Moving Themes for Android

Mobile themes for Android

Are you tired of using the same boring wallpaper on your Android device? Would you like to be able to fill the screen of your android with new life, but you are not sure where to start? Use 25 backgrounds to bring your Android startup screen to life.

Android really does have the iPhone in all its facets when it comes to customizing the Home screen. It' s possible to modify any application icons, adding meteorological, calendaring and watch widgets to the Home screen and even changing the way you do multitasking or move between different applications. They can do a great deal on an Android, and even more with a deeply entrenched, but one thing that is really Cool for Android gadgets is that they are uniquely designed for living wall papers.

Below is a listing of 25 gorgeous Android Backgrounds that you can get and use on your phone. The majority of them supports either vertical or horizontal format, so you can use them on your Android tray. And some even interacted with your swipe and tap while you were navigating the Home screen.

Notice that there's a little tradeoff in run time with these moving backgrounds, but once you've tried it, it might be rewarding.

Installing and Setting Up Live Wallpapers on Android

Android Beginner's Guide: How to setup and use Android devices with background images. Afraid of using the same dull background image on your Android machine? Want to revitalize your android's display, but you're not sure where to begin? Don't be afraid of Android users, because the trial is actually quite easy.

Let's see how to setup background images on Android. On your device's home page, open Google Player. In the top dropdown box, move scrolling to the top right until you see "Categories" and then selecting it. Scour down the playlist until you see "Live Backgrounds" and then choose them. Explore the range of available backgrounds.

In the top menus, you can choose "Top Paid", "Top Free" and "Top Grossing" to display the most common wallpapers in each group. As soon as you find the background image you want to use on your machine, choose it. Choose'Install' to download the background image. The use of backgrounds is different from using an app.

Not only can you decide to "open" your background in Google Player, but also normal applications. Instead, you must go through a set of stages to enable your background. Enter the "Settings" submenu of your machine. Pick "Live Background" and then the one you just downloaded from Google Music.

Choose 'Set wallpaper' and everything is ready! Now you have a real background image on your Android machine. Backgrounds have a tendency to use up a considerable amount of power. Be careful when using your backgrounds on your Android unit - especially if you use your Android unit without the ability to recharge your unit for an extended period of use.

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