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11 top questions asked by our dear clients. Do you have a hot topic about TLDs? Since we knew that some of you would fail at the same hurdle, we thought we would ask our dear support staff the most common customer queries and put them all under one umbrella, right here, along with the responses. Updated my domainname/scription.

Extensions to your own private addresses are separated from extensions to subscriptions and are performed separately. Renewal subscriptions include your Moonfruit month or year pack and are automatic (unless you have terminated your agreement). Requires all extensions of domainnames to be done by hand from the toplevel page of your accounts.

This is the extension e-mail you sent to the wrong people. Verify the user name in the e-mail to see if it is intended for your existing or another one. In case it is a free or test version that you no longer use, let us know and we will close it for you.

In case it is an existent bank escrow accounts, please do not hesitate to get in touch with us because there might be a possibility to consolidated everything in one place. So if there really is one thing you want, but aren't finished yet, why not turn to someone on our technical staff to see if there's a solution you can use in the meantime?

Of course, just submit a query to someone in our technical assistance staff and make sure you enter your username or your e-mail address and we will forward it to you. In order to extend the renewal with your new Prepaid Cards, log into your Prepaid Cards and click "Invoice" in the drop-down box at the top right. What is the best way to move my Moonfruit or another provider's Moonfruit name?

Let's go through the transfers in a domaine first. In order to move a third parties provider's name to Moonfruit, you need to ask them to activate it for you and then give you a copy of the authorization key (note: you don't need it if you have a . uk domain). From there, please read the instructions we have created to help you through each step:

The transfer of a specific Domain is also called a clearance. In order to make changes to your domainname, we need to share it with you so that you can administer it directly from Gandi, our Registry. In order to register a specific website, please submit a question. Then our staff will implement it for you.

All you have to do is get the HTML from the third parties applications (Youtube, Vimeo, Soundcloud, etc.). On your Moonfruit page, go to the page where you want to add the document and click Add > HTML Snippets > Click Setup > Copy on the Setup page and add the text or memo pad containing the text you want to use.

When you want to buy a distinct Domain Name for your website, you can do so on the Domains page in your affiliate area. Buildup a website and purchasing a domainname is not enough for your website to be at the top of Google ranks. There' a number of things you can begin with that will help you.

There is also a lot of information in our forum and of course, if you have any other queries that need to be answered, please contact our support group.

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