blueberries, cranberries and maples softly reappear and help your cells renew naturally, making your complexion peeled, soft and radiant. The color of the moon fruit is naturally and comes mainly from indigenous roots powders, which are a naturally anti-inflammatory and calming agent for the epidermis.

Clients and User who wish to place reliance on such claim, description or rating should contact such third party directly. The Moon Fruit is a concentrate overnight cream, not a masque, with a high content of naturally occurring butter. Thoroughly rub a small amount into cleansed, dehydrated epidermis instead of keeping it like a face shield in an even coat on the topping.

One of Herbivore's face oil is then used to provide additional moisturizing and bind it. Once applied, the complexion may become firm but will become softer within a few short working days as the peeling process occurs and the lotion is absorbed. Leave this lotion a lot of room to do its work, especially over night.

Moon Fruit Superfruit Night Treatment

Bring a sleek, young and evenly firm complexion with Herbivore Moon Fruit Superfruit Night Treatment, a juicy formulation that repairs the complexion while moisturizing deep to keep it supple. A small amount should be applied to clean and dry epidermis before bedtime. Rub in well to allow Moon Fruit's naturally occurring butter to fully penetrate the area.

Apply one of Herbivore's face oil to the lunar fruit for excellent moisturizing and results. The Moon Fruit is designed to work even better when used in combination with Erbivore Face Oil. When you want to ship your order as a present, we can give our Christmas present packaging a nice final polish.

Select a free wrapping present at the cashier. Herbivore is one of today's most desirable brand names with ultra-instagrammable packages and non-toxic formulations. The Herbivore was designed by the couple Julia and Alex and has attracted the interest of the international audience.

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