Moonfruit Discount Code

New Moonfruit Discount Code

Find out how you can use the promo code to grant discounts on your shop. Check out the latest Moonfruit discount codes and offers to get great discounts on your purchase. S6: Addition of promotional code | Moonfruit Support Find out how you can use the promotional code to grant rebates on your store. Implementing promotional code in the store allows you to grant wide rebates to your website users or to conduct special promotional campaigns for your faithful clients. Please note: Currently promotional code is only available when ordering on a computer and not on tablets/mobile devices.

Go to the "Shop" page > Click "Settings" below the top bar. Go to'Promo Codes' >'Add promotional code'. Enter a code name. After the code has been used, it is displayed as a descriptive text in the order transaction. Adds a promotional code. Please chose a shopping basket discount type: In this way, you can lower the price of your customers' products by a certain amount (shipping charges are not discounted).

Like the name says, you can define an amount of discount with this feature. Once you have chosen this option, the promotion code is only effective when the shopping cart has at least exceeded the value. Just click on'Create' and your promotional code will be stored. Per Tip: Promotion code is enabled by defaul.

When you want to turn off a promotional code until you are done running a promotion, you can turn it off by unchecking the "Enabled" box. When you unsubscribe from your website and open the "Shop" page, you should now see a box for the promotion code under your products on the " Basket" page.

You may need to refresh the trolley style if you do not see this. Choose the basket artwork on the "Shop" page and click on the "Update" button in the pending window. Now you should see the Promo-Code box in your store theme.

Creating promo codes in the Moonfruit Shop

Right on schedule for the Christmas period (and the related purchases) we launch promotional code in the Moonfruit store. You can use this function to grant your website users a number of rebates or to carry out special promotional campaigns for your faithful clients. So what kind of code can you possibly ad?

These are three kinds of promotional code that are available in the shop: In this way, you can lower the price of one or more items by a certain amount (shipping charges are not discounted). You can use this feature to specify an accurate cash discount amount (e.g. £5 off). Like the name implies, there is no charge for delivery if you use this code.

Where do I insert a promotional code? Log in to your Moonfruit store in the Moonfruit page editing tool, click on'Settings' >'Add promotional code' and fill in the appropriate boxes. There is also a step-by-step tutorial that shows you exactly how to do that. What can my clients do with promotional code?

First of all, you need to tell your clients what the promotional code is. This can be done by contacting clients via e-mail, promoting your homepage as a temporary offering or using communication via various channel. As soon as a client has your promotional code, they must type it into the promotional code box to proceed to checkout.

You can then click 'Apply' and the discount should appear just above the amount. The customer can then proceed to the cash register as usual. Notice that promotional code is only available in stores that offer 6 and that all websites with stores must be upgraded, regardless of whether you use the function or not.

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