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Select from thousands of designs to give Firefox the look you want. Use Firefox's integrated designs as an alternative to complete designs. You will see three pre-installed themes here: If you love dark or black topics in software programs, you will certainly like this message.

Firefox built-in themes - alternative to full themes

Entire themes have been superseded by new, integrated themes with brighter and darker colour scheme. From Firefox 57 on, entire themes are substituted by new, integrated themes with brighter and darker colour patterns. You can activate built-in themes by performing these steps: Choose the desired topic and activate it.

Those good folks help me compose this article:

Forthcoming changes for Topics | Mozilla Add-ons Blog

Substantial changes will be made to the thematic functions on (AMO) in the next few months. We' re moving to a new thematic technique that gives the designer more freedom in designing their themes. We' re going to be migrating all our legacy themes to this new file size, and your user should not see any changes.

We need to clear the AMO Topic Previews as part of this update. With this function you can move the mouse over the motif and see how it is used on the tool bar of your web browsers. Not very reliable as picture size and networking speeds can make it sluggish and unforeseeable.

As the new issues are potentially more complicated, the users' experiences are likely to deteriorate. Therefore, we have chosen to abandon this in favour of a simplified installation and deinstallation (which will also take place shortly). As of today, the thumbnail function will be deactivated. It' s only a question of a few months until we publish the new topic on AMO.

Changing the design in Mozilla Firefox

One of the most common are those that do not restrict you to changing certain settings as you wish. It was the right choice for the developer to give us the chance to make the Mozilla Firefox changes. For this reason, the appearance of the web page can be very different for each individual visitor, according to the topics and enhancements that have been added.

In this manual you will learn how to modify the design in Mozilla Firefox. It is necessary to find the way to how to set it up in the web-browser before we change the topic. Launch Mozilla Firefox and click the menubutton on the icon bar. Open Menu" < "Add-ons" < "Get Add-ons", then browse to "Featured Themes" and click the "Show All" icon.

Select the correct design and click "Add to Firefox" to reinstall it, then the design will be added, but Firefox will take over after restarting. In Mozilla you can create a large number of themes, among which we have the possibility to change from one to the other at any moment via the corresponding menue in your browsersettings.

Well, let's see how you design it in Mozilla Firefox. Enter the submenu. Any topics that have been added will be shown on this page. In order to modify the topic, just click on "Activate" and the topic will be modified. To remove the topic, just click on the "Remove" icon.

So now you know how to modify the design in your favourite webcam.

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