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See some top WordPress bloggers on Elegant Themes Blog: Enhanced blog, typography and portfolio options, numerous custom widgets. Enhanced blog, typography and portfolio options, numerous custom widgets. is a blogging topic, yes, but it makes its own rules.

Which were the most popular blogging WordPress topics in 2017?

Blogs are a very popular New Year's resolutions in general, and in 2018 the occasion was never better. Most popular blogsite, WorldPress, is making great progress, with new capabilities that make it simpler than ever to build your own blog without having to touch a line of coding. Even the topics in WorldPress are constantly being improved and become more and more easy to use over the years.

This blogger WordPress topic has long been a favourite for telling folks with a history. Easy but powerful to use, the layout allows you to get up and running quickly and post your reports often. Developed with Blogger in Mind, this topic is primarily developed so that no WordPress genius is needed to make it look and work well.

This Freyja WordPress blog topic provides an sleek face to face Blogging style with basic adjustments that go a long way. Select from 2 face-to-face blog demonstrations or an e-commerce shop demonstration and easily upload your themes with one click. But if you want to be individual, Freyja is really quite simply to use and has all the features a blogsman would want.

Wonderful is one of the most clean minimalistic blog themes you can find for WordPress. Using basic layout and functions, it's very straightforward to make this blog topic your own. Select between raster and listing layout for your blog entries and include built-in contact and widget interfaces to link everything together.

In 2017 blogs you can't miss Tuulikki, a topic that looks as stylish as it sings. Designed with a clear, minimalist blog style in mind. Its look and feel is suitable for trendy, grocery, family or home blogs and has the versatility to customize any kind of blog. The post sliders are our favourite characteristic of this topic.

In contrast to many of the bulky or abrasive slide controls out there, this post features neatly scrolled postings at the top of your post page. There are three different built-in slide bar layout options to select from. Featuring a wide range of blog layout, a promotional gift set and WooCommerce web shop integrations, this topic offers a wealth of styles and features.

Carbis is another competitor for Blogger, which is characterized by a very professionally designed, focused on trip logging and abundant photographing. Most of us enjoy the presented mail sliders and the cover field, which only appear on the mid entry, as well as the great class tile. Furthermore, the blog postfeed comes in a one-of-a-kind form that slightly superimposes the picture on the front of the mail and blurs the border between picture and text.

With Carbis, you can make a great read with room to breath your pictures. It is a great choice for travellers, professional photographers or anyone who wants to produce persuasive contents combined with nice photographs or directions such as prescriptions. Simply customize your font, color, and layout with topic choices, and this blog will tell your tale with Flash.

Typographic designs stand out from other blog topics. For example, the different fonts control the eyes and produce a very high-quality, professionally designed look. ZenBlog widget layouts and placements are very adaptable, and you can try all the features in the topic's demonstration. In addition, the themes designer has produced video tutorials that make it easier for you to setup and adjust your WordPress site just like the demonstration.

Do you need to inspire a blog with a design that's one-of-a-kind? The Blogera offers 25 demonstration themes, each with a different point of view on what a blog should be. With this design you can very quickly build any kind of blog because of the demonstration design. Seriously, it has everything from a simple blog to a one-of-a-kind full width styling, as shown here:

Our developers have produced a movie that shows you how to create your blog in 5 min, and our clients have been thrilled with their support: Sometimes a blog WordPress topic just needs to be easy and focused on the experiences of the contents. The heron is one of these topics. Quickly start with a pixel-perfect look that's proven and puts your contents first.

There are many ways to make each contribution look and feel special, such as using a gallery or slider, but the layouts can stay clear and focused on your story. The Bloghi is an excellent choice for natural, stylish and fashionable photographers who want to add a touch of class to their work. One of the most cool Bloghi featured items are the Widget, such as: about me, advertising, Flir, videos, carousel graphics and community shareware.

Now you can give your blog feedback a certain level of power by adding these beautiful egg-shaped blogs to the side bar. Bloghi does a good job of presenting your blog entries in an appealing news item, with all the functionality you need to create interesting content and broaden your audiences. The great help for your topic cannot be ignored either.

Introducing the WordPress topic to your blog. Out of all the blog topics we've been through this year, this one has one of the most cool categories themes that also gives you room to describe the different kinds of contents you are creating. A sleek design allows you to wrap a wide range of information, pictures and functions without being overwhelmed.

This blog feedback and sidebar design, for example, provides a lot of information, but still feel sufficiently distant. There are many functions and style options for this topic, but it also has something else - a look of a copy of a book. The Lookbook templates allow you to design as many Lookbooks as you like and also modify the layouts.

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