Most Creative Websites

The most creative websites

PS: These guys publish screenshots of the most creative pictures on Twitter. Here is an excellent website design that uses many creative features. Many beautifully designed pages exist, but most of them are rather typical. We start with one of the most creative and interesting sites I've seen for some time.

More than 10 creative websites with unusual navigations

It is not simple to keep your website in touch with people. You also need to build rich, engaging navigational experiences for your website users. Unless a visitor can find out in a few seconds how to browse your site, he will abandon it and all your heavy work will go oblivious. A way to ensure that your site stays open to your traffic is to develop an unconventional website navigator that differs from traditional navigational techniques.

Designer can modify the scroll orientation, show or show or edit unanticipated motion in menus, create fly links and much more. As you navigate your website, make sure it meets your needs and objectives. We want to show in this paper interesting ways how web site navigators have implemented web site content.

Consumers will be more likely to learn how to browse an app with a straightforward, streamlined Web site navigational tree than with multi-level navigational tree. Therefore, the reduction of navigational items can be advantageous to your site's visitors and greatly facilitate their interaction with your site. Booreiland's website may have a minimalistic and straightforward layout, but if you click the menubar you will get a whole range of choices.

There are only two badges on the homepage: the classical Hamburg menue in the top right hand side of the page and a searching badge in the top right hand side. Page offers a page navigator with a slide show of images from the company website. Scroll down the site to browse the site through the side menus, or see what's new.

In addition to browsing, viewers of tick tak toys are amused with a robot, hand-written e-mails and a few other things. This website is a draft which successfully communicates the simple, transparent and creative nature of the company. Feel PS: These boys publish screen shots of the most creative pictures on Twitter. Sometimes a designer lets the user browse through a website with the help of the menus and gives them no alternative.

Authors are creating a Hamburg meal in a top section of the website and adding a stylised meal to delight the visitor. Note the changes in the bottom navigational pane of the au page between the Home, About, Work, and Contacts us pages. The second example of a stylised meal comes from a website of a programmer who is also a design artist.

It is a vibrant website with a singular navigational approach. A wire model is used to create the top level toolbar. These websites may seem like landings pages at first sight. Simply push GO! Sometimes designer break home pages into blocs and let people wander through the site after they have selected the bloc that interests them.

We offer groundbreaking and exceptional on-line solutions such as state-of-the-art websites, web apps and on-line gaming for businesses around the globe. Single page scrolling is a good technology for websites that do not have much contents. It is a simplistic schema in which a user repeatedly performs the same operation to achieve his objective.

Today's websites are used either as calling card, sophisticated merchandising or education applications, many of which use game features to draw people in. The creative browsing is an interesting way to keep your website traffic to a minimum. Creative browsing, however, is not always practical as it can divert the user from the most important contents of a website.

When your products or services are animated or designed, or when you create a face-to-face website, non-governmental venture, folder, or guidebook, an uncommon navigational feature complements your applications and is sure to draw people. The most important thing is that your applications give your customers a clear sense of where they are and where they need to go to achieve their objectives.

You can find more designs on our dribble and behavior account and in our product range. Are you looking for creative ways to navigate websites? Please do not hesitate to get in touch with us and we will refine your application with an extraordinary navigational system that will reach your destination.

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