Muffin Builder Documentation

The Muffin Builder Documentation

Users who use the Page Builder plugin and translate their website with the WPML plugin can use this document. With the Fusion Builder, you can use the functions to create pages using drag & drop. Muffin Builder documentation for your company? PACKAGE: (WRAPS, CUT)

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Hi, I'm having trouble trying to create pages with Muffin Builder. In the documentary you can read about Muffin Builder - "With his help web developement is child's play". Wallpaper of a "wrap"? Wallpaper of an "object" in this packaging? So please show me where the right documentation is so I can get to know how to use Muffin Builder.

Muffin Builder items cannot be edited.

Can' t manipulate any of the muffin builder items, I could see the bottom link with Javascript:void(0); it doesn't lead to any location and the page will freeze, and I have the only choice to reload the page. The plugins and themes are all up to date, I suggest it has something to do with the updated version of the translations manager.

Use of the Page Builder with WPML

Purpose of this paper is to help those who use the Page Builder plug-in and translate their Web site using the WPML plug-in. Basics of WPML and Page Builder are required. To use the Page Builder with WPML, the following procedure applies to both articles and pages. One page is used in this work.

Start by navigation to the page you want to be translated. On the right of the Page Builder text box is the Languages page. Here you choose the standard page languages that the user will see when browsing the page. For this example, I choose English because it will be the primary one.

If you use WPML with Page Builder, you must compile the page contents yourself. As soon as you have finished the page you want to compile, search for the headline "Translate yourself" on the Language page. Below is a listing of available language (according to your original WPML setup).

Select the option next to the desired lanugages and click on "" Duplicate". An additional title appears, entitled "Translations", with a listing of the duplicates and the duplication name. If you use WPML with Page Builder, you must compile the pages yourself. Now that you have created double pages, you can browse to each double page and compile it yourself.

Below the links to the page filters you can see the extra language of the website. The Language page of a duplicate page contains a reference to the page from which it was copied. Press the Translate Separately icon and start to translate the page titles and contents.

I used Google Translate in this example.

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