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Vozello Reviews[2018] - Is it a good website Builder? Mozello might be a good choice if you want to build a basic web site, blogs or an on-line shop, but have no previous experiences. The Mozello is a website creation software that provides you with an intuitive interface to easily build a professionally designed, attractive and portable website.

The Mozello is designed and serviced by a private enterprise located in Latvia, Europe. It is their mission to give everyone the chance to build a nice website without getting to know all the tech specs and go through the long and costly developing time. Mozello allows you to easily build a web site and run a blogs.

The free subscription allows you to up to 10 additional items, while the Premium Plus plans do not limit the number of items you can have on your site. The following part of our Mozello-Reviews will show you the pros and cons of this website creator.

What's good about Mozello? To use this website, you do not need to be a computer scientist or master a computer program at all. Simple setup: You can have your website posted in just a few simple clicks and a few moments. Sign up for a free or chargeable subscription, sign up for a domainname or use your current one, select a theme, upload your contents and post your website.

Mozello is free to try, in which case you will get a subdomain and free webhosting ( 500MB storage). If you have an account with costs, you can either create a new free registration or refer your current account to the Mozello-Servers. Chargeable account allows you to take advantage of unrestricted disk storage and adds unrestricted items to your store.

Nice & Professional: You can modify any item of the selected theme so that your site is totally different from others. Google Analytics allows you to keep up with your website by entering the Google Analytics ID in the box provided, or you can include customized HTML in your website's text or header when using the Premier Schedule.

What's wrong with Mozello? While the Mozello Website Builder is very simple to use, its capabilities are still relatively small in comparison to its competition. Mozello's main drawback is that there is no drag-and-drop capability. Mozello lacks functions in comparison to other website builders, but one thing is for sure: It is really simple to use.

If you need a utility that allows you to build a basic website with ease, Mozello is for you.

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