Moonfruit Mask

Lunar Fruit Mask

The Moon Fruit is a cream, not a mask, so it is not intended to sit on the surface of the skin. The Moon Fruit is a cream, not a mask, so it is not intended to sit on the surface of the skin, make sure you massage it in completely so that it can unfold its magic while you sleep. Moon Fruit Superfruit Night Treatment Bring a sleek, young and evenly firm complexion with Herbivore Moon Fruit Superfruit Night Treatment, a juicy formulation that repairs the complexion while moisturizing deep to keep it supple. A small amount should be applied to clean and dry epidermis before bedtime. Rub in well to allow Moon Fruit's naturally occurring butter to fully penetrate the area.

Apply one of Herbivore's face oil to the lunar fruit for excellent moisturizing and results. The Moon Fruit is designed to work even better when used in combination with Erbivore Face Oil. When you want to ship your order as a present, we can give our Christmas present packaging a nice final polish.

Select a free wrapping present at the cashier. Herbivore is one of today's most desirable brand names with ultra-instagrammable packages and non-toxic formulations. The Herbivore was designed by the couple Julia and Alex and has attracted the interest of the international audience.

Superfruit Night Treatment Review (Overview)

Harbivore Moon Fruits Superfruit Nacht ( $58 ) is a fascinating face toning cream that contains moisturizing acids, fruityzymes, and a mix of butter to bring your face to the surface, smoothen, and moisturize your face and neck tonight. I' ve been through some previous Harbivore projects and what I' ve tried I generally liked. When Moon Fruits Superfruit Nacht Treatment came onto the market a few month ago, I immediately packed a saucepan with reluctance.

Not only did I have dryer, blunter skins, and this formulation promise to moisturize them with great substances like sha nut and moisturonic acids, but it also pledged to softly extrapolate them during my nightmares. Love the notion that it would act as a kind of sleeping mask, making my sleeping skins softer and smoother.

Superfruit Night Fruit Night treatment comes in a 1.7 oz glass with a scoop. The first thing you will ever see about this mask or procedure, however you want to call it, is the beautiful, vibrant violet hue. Instructions are very bewildering as the boxes says they are generous, but the Herbivore website says it should use a small amount.

You should do this on dried, newly cleaned skins and it was recommended to use one of Herbivore's facial oils as the treatments and the oils were designed to work together as the oils form a protecting layer around the lunar fruit treatments which helps to contain them and adds additional hydration.

I used the therapy both alone and with my favourite Phoenix Cell Regenerating Facial Oil for test use. It says the lotion will turn your complexion purple, but if you completely rub the lotion in the eye-catching colour, it will vanish. However, I had little luck with it and did not have the feeling that it would reappear, moisturize or smoothen my face.

While Herbivore has some great skin care brands, I would strongly discourage the Moon Fruit Superfruit Night Treatment.

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