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Search engine optimization is the process of making your website visible in Google and other major search engines. Guideline for SEO | Moonfruit Support Find out how you can make your website viewable in Google and other popular online and offline browsers. An SEO is the way to make your website viewable in Google and other major online services. In our guidelines below you will find hints on how to find your website and improve your SEO rankings!

Seven Strategy for Optimizing Your Contents for SEO

Bring your website to the top of SEO lists with rugged SEO - we're also referring to the optimization of pictures, video, audio files and presentation, not just text as such. Video, sound, pictures, quiz questions and all kinds of things are part of your contents, so make good use of them. Like any SEO assignment, you need to keep in mind those catchwords you want to give a ranking to.

Join our guidebook on selecting your keyswords for SEO for some easy directions on how to select your with Google's Keysword Planner. Imagine asking yourself things like "Does the page header contain my most important keyword" and "Does my first section clarify what the site provides, plus a naturally mentioned keyword?" Today, searching machines are smart enough to know when a copy was specifically created to appeal to search machines, so type in your own language and give your copy some character while you keep your copy keys in the back of your head to appear a few occasions in your text.

Browsers like websites that are updated on a regular basis, so try to keep your entire copy updated every three month. Now' s the goddamn good hour to check out your pictures. Pictures now appear prominent in your results, so enter your master keys and see what kind of pictures appear - compare your pictures to cutting the candle, or do you need to put in some better ones to rival?

When you are able to bring your picture to the top of the page, you can notice an enormous growth in your site visitings. Once you have taken a great picture or created a great chart, just paste it into your Moonfruit page picture libraries, choose the picture and click the Styles button of the editors.

In this way, insert old tag to all your pictures that describe the picture in one brief phrase. It will help your website find the right keyword and topic for your website. They can also receive visitors from Google Imagery searching. Similarly, video is very prominently featured in Google's results and YouTube is widely regarded as the second most sought after web site.

Instead of trying to hoster and playback videos on your website, use the YouTube platforms and embedded the contents directly from there. Click the Insert page in the Moonfruit editor and open the Wide Library, where you can find a YouTube movie widget. You can optimize all other kinds of contents in the same way - for picture galeries you can use Flickr, for sound you can use Soundcloud and for presentation Slideshare.

Each of these offers HTML coding that you can apply to your Moonfruit page using the HTML Snippet function (see our HTML Snippet Widget How-To). Would you like to launch a free website with Moonfruit?

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