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Get your email through Windows Mail 2011 Describes how to use Windows Live mail to create your inbox for sending and receiving. If you have your own email account with us, but would rather use Windows Live Mail 2011 to get your email, use these instructions. Ensure that your inbox name/user name and the email account passphrase are used to directly email via webmail.

Set your voicemail back to your default passwords (via your domain administration page). Passwords must be complicated (avoid dictionary), contain at least 8 digits (of which at least 3 digits and at least 2 symbols ) or more than 16 of them. Do not use spaces or questions in your voicemail passwords.

Verify that you are using your full inbox name as your user name and not an alternate nickname or email adress.

E-mail migrations to - The process of migrating your e-mails is over.

Migrating email to - The amount of migrating your email is up. has now upgraded its email service so that all new email will point to the site. To be able to retrieve your e-mails, you must begin here with the new WebMail portal Login to WebMail with your Gandi user name and your Gandi user ID and your WebMail user name.

Although you use a built-in email collection service, it is important that you sign in to WebMail first so that we can synchronize your mailbox. Now you can easily add all your e-mails to your new WebMail with one click once you are signed in.

It is possible to restore your Gandi account passphrase in your new webpage. When you use a on-premises email program such as Microsoft Outlook or Mac Mail, or when you receive your email on a cell phone or tray, we suggest that you verify the hostname of the inbound and outbound servers you are currently using, as you may not need to make any changes at all.

To make changes, you MUST first sign in to WebMail and start importing your email. In this case, you may have to modify the outcome servers CMTP and SMAP and Incoming POS or IMAP. And if your inbox is currently or, you don't need to make any changes and your email will still be delivered via WebMail.

When your incomming email host is, you must modify the incomming email host to (if you have created a desktop account) or (if you have created an IMAP account). It is also necessary to scan your departing emailervers. You do not need to modify this if your current Outbound server is

Please contact us by creating a customer service pass directly from your control panel or by calling the Moonfruit Domains Admin Team at 0345 653 9661.

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