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Mozello is a young website developer who left Latvia in 2015 to gain a foot in the ever more overcrowded DIY website building market, specialising in providing multiple language sites, ease of use on the move and simple e-commerce. When Mozello was introduced, CEO Karlis Blumentals described the products this way: Visiting Mocello's easy-to-follow homepage - available in 15 different tongues - gave me a good feel for her minimalistic use.

Continue reading to see if there is enough flesh on Mozellos bone to support my vague positives. I' ve found that website creators of Fremium websites have become more and more likely to provide some kind of e-commerce at the free subscriptions stage, and Mozello is fortunately aware of this tendency. The free domainname must be taken into account when evaluating the competitive ability of the MozelloPrizes.

The Premium Plus plans are a good business for integrating e-commerce without auction limits. Mozello accept PayPal and Mozello accept debit card. Sorry, Brits, but it looks like the bank money order method has an expiry date for you. The Mozello is housed on the Internet. Since you' ve been clicking on this Review, she has been breathing a little bit into your brain:

Yes, you can use Mozello with Mozilla Firefox. Mozello's 48 designs are aimed at the same type of business (restaurants, fitness centres, designers, photo studios) that most website developers rely on. The Mozello Editors seem at first sight to be very similar to other last year's website creators, with a real-time slide show as a big projection-screen, and edit controls on the leftside of the screens.

However, if you toy with the Mozello Publisher, you will find that you have less creative power with Mozello than with many competitive website creators. In order to reorder items on your website, click on "Edit Layout" in the lower right corner of the screen. Since Mozello is applying as a minimalistic utility, I didn't expect to have a lot of feature and widget available to me.

Editors visually resemble some of the more smoothly integrated website builder out there, masking the less user-friendly way to append items to your pages. In order to insert an item of your choice into your page, you must go to the page designer and click on one of the "+" keys that appear between your contents blocs.

There you can only enter text modules, a photogallery and a request page. There is no eCommerce as an additional item here - you will have to build a new page and choose "Catalog or Shop" as the page category to start your shop.

It is still possible to build a Mozello website without much effort, but it is not as easy as it could be. Mozello Chief Executive said Mozello was a minimalistic instrument and he was serious about it. There' not much of a feature hol here, although Mozello offers you three main features:

Blogs, e-commerce and a personal contacts page. Blog: Blog: Mozello offers a simple but appealing and fun blogshop. You can activate your comment system via Mocello's own comment system or via Disqus. Nevertheless, it's a respectable feat - I've definitely seen poorer blogs using e-commerce: Mozello eShop is a rugged e-commerce solution, though not exactly intuitively - I had to figure out how it works through trial-and-error.

Classify your product into different catagories, select from tens of different currency options to view pricing, apply shipping terms, make EU or US taxes and select how you want to receive payments. Although you cannot customize the look of your shop, it is a good base e-commerce system and keep in mind that with a Premium Plus plan there is no limitation on the number of items you can have.

Contacts form: The Mozello Contacts page is very adaptable, which is the key demand for a website builder's Contacts page to be useful for a small company. On your Mozello page you can either send us your Mozello account information or have us send it to your e-mail address. Once the contacts are gone, it won't let you down.

A practical part of Mozello is that you can build multi-lingual websites. And Mozello promised a minimalist look, and he kept it! Mozello's 48 fast-reacting designs are good enough to build a base for your website for small businesses or hobbyists. Portable editor: Although Mozello does not have a natively created application for processing, it is possible to process your Mozello site from a portable devic.

The Mozello is included in Google Maps, Google Analytics, Disqus Commentaries and YouTube/Vimeo. Mozello will not annoy you with further annoying integration in accordance with the whole minimalistic atmosphere. Mozello eCommerce uses the following payers: Mozello customers' technical assistance is also somewhat minimalistic: there is e-mail assistance and a not very comprehensive frequently asked question (FAQ).

But Mozello is only one year old, and a more thorough client service system is usually something that comes up later in the development of a website creator. And Mozello hasn't attracted much interest in the review team.

Actually, I only found one Mozello Review. The auditor found errors with the absence of customizations and tight service levels. To a large extent, the above single Mozello reviews I found were complementary to the Mozello and praised its convenience, usability, and good shopping cart features. What Mozello is is: a easy website Builder for building neat, fun, slightly sparse sites.

Blogs and e-commerce are more than enough, and the sound yet non-spectacular aesthetic will not embarrass you. I' d appreciate a more intuitional drag-and-drop edit system and deep adaptability of the theme, but Mocello's special emphasis on being slim and mean isn't really good for the creative part. Nevertheless, Mozello can be the right choice for the right type of users.

Imagine Mozello becoming something more with just a few enhancements and more comprehensive client service.

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