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The topic is a fresh, moderate and completely responsive business topic. In the plug-in, you can determine which topic should be applied on which tag. In the plug-in, you can determine which topic should be applied on which tag. Possibility to insert Google Analytics tracker from the plug-in so that it will embed the Google Analytics tracker into your changed design if it is not. Switch off the plug-in without disabling it or losing your preferences.

Some problems may occur when using this plug-in, which you should consider according to your set-up. It tries to include your Google Analytics prefix in the bottom of every page, but again it matters if the'get_footer' operation is invoked in your topic files. When the necessary checkmarks and functions are not used in your theme files, the plug-in cannot include the GA source text in the bottom line.

As an alternative, if your theme already embedded Google Analytics and you added the GA in the plug-in, only a double GA will be created, which should be avoid. For example, once the plug-in is enabled, go to the Design or Appearance section of your blogs and click Motif WP Theme Switcher to turn it on and apply topics for each tag.

Is my ad removal codes going to be deleted? When the same is not present in other connected designs, your advertisements vanish. However, if you have a plug-in that will add your own coding without having to be embedded in a theme script, your advertisements should work. Is my Google Analytics (GA) identifier going to be deleted?

When the same GA is not present in other exchanged topics, your GA disappears. Following persons have added to this plug-in.

Motive and uniforms

It is the first theme Thursday 2014, and we start the year with two new free theme days. The Motif is made to help you build a nice website for your company. Embed your company logos into the user-defined cover picture, present your product using the raster page style, and incorporate your customers' experiences.

Motif is also a fast-reacting theme that keeps your website slim on a wide range of equipment, so your clients can easily find you and find out more about your product, no matter what equipment they use. Find out more about Motif in the Theme Showcase, see it in action on the demonstration site or enable it in your own blogs by going to Appearance ? Themes.

The next thing we have is suites, a theme that has been developed to make your contents look great. It' s a fast reacting design so your contents maintain the sleek and challenging design of suites for your portable, handheld and home use. It' simple to customize your individual look with suites by simply attaching a user-defined backdrop or headers that matches the shape of your juke.

A number of functions are available in this area, such as featured images and post formats. Wetsuits are really an issue for all opportunities. Learn more about suites in the Theme Showcase, or enable it in your own blogs by going to Appearance ? Themes.

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