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Domains Moonfruit | Moonfruit Support About Moonfruit domains and service information. Easy way to link a Moonfruit purchased or registrated website to a Moonfruit created website. A comprehensive listing of domains is now available through your dashboard, along with automatic extension. When your domains are not with us, please complete these instructions to link them to your website.

Prolongation of your before and after the expiration date. Learn how to migrate your current Moonfruit domains. Explained in this paper how the transmission processes of a Moonfruit domains away. Here you will find an answer to the most common question. The following articles are an introductory guide to the new and some of our own Q&A.

Learn how to subscribe to LiteMail's free e-mail services offered with every hosted LiteMailomain. Describes how to setup your inboxes on an Android machine. Phone and Ipad instructions so you can setup your e-mails. Various instructions for the Outlook release so that you can start sending and receiving e-mail after you have generated your e-mail adress.

Describes how to use POP and IMAP to reconfigure your email account with Mac Mail. Describes how to use Windows Live Mail to create your e-mail box for sending and receiving. | Moonfruit Support

The following articles are an introductory guide to the new and some of our frequently asked questions. We' ve joined together called. co. uk to help you get the most out of both of us and get a broad array of new product and service offerings to help you make it happen. Buy, renew, transfer, transfer, edit your domains name server, create email, buy extra memory, set up Office 365 and more has never been so easy.

Q. With whom do I talk about domain namesupport? To create a safe Domains/Email or Office365 on-line domain management console you can log into your Moonfruit dashboard and navigate to your - on-line control panel. Here you will find a recording of all your supported passes. Or you can call the customer service at 0345 653 9661.

Q. Moonfruit changes domains and e-mail addresses, why? At Moonfruit, we are dedicated to helping clients build great sites and to make sure that we continue to focus on our key objective, we have partnered with a dedicated Domainname Service Providing company that ensures that clients have continuous exposure to new service offerings.

Q. Headquartered in Worcester, who are is part of Dada, an internationally operating group of corporations that provides business and personal information management solutions. Dada Group is active in the UK, Ireland, USA, Italy, Spain, France, Portugal and the Netherlands. and Moonfruit have been working together for many years and the new Moonfruit customer website has been a logical expansion of an already close collaboration.

Q. And who will manage my domains and emails? Moonfruit provided Gandi domains and a simple e-mail packet in the past. However, this changes to provide DNS service, e-mail and Office365 service from name. If you have a question about a domainname, e-mail, or Office365, you should contact us in the future at name. to answer it all.

Q. Do I need to make any changes to my Moonfruit preferences? No, your website will continue to be housed at Moonfruit, just like today. Their domains are administered by und the current domains are transferred to without interruption. Q. No. Just pick the Website builder bundle that's right for you, and when you're done, you can pick the right one from many new additions and classic sites

Posting your website to your new domainname is as easy as ever. Q. What can I use the coupon for and for which endings? Just for registering the following expansions .uk,,,.eu,.com,.com,.net &.org for 1 year. Vouchers cannot be cashed in or withdrawn for a period of more than one year*.

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