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The Mozello offers simple tools for creating websites and budget hosting options for small blogs and e-commerce websites. Explore your possibilities by creating your own beautiful website, your own online store or blog. See which tool is better, with a detailed comparison by mozello & blogger.

The Mozello Review: You say you can be online in 5 minutes, but our review revealed more.

Mozello Site Builders are designed and built by a small Latvia-based development team. Mozello's homepage says that you can create a free website in just five mins. All you need to do to start Site Builder is do the following: Mozello will ask you what kind of page you are building to see if one of their template would be useful.

Recent submissions contain a regular page with text, title page or specific page, image galleries, blog or message, web forms, catalogue or shop and links to other pages. Their website is immediately available at (where yourSiteName is the value that Mozello generates auto-generates from the page name you entered during registration).

Or you can easily exchange site content with your following users on your site (such as new blog posts) using the corresponding symbols in the pop-ups. Which kind of functions does Mozello have? The Mozello Site builder is not only intuitively and easily operated, but also has the following functions:

Easy to use on the move: With your tray or smart phone, you can simply build new pages or refresh your spreads. Blogging: Include a blog on your site so you can post and view new articles with ease. Quick-reaction templates: Simply build websites that work on all kinds of equipment so none of your endusers will have a bad time.

Originally, the template itself was designed with a view to user mobility in mind. What's more, the template is designed for user mobility. Mulitlingual support: Make your websites look and feel multilingual. Generate the appropriate pages in the supported tongues. Use the Site Builder to group the pages by different lanugages. Site Building does not provide automatic translation capabilities, but Mozello makes it simple to manage the several websites you will be creating to handle different programming languages. Mozello is a great way to do this.

Imagine your own merchandising and bespoke SEO functions: Mozello contributes right from the start to ensuring that your website will reach as wide an audiences as possible. While Mozello does not provide e-mail service, if you have subscribed to a Bizmail, Zoho Mail, Outlook or Gmail inbox schedule, you can seamlessly add your e-mail accounts to the customized domains you bought from Mozello.

Please get in touch with the Mozello customer service department who will take care of the implementation for you. People who use e-mail service and non-Mozello bought domains can call the Mozello customer service department, but there are no warranties that they can help you. When you have a domainname that you want to use with your Mozello site, you can only do so by buying a Subscription; you cannot use customized domainnames with sites created with the Free Map.

When you need a customized Mozello page style sheet, you can get it using one of the following methods: When you already have a Mozello style sheet or customized theme, you can make it available to Mozello to be converted into a style sheet suitable for the Mozello Site Notepad.

In case you don't have a pattern or an individual pattern yet, you can order a new pattern from the Mozello staff from the ground up. You will also transform the theme into a style sheet that you can use and modify in the Site builder. Note that the charges for both choices are excluding the charges you are paying for the general use of the Site Builder.

If Mozello is a destination that interests you, it makes it simple for you to do so. Additionally to all the functions that come with the free essential shopping cart you can choose an e-commerce cart that gives you the extra tool you need to create an on line shop.

Mozello's ecommerce websites are all (by default) fast to respond to, so you can be sure that your shop looks good, regardless of the unit used by the buyer. New to the ecommerce community, we think Mozello is simpler to use than WordPress, Drupal or Joomla.

Mozello, as an e-commerce solution, provides you with everything you need, ready to use, without programming or specific configurations. There is no cost to building your shop, and Mozello does not charge any commission on the purchases you make (other e-commerce site builder will accumulate something, about 2-4% of every purchase you make).

Gain an idea of what it's like to build a Mozello website. Sorry, this videoclip is a demonstration of Mozello. Mozello ecommerce functions include: Mozello does not have the right to receive payment on your account, but recommends that you hire the following companies: The Mozello service staff will help you establish the necessary integrations if you use any of these CPUs.

It can be constructed by yourself, or you can have it constructed by Mozello for an extra charge. Google Analytics makes it possible to monitor your Mozello website and collect information about your users, their browser behaviour etc. without any problems. Google Analytics is all you need to do is enter your Google Track ID number, and your Mozello site information will be captured and collated by Google.

Mozello will spend most of its website time promoting its website builders, but with Mozello as a CMS you can create individual web sites with ease. Modify the template with JavaScript (or jQuery, which is autmatically built into every page Mozello serves) and customize it with JavaScript. When using server-side applications, you must have them hosted on your web site because Mozello is a self-contained system.

In order to add your applications to your Mozello website, you can do this either via HTML or JavaScript. Instead of providing off-the-shelf Web services uptime like many other Web site builder hosting customized Web site hosting solutions, Mozello provides high uptime. Mozello switches to provisioning your website in a back-up computer center whenever the main servers or servers have a problem and are no longer available.

Mozello includes high unavailability automaticly for all bought Mozelloomains. When you have bought your domainname elsewhere, you need to make some small changes to the settings to make sure you are using this function. There are three different Mozello maps to select from. This free map gives you 0.

5GB of disk space, accessing a large number of website themes, an on-line shop with no more than ten articles, PayPal technical assistance and essential web site hostedging. Her website can be accessed through a Mozello sub-domain, and Mozello will place a small hyperlink to her homepage on her website. Note that Mozello has one of the most stringent non-activity guidelines we have ever seen.

Unless you update your website or your website receives legitimated traffic within 30 calendar days, Mozello will remove your website and terminate your user name. There is no advertising on your website and no Mozello reference will appear on your pages. The Mozello is very simple to use and there are many supporting material in German and French on the website.

The majority of Mozello's video on the YouTube channels is in Latvia. There is no advertising on your website and no Mozello reference will appear on your pages. The Mozello company will accept PayPal and Visa for subscriptions. There is no refund offered by Mozello under any circumstance. When using a free map, you can simply change to a chargeable map by calling the Mozello support staff or selecting the upgrading options in the Site Builders.

If you are an entrepreneur or a private person who wants to do deals with Mozello, Mozello can offer different kinds of partnership. The Mozello partner programme will reward you for finding new clients. Mozello's 120-day persistent cookies means that users who click on your link do not need to register or shop immediately to take advantage of it.

Weavers and web developer can use Mozello as CMS for their fundamental web design work. Mozello is simpler to setup and use for small scale deployments than WordPress, Joomla or Drupal. The Mozello Site Builder can also be offered directly to your clients at a fixed cost and (optionally) under your name.

Whether you are a host provider or a registration agent wishing to provide the features required to create your users' website, Mozello offers integration to suit your needs. If you want to work with Mozello and have your clients build their website with Mozello, or if you want to incorporate Mozello features into your website under your own brand, you can.

For help, you can visit the Help page, which provides a list of some of the most common issues. In case an Answer to your query does not appear on the Help page, you can send an e-mail to the Help Center for further help. With Mozello actively present on Facebook, Google+ and Twitter, if you decide to connect to them via online community tools, your news will be displayed instantly.

Mozello Blog, which contains informational contributions on web site promotion, web site construction and other web related issues, is relatively actively engaged, although the occasional character of the contributions suggests that it is not a big issue for the Mozello group. Mozello is right for you? The Mozello is a simpler, easier to use, intuitively website building tool that allows you to get a website up and run in just a few moments.

You can also customise the many different designs. All you need is the website creator's tools bar, so you can make a professional-looking website without having to learn any designs or engineering techniques. Familiar with CSS, HTML, and JavaScript, you can use Mozello as your CMS and make custom websites.

It is also possible to include user-defined applications that you have created on your Mozello site. Mozello's Mozello upgrade products are inexpensive and offer extra functionality that you may find useful. Remember that Mozello is quite stiff in his down grading and reimbursement guidelines. Mozello's ability to provide multilingual website assistance is one of its keywords.

You' ve got nothing to loose if you try Mozello. Your free map gives you the same site building service that is available for your free maps, so you can enjoy it as long as you want. It will give you enough elapsed your busy schedule to make sure that Mozello is the layout you want for your website.

Below are a few common asked about Mozello with replies. Where can I get in touch with Mozello Technical Assistance? The Mozello website has a dedicated FAQ page with the most common queries. And if you can't find the response you're looking for here, you can send an e-mail to the technical assistance group. You can also publish useful posts in your blog.

They can also contact the Mozello Help in social medias. What's Mozello like compared to Wix? Mozello's fighting Wix, you might wonder. The Mozello allows you to adjust your design by color changes. Since Wix provides a selection of hundred different styles, if you're looking for a large selection, Wix might be the better one.

Each offers a variety of package deals, beginning with a free subscription schedule. Which kind of originals does Mozello contain? Here are samples of the different kinds of websites you can build with Mozello template. There is also the possibility to pay for a template if the free of charge features do not suit your needs.

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