Most Popular Wordpress Sites

Popular Wordpress Pages

WordPress is much more than a blogging platform, as most of you know by now. Twenty largest websites in the world with WordPress It is no mystery that WordPress is popular. 6 percent of all sites use WordPress, and WordPress keeps a 59 dominance. However, it's not just tonnes of small sites that use WordPress - did you know that some of the world's largest sites and brand names also use WordPress? Take a look at some of the largest sites using WordPress, supported by Alexa' rapport and genuine dating sites.

Notice - for the purpose of this article "largest" is referred to as "most traded". First, there is a utility named BuiltWith that allows you to create a report about a website created with a specific CMS. Quantcast is, like Alexa, a way to estimate the traffic/popularity of a website. Then I used a little hand curating on this page in order to extract pages where WordPress was either not the center of interest or was used for a small projekt that didn't attract much interest.

I wanted to make sure that not only WordPress was available on every website, but that WordPress was used in a sensible way. Craigslist, for example, uses WordPress...but only on a strange blogsite that obviously doesn't get much noticed. That' s why I did not add Craigslist to this mailing list, even though it is one of the largest sites in the whole wide area.

Find the Global Alexa ranking and sort each page by its ranking (Alexa doesn't work for a subdomain - so the Alexa ranking is always for the primary name). Oh, and in case you're asking, I didn't record because... that's fraud! Although Walmart isn't too serious with this blogs (which means I'm breaching one of my rules), it was so great to see the biggest retailers in the whole wide web with WordPress that I couldn't help but keep him on the site.

Whilst I'm not sure how important it is for Walmart's promotional activities, Walmart has been updating the blogs on a regular basis since January 2013, suggesting that they are at least taking good care of their WordPress page! Although Yelp has opted to migrate his technical part of his blogs to a seperate domainname on, I still count it as Yelp's primary site because it is freely accessible from anywhere on the Yelp website.

We use WordPress to address a few different blogs, from owner guidelines to corporate messages, restaurants and more. The GoDaddy uses WordPress to run the GoDaddy Garage, a small shop owner and webmaster friendly weblog. With GoDaddy pushing WordPress, it's great to see that they are relying on WordPress itself to run their own blogs.

The Etsy is a popular hand-made market place that has taken the whole wide open air market by storm. Take a look at Etsy's website. You also have a highly frequented Etsy blogs which contains all sorts of hints for hobbyists and shopkeepers. It is a serious measure of advertising for contents - not an objection. And it is supported by WordPress! It is a great example of a great mark that relies on WordPress for a very important part of its website.

The Zillow is a very popular property website. At the Zillow Porchlight Blog they are sharing a wide range of advice for home owners. As with Etsy and GoDaddy, Zillow Porchlight is a serious branding measure for contents, so WordPress definitely gets a genuine benefit here. With WordPress, Microsoft runs the whole Skype blog.

Skype's staff update the blogs several days a week so WordPress is being used seriously by one of the world's largest businesses and web sites. At Home Depot we have 385,000 employees at our sites, which makes our career page only a little more important than the career page.

As this is such an important site, it is fantastic to see how Home Depot uses WordPress to expand its career range. UPS, the world' s largest shipper, uses WordPress to operate its global UPS Web site, which provides a host of hints and helpful resources to help with overseas shipments. The Glassdoor is a popular site for searching and evaluating jobs.

The Glassdoor blog offers a wide range of advice for people looking for a job...all with WordPress! TechCrunch is one of the industry's largest technology and start-up companies. That' why it's so awesome to see how they use WordPress and virgins to run their whole website.

Macy''s popular retail store uses WordPress to conduct a massively branded online storefront named mBlog that offers store styles, buying guide, interviewing, and more. Whilst Harvard University does not use WordPress for its home page, it uses WordPress to run a large number of students and staff blogs in all its universities.

The Harvard University is obviously one of the best known university in the whole wide web, so it's great to see them use WordPress in such a hard way. Popular amusement newspaper (you may have seen the mag at the cash register in your convenience store). website is entirely operated by WordPress and VP.

It' slightly outside the box on the right - but Verizon uses WordPress to run his whole Verizon FIOS page. As FIOS is an important Verizon and Verizon products, it is good to see that WordPress plays such a key part on Verizon web site. White pages is a popular website for the " peoples wanted ".

As well as consumer-oriented search, they also provide a Whitepages Pro-plan for WordPress-based companies. That' s why it is great that NBC Sports has decided to use WordPress for its College Football Talk Sub-Site. As some other big publisher they chose VP to run their website.

The Thought Catalog is a popular WordPress based on virtual publishing platform and is a popular online publishing platform. com V. I.P. In contrast to some of the other largest sites that depend only on WordPress to run a blogs, Thought Catalog is 100% run by WordPress. You ever hear of a small firm named Disney? Diskney uses WordPress to provide electricity to its Disney Books website.

In addition, Disney also uses WordPress on some other parts of their website, such as their Oh My Disney blog. Although the Windows blogs have recently fallen in the Alexa ranking, it's still a Microsoft website supported by WordPress, and that's quite dangerously chill! Microsoft is taking this seriously, which makes the use of WordPress interesting for a large company.

I put Facebook Newroom at the bottom of this page because I used "" for Alexa ranking and not "". But I couldn't cross that off the mailing list because it' so great to see the world's greatest online community run its own WordPress and WordPress press room. com V. I'm sorry, but it's just that I can't get it off the mailing lists. Hopefully you have loved visiting some of the greatest WordPress sites.

You can see that many big brand still only call WordPress to blog. However, this begins to shift when businesses like Verizon and Home Depot use WordPress for non-blogging use. Now, to you - does one of these sites set itself apart for you? Did I miss a great example that should be on the schedule?

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