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Simply create a website with our ready-made templates. Each template is fully customizable so you can make it your own. The 10 best templates for corporate websites Generally, if you are providing any type of professionally services to your customers, then you may want to examine out our website templates detailed selections for businesses. These 10 drafts are designed for today's experts and could be the point of departure for you to do your job on-line. It' s quite possible to take the templates and make them your final artwork, but they are all fully customizable.

Also all templates come with the same moonfruit website designing tool, so that while they were designed to address different flavors and companies, the distinctions are pure aesthetics and each and every page reached with the same moonfruit website builder as well. So let's say you like the ''look'' of a certain style, but really want one of the galleries to be shown in another, you can select the first one and then visually insert the galleries.

In order to see the artwork in operation and fool around a bit, simply click on one of the screenshots below and select from our menu. So you want to try a model for your company?

Are you looking for a new version of our video6?

Well, you're lucky because we just published seven all-new website templates specifically for Moonfruit versus 6, along with 38 newly updated from versus 5 to versus 6. Bellissimo: perfectly for foods sites, as we have shown above, but this neat, contemporary store style can be adapted to any theme and any audiences - just be creatively with your pictures and color palettes!

There are now 54 templates available in our Moonfruit version 6 beta, and we will continue to expand in the next few month. In order to use the new templates, just login to your site and choose "Add a site" (i.e. if you have a Premier account). When you have a free affiliate site and want to build a free site for your site, you need to build a new affiliate one.

What pattern will you give for a vortex...?

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