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Moonfruit's latest tweets (@moonfruit). Lunar Fruit FAQ Moonfruit changes provider for e-mail and internet? Q. Who will manage my mail and my domain? In the past, Moonfruit provided Gandi and a simple e-mail packet.

Q. Do I need to make any changes to my Moonfruit preferences? No. Your website will continue to be housed at Moonfruit, just like today.

Q. Where can I get newomainnames? Select from a variety of renewals and enrollment deadlines and simply attach e-mail or Office365 packs. Q. How can I extend my domainnames and e-mailpacks? Moonfruit. offers you the possibility to make your payment through Moonfruit. dollars, or you can call us at 0345 653 9661 and make your payment by phone or at your convenience.

A. In the first 24h after Moonfruit. domains start, you will not be able to connect to DNS on-line. From here you can administer all facets of your domainname. Q. Can I buy my own property before I buy a chargeable subscription? Posting your website to your new domainname is as easy as ever.

Q. Is it possible to modify my e-mail packet? You' ll have a new, enhanced set of e-mail tools at your fingertips and can simply expand your mailbox or memory. If you want to join these service, log into your Moonfruit Dashboard and select the right service for you. Q. What are the advantages of Office365 and can I get help?

A. With Office365, you can connect to traditional Microsoft apps such as Word, PowerPoint, Excel and Outlook on your desk or via the cloud. Each month you can purchase custom license fees and build more than one user connected to a unique top-level Domain. Q. I have hosting sites elsewhere; can I take them to Moonfruit site?

It' simply to move your own and you can manage all your own top level accounts in one convenient place. Q. Can I use my Moonfruit coupon to sign up for a new Moonfruitomain? Q. What kind of top-level domains can I have with my gift certificate?

Q. Is it possible to connect my domains domainname to an extern site? A: You can update your e-mail packet to add more inboxes, for more information on the available packets, go to:

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