Moonfruit Review

The Moonfruit Review

Check out my Moonfruit review and see if they still have what it takes. By reading our review of Moonfruit you will get important facts and help you find what you are looking for. Begin your review of Moonfruit.

The Moonfruit Review: Missing functions. Bad topics.

Recently Moonfruit started a new text processor named Responsibleditor. But the big thing about the new editors is that there's not much going on: no blogs, no forms builders and no e-commerce. In addition, there are only 8 template choices and the appealing ones look strange on large monitors.

New Websiteditor. Reply Editors consist of vertical stacks of text. There is a wide range of different section options. Personally, I like the way the editors are reduced in size when you add new parts - although unfortunately they remain reduced in size even though I used the browsers they suggest.

In order to zoome back, you have to click on the zooming key, but I'm sure that this will still stumble a few people. You have clicked on the zooming key to backspace. To create your own section from the ground up, you must first insert a row - that's not easy.

Maybe you could call the columns segments "empty" slices. So why isn't a new row simply added when a new item is placed?


The Moonfruit has been around for a long while, but today's product is disappointing in almost all areas. Moonfruit was introduced in 2000 and is a favourite website construction services provider now belonging to Yell UK's Yellow Pages publishing house. Slightly simpler than some competitors, the choices are that the organization offers only a small number of highly reactive submissions (see previews here).

Moonfruit's Basic Map offers you a unique site with 500 megabytes of disk space, but no page or bandwith restrictions. Although it is £3. 99 ($5) per annum per months payed, this still involves Moonfruit brand-nameing. Moonfruit's Professional Plans is losing the ad, luckily. Up to five locations and up to 10GB of space are supported, it gives you a free domainname and comes with a 75 Adwords-gift.

While we are typing, the professionals layout looks acceptable value at 4.49 ($5.60) a month, but this is a "limited offer". Currently, neither the Basic nor the Pro site supports HTTPS. This will not look good for any commercial or corporate websites, even if they do not intend to assist any kind of safe transaction.

They both offer a customizable webshop with infinite article coverage, and the Pro-Plan provides coverage for digitized articles. At Moonfruit we offer a free 14-day evaluation version, and even if you register afterwards, the organisation says it will reimburse your funds if you unsubscribe within 14 workingdays. It is not automated - you have to ask the technical staff via face-to-face chats - and if you have purchased a registration via the schedule, these costs will be subtracted.

However, overall the Moonfruit policies are similar to any other, and you should have no trouble getting a reimbursement if you need one. Moonfruit makes it simple to create your Moonfruit subscription and works just like most other services: just type in your e-mail address, user name and passphrase, or register directly from your Facebook or Google list.

Then select your favorite Moonfruit sub-domain ( and you will be directed to the editors. So we tried this and were taken straight to a clean empty text box with no apparent buttons or menus to launch our website. When you return to Site Manager, an Add Site icon appears, and when you click it, only eight styles appear.

Moonfruit's preference for previewing the artwork is also bad. Your home page appears in the main part of the display, while a side panel and menubar give you choices for modifying the page or previewing the results. Moon fruit, well - not so much. The same applies to Moonfruit and a right side panel shows only categories: background, position, text, border, motion.

While Moonfruit might say that this will help reducing your visibility disorder as you only see the information you need, it may also make you click more to do the same amount of work. A few fundamental operations are still very simple. Are you not satisfied with the name of the knob? The Moonfruit also includes some useful abbreviations.

Copy, Duplicate, Delete and a help key that opens the help page for this item group. A Undo pushbutton at the top of the page restores poor choices, and you can store the current job whenever you want. Add new items to your page with an Element button: text, pictures, gallery, buttons, videos (YouTube, Vimeo), soundtracks ( Spotify, SoundCloud), Google features (Maps, Search, Calendar), restricted content (Facebook pages, commentaries and the like, Twitter streams and more) and a good selection of form-based features, including Wufoo, Google Forms and Moonfruit's own forms items.

The Sections buttons allow you to add pre-defined contents groups. There are also nice thumbnails of all of these items in the section pane, showing that the Notepad can create a visually pleasing atmosphere during the experiment. The Moonfruit limit restricts the adjustments you can make to many page items. For example, you cannot change the size by hand or move a pushbutton using Drag-and-Drop.

On the other hand, the Notepad has many built-in ways to optimize each and every item. You can even customize text styles, sizes, colors, floating colors, buttons, frame styles, links types and destinations (new or the same window) using a single click of a mouse, as well as apply a series of motion graphics. Preview any changes you make in the desktops, tablets, or mobiles view at any point.

Note that the Notepad has some useful features in its settings dialogue. You also have built-in capabilities to link your website to Google Analytics and Google Search Console, which may give you much more information about your website and its Google exposure. Moonfruit's editing features are similar to the Rest of the Moonfruit experience - they provide the basic features, but don't quite have the performance or customisation you probably want.

Movie assistance is restricted to encapsulating individual YouTube or Vimeo videos. Slightly more powerful with applications for embedded Spotify play lists or SoundCloud music. Bonuses includes the possibility to add Instagram and Pinterest contents as well as PhotoSnack slide shows, and an HTML Snippet feature may allow you to use contents from some other websites.

The Moonfruit offers a neat data management tool for the management of your contents. You can then add your data directly to image box or gallery without having to load it every single second. There is also a Free Photos tabs in the FileMaker Pro application with some floor pictures, but don't get your hope up. The Moonfruit used to offer its own blogsite, but this used to be with the Flash-based blogger.

Basically, you need to build and maintain your blogs (which you can do for free), and the Moonfruit widget just shows the blogs URL in a simple text field on your website. It works in the most fundamental way, but it doesn't look good, and if you can't administer the blogs and website together, it could make your lives more complex.

It will take some thought and effort even for something as fundamental as the coordination of the pictures and colour scheme of both locations. Moonfruit has no e-commerce solutions at the moment of the letter. Not even a PayPal badge. Ecommerce Lite gives you a full shop of limitless items for 14.99 ($18.75) per month, while Ecommerce Pro supports $19.99 ($25) for your online purchases.

The Moonfruit Web Knowledge Base allows you to look up detailed information on each part of the Moonfruit services. It is always available via a help symbol in the help file or you can always use to find it. We give Moonfruit a point because he noticed the problem and changed the URL to HTTP, but we also deduct a hundred points because we didn't make sure the website was correctly set up.

Moonfruit's knowledge base. Surprisingly, the Knowledge Base will cover the same themes for both the old and new Moonfruit editors, so most search terms will give back many items that won't help you. Even more serious, the site doesn't clearly state what it is, starting with some tracks with'V6', others with'Responsive Editor', and in the hope that the user guesses well.

While Moonfruit says it also offers online instant messaging services, no one was available when we tried it. We have no clue how common this kind of lag might be, but it suggests that our technical staff will not respond as quickly as you might like. The Moonfruit is a simple website building tool that currently falls far behind the competitors in performance, functionality, ease of use, user-friendliness, fast track and almost everything else.

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