Most Popular Wordpress Websites

Popular Wordpress Websites

Top 20 WordPress Topics for Personal Portfolio Websites And the best way to do that is to create a web site that puts you in contact with prospective customers and presents important information about your skills, recent work, successes, customer feedback, etc. You can hire a designee who would ask thousand of bucks for a one-page web site, or design a nice web site yourself, in two main ways.

So if you are interested in continuing with the second choice, pick a WordPress topic that's right for you to add a special note to your Web site portfolios. We' ve created a shortlist of 20 hand-picked WordPress topics that are preferred by most major portfoliosites. They can be viewed and you can pick the one that best suits your work.

It is a light, searchable and portable WordPress topic with a wide variety of user-defined functions. It can be installed on your web site to get first page ranking and consistent internal visitor numbers. When so, choose the Feminine Topic and give your website a classical feel that can draw new visitors and keep them in suspense for a long while.

Feminin is SEO-friendly, optimised for mobility and has a sturdy option field. is a popular WordPress topic with a clear and minimalist outline. When you' re looking for a clear layout that works well on any machine and improves overall usability, it's the best layout you can try.

This is a nice WordPress topic to give your product range an advantage over others. It' s minimum size and light weight help you concentrate on the real work, while the bespoke look quickly enhances your position in SRP. Eclecticon also has more than 60 choices in its thematic panels to give you full command over the look and feel of your website.

The Lester is a WordPress topic that can turn your web page into a customer attraction and selling hopper. It' s full of several enhanced user-defined boxes, draft & dropdown page builders, powerful graphical asset management, one-click demonstration imports, built-in MailChimp assistance, and tens of other functions to present your work to prospective customers in the best possible way.

Here a topic like RokoPhoto can make a big change. All in all a great topic to present your work and win new customers. WPZoom's Inspiro is a WordPress topic with focus on videos and photos. Featuring a sleek contemporary look and a full-screen slide show, this topic has the power to revise the look and feel of your website without compromising download speeds or ranking.

Sylvia is a strong photographic subject for the promotion of your portfolios around the whole you. Gorgeous photogallery and premium customisation features allow you to differentiate yourself and take your photographic store to the next level. It' s amazingly simple to set up and install and the system is worlds-beating.

A WordPress topic for those who are looking for outstanding results without losing precious valuable moment. It is a WordPress topic that can be professionally deployed on websites that are about staffing, brands, businesses, agencies, blogs and the like. Key hot spots on this topic are top bar tactic widget, collaborative area, unparalleled price widget, enhanced typeface, pedal line editing, and 24/7 premier technical assistance.

Choose Talon Pro if you've always wanted to keep the website's adaptability in your own hand. It is based on the free WordPress Talon topic, with a variety of great value added functions that are good enough to take the look, feel, functionality of your website to all new levels. Irrespective of whether you run a blogsite, an agencies website or a portfoliosite, you can easily set up this topic and get the results you want in relation to users experiences and ranking.

Jigsaw is one of the most user-friendly, customisable and easily installed topics in the game. In addition, Jigsaw puzzles are suitable for searching engines and come with a one-minute installation manual. It can be installed on your website and you can achieve good results from the very first one. When you are running a start-up that turns innovations into daily business and earns people's interest for its outstanding work, then you decide to go for the venture business without further ado.

It' s full of an easy-to-use Optionen-Kanel, an appealing lay-out, a fast-paced homepage building tool, a visually customizable tool, an integrated portfoliofunction and several broadgets. Topic Portfolios is an excellent way to present your best work to audiences around the word. The Hellomouse is a clear featured product range with world-class capabilities such as minimum layouts, high-performance and customizable homepage, reactive designs, over 60 adjustment possibilities, world-class widgets, a searchable architecture, and extremely versatile side bars.

Then take a look at the topic Pinnable portfolios. It is a popular and extremely adaptable WordPress topic that can make you stand out in the dotcom environment. The different Pinnable media styles, customisation capabilities, a short code repository and world-class 24/7 tech-nical support give Pinnable an advantage over others. WordPress Thebe is an excellent WordPress topic for photoblogs, web portals and agencies.

It' neat, stylish and simple to use. Key characteristics include the chiaroscuro look, AJAX-driven texture, short code display, high-performance themes option panels with tens of customisation choices, more than 700 Google scripts, built-in WooCommerce display assistance, appealing styling and quick load time. Here a topic like Reel can make the whole procedure very uncomplicated.

This is a minimum content topic for single artist, blogger and entrepreneur who want a clear website that gives the user a great surfing sensation without added entertainment. Folder Topic is simple to administer and has an import/export function that helps you perform the first install very conveniently.

One of the most popular and critically acclaimed multi-purpose WordPress topics, it can be used on face-to-face portals, corporate blog posts, and financial websites. In addition, Writer's advanced customisation capabilities allow you to customise the look and feel of your website. Select one of these WordPress topics to add a classical note to your site listing and enhance your ranking over the years.

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