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Can I create new case study posts, but I can't enable page options and use the BE Theme Muffin Builder to edit the mail page? Cupcake Builder and Betheme Hi, I'm trying to compile my site into 3 different Betheme based tongues using Muffin Builder. I' m configuring tongues, and when I wanted to compile the page with the translation engine, no contents were displayed, only the page name. I' m trying to do translation by hand, and I didn't do it! I also checked your directions in the forums, but there is no answer.

This may happen because of the synchronization dispute with the Page source code and the translations. Try the following and see if you can achieve the results you expect or not. Make a test page and see if you get the same problem or not. See the following document for more information.

Theme:: Activate Muffin Builder for custom post type = case_studies

I have added a user-defined mailtyp named case_studies with the Customizing MailStype UI plug-in. While I can make new case studies, I can't activate the page options and use the BEme Muffin Builder to modify the mail page? The Visual Composer has an option to activate the Page Builder via the WP Dashboard.

I did that and can use the WP Bakery Builder to process the case studies, but I want to use the Muffin Builder because I created the remainder of my website using it. I have a sub design setup and put the primary topic in the queue so I don't change topic file.

Use the Muffin Page Builder: Web Design HyperCube

You' ll love working with Muffin Builder, which makes website creation funny and simple. In each section you just need to insert the desired elements. New Muffin Builder allows you to create clones of parts or elements, making website creation quicker and simpler than ever. Click Append Element to append an element within a workspace.

Below the icon, the chosen element is added. You can do a number of things with this added element. Extend the currently active element to 1/6, 1/5, 1/4, 1/3, 1/2, 2/3, 3/4, 1/1 by using the + key in the element. Or you can abbreviate the element with the "-" key.

Hint: Each element can be dimensioned in the same way. Erase an article/section/row via in the right article section of ? Notice that Muffin Builder only works with the default style sheet. Muffin Builder 3. An accordion or toggle switch is added to the page by this element. Simply enter the title and content (you can use HTML tags) for each tabs.

It is also possible to define the sequence of the positions using Drag & Drop. Inserts an item mailbox on the page. If you want to be able to add as many item cartons to a page as you need, simply enter the contents in the appropriate textfield. The element inserts a block quota field with an picture and/or text....

In this article you can insert a blogs on each page. Helpful for those who want to integrate blogs with other contents. With this element you can insert contributions in a slide bar. With this element you can generate a Call to action element with or without wallpaper, symbols or text.

You can use this tag to construct a section or a singular tag with a diagram. Provides a customer area. You can use this article to present your own source material. HTML does not analyze this part! When you want to park, use Colum Items instead! The article adds a colum. They can use frames, HTML, custom style sheets, and more.

Create a Contacts box that allows others to get in touch with you. When you add this element, the contents from the WordPress Editor appear above the Page Options section. Be sure to disable the Show The Contents checkbox if you favor this element. If not, the contents will be copied. 1/6','1/5','1/4','1/3','1/2','2/3','3/4','1/1' This element will create a counter with symbols or pictures.

The element generates gaps between the element. There is also a line under which there are speakers. Select different style of this element. The article provides a fancy headline. There are several places in the previews area where you can make clear headlines. The article builds a page with FAQs. Also, you can use the Drag & Drop options to specify the order of the page layout on this page.

This element allows you to generate a Feature List section that uses symbols, left and right symbols and symbol colours. Contents (Use the text abbreviations [item icon="icon-picture" title="some text" link="#"]]) for each element inside. Every element can have its own symbol, text and hyperlink. With the How it works element, you can build section with step by step that can be used on target pages.

You can use this object to make a great icon boxes with a hidden effect. Many different fashions exist or you can make your own. User-defined CSS classes (enter your own CSS for a section - this is a useful choice for those who want to customize a section style).

So for example, you can enter my own supersection and then go to BeTheme options > Custom CSS&JS > Custom CSS again and compose your own style for that class: It is a useful way to embed pictures on a page. With this element you can make a great infobox.

This list element allows you to define and generate style, image, symbol and more. Creates the Google Maps. Maps element is built on the Google Maps API. Please see the forums for more information on this options. The article creates an offering area. In order to generate elements for the listing, you must include elements in the listing area situated on the leftside of the WordPress dashboard menus between the Customers and Portfolio panes.

There are no attribute values for this article. Offer point can only be used on pages without sidebars and the section must be set to full width. The element generates an opening times field in which you can enter any desired contents. In this article, you will be asked to enter a Our Staff Profiles to view your staff.

There are as many member accounts as you need. The article creates the individual Our Staff Program. There are as many member accounts as you need. Creates the individual element of the photo object. It creates a portofolio (the same elements as on the portofolio page) at any location.

You can use your holdings with any other links on the page. The item generates a Portfoliogrid (the same item as on the Portfoliopage page) anywhere. You can use your holdings with any other links on the page. With this item, you can make a great slide of your portfolios with a cross at any point on the page.

The Portfolio slider impresses on all units. The item generates a pricing page. There are 3 different style options to select from. 1/6', 1/5', 1/4', 1/3', 1/2', 2/3', 3/4', 1/1' Click the "Add Tab" icon to insert your own folders. The article will create a promo box with text, picture and a pushbutton with a click.

Quick Fact, a beautiful element to present facts with brief description. Describes how to create a shop slider with WooCommerce plug-in items. For those who like something other than Revolution Sliders, we suggest the Slider Items. With Youadd, I moves within the "Slides" section of the WordPress Dashboard on the far side.

With the slide bar you can make a photobox with a beautiful gliding effect. With this element you can make 4 different index cards. 1/4','1/3','1/2','2/3','3/4','1/1' Click the'Add Tab' icon to insert your folders. Unambiguous ID (optional) - this element is only needed if you want to link a page to a section and want to submit the user to the right department and tab.

The element will create a Testomonials slide bar. The element will create a timeline segment. Simply insert the tabs and the required contents. The article Trailer Box shows a tagline, a photograph and has a beautiful trailer effect. It is a very useful way to embed Vimeo, Youtube and HTML5 video into the page. Visual Editor Items is an optional feature for those who want to prevent HTML or CSS encoding.

A useful object that places the count anywhere on a page. A new article that provides a wide range of ways to create pages. Divide a page, contribution, or inventory element into segments. User-defined styles (you can specify a separate theme for each section - this is a helpful feature for those who want a specific theme for a section).

A new article that provides a wide range of ways to build pages. WRAP Item lets you build more extended designs than ever before. User-defined categories (you can specify a separate category for each category - this is a useful feature for those who want a specific category style).

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