Most Successful Wordpress Sites

The most successful Wordpress pages

Fifteen successful WordPress companies Over the past few month, Automattic has taken excursions into areas they have historically abandoned to others, adding topics in jetpack and third-party plug-ins for business plan. On both occasions, these changes shocked the current WordPress companies, which were concerned that Automattic could penetrate niche markets that had previously remained overlooked.

Take up the discussion about how the new Gutenberg Editor will deal with the current plug-in and themes features, and there is no question that there are architectural changes under the WordPressonomy. However, although this may be the case, there are still many sound, dynamic companies based on WordPress.

In this article, we would like to split some of our favourites to remember everyone that you can still start a successful career with WordPress. Whilst these are far from being the only WordPress firms to make the most of the world's most beloved CMS, they are some of the largest and best known.

Wherever possible, I will try to add some sales stats to give you an impression of the size of WordPress. WP Engine was founded in 2010 and is one of the oldest and most successfully administered WordPress host. Whilst the WordPress hosted services sector has been exploding in recent years, the WP engine continues to be one of the largest players in the sector.

The Gravity Form, a Rocketgenius proprietary, is the default when it comes to WordPress form plug-ins. Gravity Forms can be used to do just about anything with WordPress and form thanks to a versatile offering and a lively third-party team. It is this versatility that makes it a favorite among programmers and occasional use.

In addition to the $5 million plus annual revenues that Gravity Forms generates itself, Gravity Forms has also created an entire company. Gravity Forms has already achieved huge success with some spin-offs, such as Gravity View. WP Rocket still manages to successfully develop a WordPress Professional Edition plug-in in a full environment of quality-free plug-ins.

By 2016, after only three years in the market, the firm had exceeded $1 million in sales. You now have an avarage turnover of $100,000 per months (as of early 2016), which is considered a huge achievement! Although there are a number of high-quality WordPress safety plug-ins, Wordfence is definitely one of the greatest players in the industry.

Although there are no official statistics on how this actually affects revenues, it is certain that Wordfence Premium is doing a boom, especially thanks to its recurrent payments scheme. It'?s not the receipts. Although Envato is not solely concerned with WordPress, much of this achievement is no doubt due to WordPress. If you are talking about WordPress Search Engine plug-ins, most folks immediately think of Yast Search Engine.

Stylish theming is the creator of the extremely beloved Divi theming, as well as a host of other topics and plug-ins. Initially established over 10 years ago in Nick Roach's collegiate flat, Elegant Themen today has 50 members, 87 topics and 5 plug-ins under his supervision. Yeah, plus a million bucks in receipts.

Whilst Elegant Themes does not publish their total revenues, their partner programme alone disburses over $3 million a year, so you can assume that the revenues, well.... are much higher than that. Pippin's Pippins is Pippin Williamson's firm that hosts his favorite pippins. Besides a number of smaller plugs, Pippin is the creator of :

When you are in WordPress, I can almost garantee that you have listened to at least one of these plug-ins. In its most favorite plug-ins, Pippin has 13,000 live subscription subscribers accountable for $684,000 in record revenues. Annual turnover for the entire business was a staggering $1,480,375. The name Awesome Motive is the name for Syed Balkhi's WordPress Imperium (and other companies).

Besides the highly successful WPBeginner (the page you see above in most WordPress tutorials), Awesome Motive also has this: the WPBeginner: But if you haven't yet listened to any of these plug-ins, you probably haven't used WordPress very long! TheGoSystems is the manufacturer of both the highly acclaimed WPML plug-in andoolset, a system for working with user-defined mailboxes.

AtTheGoSystems does not publish its revenues in public, but the huge popularity of WPML and Toolset speak for themselves. Established in 2013 by Shane Melaugh and Paul McCarthy, Twive Topics is a highly successful provider of converting focussed topics and plug-ins. As well as high-quality plug-ins such as Thrive Lead and Trive Content Builders, they also offer a beloved subscription scheme that gives subscription holders full product coverage.

In spite of its huge popularity with affiliated marketeers and other online marketing companies, Thrive Themes is not a name I often see in the WordPress keystream. The Pixelgrade Forest themed store is a favorite themes store, most recently known for taking full advantage of Envato's author-driven priceing to sell a topic for a solid $225.

Because it' s a great example of the kind of achievement writers can achieve by just using Envato to sell. In December 2016, Pixelgrade generated an annual turnover of 50,423 US dollars per annum. The WP Ninjas is the group behind the Ninja Forms plug-in and its associated Ninja Premier enhancements as well as some other smaller and smaller project.

The WordPress form plugin is a big deal, so Ninja Forms has created an outstanding deal for itself, even with competitors like Gravity Forms. Ninja Form's turnover in 2014 was 371,000 US dollars. Then in 2015, Ninja Form doubles this turnover to about $740,000,000+. Although they have not published any sales statistics since then, Ninja Forms only grew further.

Let's close things with a few WordPress deals that aren't product-based. One up - Top ten, a highly successful WordPress agent working with firms such as SixThirtyEight, TechCrunch and others. With over 120 staff, it is one of WordPress's largest creative and engineering firms.

People Made is another WordPress developer focused on businesses and large publishing houses. As well as their customer work, Human Made staff are a favorite topic at many WordPress meetings around the globe. As 2017 has seen issues about the shrinkage of the WordPress industry and conflicting considerations about why we should not care about the WordPress industry, the fact that there are piles of businesses that are succeeding right now stays.

Yes, Automtic might be looking to monetise the whole community...but right now WordPress is still a social network where you can earn cash if you get your card right.

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