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Some services may currently run slower than normal due to a problem with network performance. Moonfruit downstairs right now? Moonfruit website Name: www.moonfruit.comURL Checked: Reaction time: The above graphic shows the Moonfruit.

com official services level during the last 10 automated audits. If the value is lower, the reaction speed is better. Failure to display a beam for a specified period of your visit means that the site has been down and the site was inactive.

The Moonfruit website was pingled through our servers and the website delivered the above results. When is also down for us, there is nothing you can do except wait. Most likely the servers are congested, shut down or unavailable due to a networking issue, a downtime or an ongoing website service.....

Erase the temp and cookie caches in your web browsers to make sure you have the latest versions of the website. A Domain Name System (DNS) allows a site to identify an ISP location (192.168.x.x.x) with words (*.com) for easier remembering, such as a phone book for Web sites.

As a rule, this is offered by your Internet Protocol (ISP). If you can connect to a website in the comfort of your own home or from a 3G LAN, but don't work on your computer, it's a good thing to use a DNS server other than your own Internet Protocol (ISP) servers. is there for you right now? Send your servicestatus remarks or notify a problem below to let others know they're not the only ones having problems. Be aware that your location, your ISP, and your browsing information will be shown next to your voice mail to better understand a potential failure.

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I' ve been with Moonfruit since August 2011, which is a 7-year multi-site partnership. From their OWN SITE, you can't even send them an e-mail because they've had something for month that says "recaptcha is shut down" means you can't "prove that you're not a robot". Just don't have your services.

Now you only take cash for your web site and don't give anything in exchange. Moonfruit refuses to respond, so where is that for you? Unpleasant, disappointing mess of a business once proud of retaining customers. There is virtually no such thing as client support. I' ve been with Moonfruit for almost four years.

Non-existent after sales services. Well, essentially, you take our cash and get wealthy from our backs and when we have small easy issues, you decline to help us. Poor ratings will grow and soon your scores will drop and your business will collapse. Encouraging those to whom Moonfruit and Nesco have done wrong to post about it on several pages.

Those folks lean back, drinking and eating vinegar while we work really hard, giving them our big hard-earned cash and laughing without embarrassment! You do not at least disregard their local work and support. Lunar fruit shit! The Moonfruit just says can't get cash from my bankroll for websites I no longer have.

Fucking shit if you don't even know what sites they have. In many cases we provide a reimbursement at the sole option of the business and you may be one of them. I' ve been with Moonfruit for years (probably 10) and last year they made big changes to their structures and moved some of their sevices (domains etc....) to them.

Didn't keep clients informed of the possible consequences, including e-mails being down for hours during the migration, along with many other major problems that naturally affected the company. It seems that Moonfruit only offers "customer service" via e-mail if you are unable to reply, so please refer to the Namesco support number, which will always return you to Moonfruit.

Recently I talked on the telephone with a Namesco support representative who immediately took a discourteous and militant attitude to me that aroused faith. Since she couldn't reply to my inquiry, I felt ridiculous for my request, which was very sensible - that's bad 101 client support.

From the telephone I came out completely unconcerned and with an ever more horrible view of the services. There' s no telephone, chat, e-mail. Also, they will take the funds from your bankroll for the extension without even alerting you etc. Don't use this business if you want to get in touch with someone or actually use the site.

I' ve been with Moonfruit for about 5 years, but as every year goes by, their support and the robustness of their platforms has deteriorated to the point where my on-line operations have suffered and things have had to be changed. I' ve now switched to Wix, which 10 years before Moonfruit felt like a website in edit, search and other tooling like a website, already my website is better.

The Moonfruit say to respond to requests in a few minutes, I still wait after a few's a weary, obsolete and inefficient site. I have been with Moonfruit for several years like many others and have had a good level of service.....until now.

I' m giving you my opinion as to whether you can go or not. Sometimes, however, a page is not released right because the page was not saved right even though I saved it. Moonfruit, which does not implement the SSL feature for all people, is not acceptable, and its poor information about this and discourteous behavior when asked questions is hideous. I had to move my sites to a serious web site that has SSL, and I'm currently looking for a rebate without an answer, no wonder there!

Don't use moon fruits. Try to prevent this enterprise at all costs. I' ve been a client for many years. The whole atmosphere of the corporate and client services atmosphere seemed to be changing last year, not very well, then Google advertised about sites that need the gttps for the safety of clients, otherwise they' re going to tell folks that they're going to an unsafe site (not good if you're a company), we all began to ask Mondfruit if they wanted to do this for our sites,

First they said that they would deal with it and not be worried, but over the years they kept giving us exuses or didn't answer at all, quickly forward to May 2018 and we just found out through another client that Moonfruit went up against the wall and was taken over by Yell along with new employees etc. They said that they were going to do this and not be worried, but over the years they kept giving us exuses or didn't answer at all, quickly forward until May 2018 and we just found out through another client that Moonfruit went up against the walls and was taken over by Yell along with new employees etc.

A lot of our web pages, while they are still displayed, can't be processed, the new business isn't very reassuring if they take the trouble to answer at all, nobody knows what the hell is going on. A lot of us are going over to Wix, a lot have already gone, but there are many, like web designer with 100 web pages through Moonfruit who can't just go.

Lunar fruit has been terrible in the last 12 - 18 month. Last year's e-mail migrations were a pile of rubble. You cannot undertake to implement HTML on customers' web sites even though you already have it on your own web site. I' ve now been spending the last two working days building my site on a different site and will soon be looking at how to restore Moonfruit's idle subscriptions.

Moonfruit seems to have been selling my domains to them, but when they speak to them, they can't help in any way and still insist that I have to speak to Moonfruit who have NO help at all. Exactly I know that the Moonfruit is no longer present on the site because it is not displayed when I am signed in.

Lunar fruits are totally unprepared. Today the services are cancelled. Moonfruit doesn't talk to its clients, there's nothing on Facebook, Twitter or anywhere else to tell clients that there's a problem with the services and that web pages don't work. Spending a fortune on Adwords and wasting klicks because no Moonfruit person cares to tell us that our pages don't work!

If I think about how much of my own precious amount of work I' ve spent creating my web sites about this firm, I want to cry. I' ve been a Moonfruit client for many years and have seen them become more and more casual with each accounting period.

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