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MANY more than (only) these. Have a look at our Drupal Topics section, click on any topic for more information. Guesthouse+ is a free edition for small hotel, guesthouse and tourist companies...

.... Free Top+ release, our enterprise-wide Drupal 8 mega-theme with over 200 themesettings. Free copy of Conference+, our Drupal 8 mega-theme for conferencing and event management.

Free copy of Corporate+, our Drupal 8 flagship topic with over 200 topic options. Free copy of Restaurant+, our classy mega-theme for restaurants and cafes..... Free copy of Magazine+, our classy mega-theme for Drupal 8 pages magazines and newspapers. Free copy of Showcase+, our Drupal 8 topic for creative people, trend -setters, designers and developers.....

Free Bootstrap 3-based Drupal topic to help you build your business site. Drupal's free topic for your message, blogs or magazines page & the heart of our beloved Premier Newsletter+..... One free Drupal topic for your brand site & the heart of our beloved Drupal Start-up Grow.....

Drupal is a free Drupal topic for cafes, pubs, bistros and similar companies. Great-looking enterprise / buisness topic for Drupal 7. An easy, fast-reacting enterprise / busi-ness topic for Drupal 7. Drupal is a free Drupal topic for your website & the heart of our beloved scholarship......... Free, fast reacting multifunctional design for Drupal 7.

Free-of-charge, fast-reacting multipurpose Drupal topic.

Best 10+ Education - School, College WordPress Themes and Templates (free)

Are you looking suchen ein ein kostenloses WordPress Bildung Thema, University School Themes, Learning Management System (LMS) Thema, Trainings Akademie Themes, Themes Academies, Themes Primary Schools, High Schools und Kindergarten Thames, Elementary Schools Themmes oder Responsible Projects ? So if you offer any kind of learning service or run an off-line learning institution and don't have a website yet, it's your turn to build an learning website.

We all know that learning is an important part of our lives. We cannot think about our own futures without enlightenment, because the only thing that can transform the whole planet is enlightenment. The best option is on-line learning. So in order to launch an on-line training, you need some of the best topics.

It' all about the best WordPress topics for training. I have tried to select some of the best free WordPress educational themes that come with a nice look. These topics are perfect for setting up a language course, technical College, Campus, online course and other educational web sites. It also contains very useful functions that are necessary for setting up an educational website.

The Enlighten is one of the best free WordPress Education Themes, which is perfect to create a campus, a collegiate, a school and all the educational sites. Completely customizable, this site is designed to help you personalize your site with real-time previews. Comes with a clear and sleek styling that offers great versatility and fit.

It' s a fully reactive look that looks just as good on any device from desktops to trays. Important features: The Education Base is an easy-to-use and appealing School WordPress themed book with a colourful outfit. It has the ability to meet the needs of education Web pages. It is also ideal for commercial and company Web pages or one-page Web pages.

Comes with fantastic functions that help to create a great website easy with high level content accuracy. Important features: Schooling is a breathtaking Free WordPress educational topic developed for school, college, university and education-related Web sites. The design shows your website in a beautiful way on all your equipment. Important features: Educational Hub is an stylish Free WordPress Educational Hubme with a simplified and singular look.

The topic is best addressed by college, school, university or other school. Very adaptable, it comes with layouts and various design choices. This topic will help you to build an intuitive pro website with high definition. Important features: LMS is a fully reactive free WordPress Learning application that is easy to use.

The topic has been developed especially for schools, universities and other education establishments. It' fully WooCommerce compliant, which makes it easy to open an on-line shop and run your own shop. It works well from where you can use Elementor and the LearnPress plug-in to build a custom web page with your own customizations.

Important features: It is a versatile WordPress topic that is suited for schools, colleges, universities or any other education counselling. The topic comes with an attractive look that will help draw the number of traffic to your website. There are a lot of choices to change the layouts, styling, featured sliders, menus, breadcrumb, widgets and much more directly from the themes canvas.

WooCommerce compatibility, translation-ready and support for popular browser. Important features: Greater Education is a free, easy and neat WordPress Education topic specifically developed for schools, universities and academic institutions. It comes with a completely reactive styling that looks fantastic on any device from small to large.

Topic is translated where you can use the preferred one. Important features: The HB Education is a free, easy and neat WordPress Education topic that is nicely styled and suited for school, college and university. The topic is miniscule, but has fantastic functions to help you get the site up and running quickly and simply.

WordPress is almost always available with WordPress plug-ins. This topic offers great client liaison or their user if there are problems. Important features: The VW Éducation Lite is a versatile WordPress topic that is perfectly suited for Web sites of educative and scholarly establishments.

The design is fully compliant with all good working web browser. Easy to use and the latest WordPress release. Using this topic you can construct an informational website that will help draw the number of people to your website. Important features: The Education Booster is a high-performance WordPress topic that is perfectly suited to creating a breathtaking pedagogical website.

Rugged and dependable, simple to use, neat, colourful and appealing, this subject is perfect for higher education, school, university or home education. There are more than 100 Google typefaces, so use the typeface you like on your website. Its design is fully compliant with all browser types that work perfect and load quicker.

Important features: Educenter is a great free WordPress Educationme. Topic is perfectly suited for education web, education centre, education centre, university, course centre, schools and nursery schools. This comes with a neat and professionally designed website that makes your website look more attractive. This topic contains all the necessary functions to help you get your messages across to your pupils.

Important features: You will find this articles to help you find the right topic. Cause I have here some of the free WordPress themes I like. Every topic that is hand-picked with care contains many useful feature and functionality. It will help to make a fantastic looking educational website easy. If you have any questions about this topic, please leave your comments below and we will be pleased to answer them.

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