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Looking for the cleanest, easiest and most user-friendly WordPress theme for your website? There are basic choices for the lazy or busy. Undscores is developed by most of the developers at Automattic. If we find the best and most creative, we will continue to add new basic themes.


Updated - 4.0+ is here, complete reworked, once again. Be careful as always when updating ( and get to know the TidyThemes approach ( WARNING: If you have a children's theme or customers who have a children's theme on BlankSlate (not the suggested use), please do not blindly refresh to newer releases.

We' ve painstakingly designed the cleanest and most minimalistic design ever that designers/developers can use as a base/foundation to create Web sites for customers or to create and publish fully customized designs from the ground up. Cleaner, semi-minimized, non-formatted and current source, SEO-friendly, no programming comment ary, standard ized and as whitelabel as possible and most of all, cross browser compatibility with JavaScript and no annoying style visuals.

This is a perfectly good theme for skeletons, which will blow all the others (the following underscores. me for example) out of the picture, as they are just too complicated for what real folks really want in this kind of theme. Please use the offical user forums ( See "TidyThemes Sucks" for commentaries and proposals for BlankSlate improvements.

We' ve removed as much user-defined, alien, redundant spam as possible and strongly enhanced the HTML5 tree. Last, but not least, BlankSlate has now also been opened on GitHub ( when someone wants to make suggestions for additional code/improvements. Thanks for using BlankSlate.

BrightSlate the Ultimate Bright WordPress Theme

WorldPress is probably the best way to create a website these few days, we believe that 100% is real. There' a lot of great topics and great ressources out there. Many of them, however, have a few things in common: license limitations, untidy coding, programmers' commentaries everywhere, beyond the top drafts that become less inventive each and every times someone uses the same theme, and so on.

That' s why we made the best empty WordPress theme ever with over 100,000 WordPress files downloaded. We try to make that happen with easy, clear and minimalistic topics. Topics that use current codes, quickly download, are SEO-friendly, and depend on you to design and tailor them to your own needs.

BlankSlate is our first free empty WordPress theme that is a result of these ideals: How I Build My Blogs to 1 Million Monthly Visitors" - One of the world's most popular WordPress blogs, one of the world's most popular blogs, is breaking down the tactic with which he has created the web site for over 1 million unique users per month.

Recommended WPVirtuoso plug-ins - This is one of the best WordPress plug-ins for everything you could ever need to make your WordPress page better. Several other cool blogs with other popular WordPress themes: This is a great WordPress post that dissects some of the ideas of flowers and deals with some of the other secrets of flowers as well.

Futures of Work - This blogs is also created with WordPress, and will cover everything you need to know to take your careers to the next stage.

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