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Our forums have been set up to help all of our clients to correctly implement our work. Please, before you create a new discussion: Verify in the forums that a thread has not yet been generated. Please use the search form on the right side. When you have not found what you are looking for and would like to ask a new Q&A, click the "Start a new discussion" icon on the right.

After registering, you can still make posts in the forums (you need the order key to register). When you start a new thread and have a problem with your site and you want us to verify what's going on, please always enter the page address, because without it we can't verify what's going on.

Please enclose with your request the page addressing the issue. As a result, the response to your questions will be much quicker. Please leave a personal note if you do not want to post your email adress to the Forums.

Discuss BeTheme - Responsive Multi-Purpose WordPress Thread ( page 438)

Ask before ordering: My dear Muffingroup, I would like to buy your beef topic, but I have some below asked a few things before buying. Excuse for the many issues, but I want to make sure that some things before they fit your topic. The most important thing for me is the ability to create the full width raster with mouseover video elements!

Can I use such an item in this topic? Move your cursor over an item and start playing the movie in miniature view. Might it be possible to append user-defined HTML and metadata (HTML Coding & Tags) to the HTML of the pages on each page or to each item on a page (For example, would you like to append user-defined HTML to each credential - in the credential fader -) or metainfo to each portfolioelement (when building a videoraster portfolios on a website)?

It is possible to adjust any item without user-defined style sheet (portfolio raster, to full width instead of simple word-press layouts enforced to 1024px or sometimes 1170px width - as seen on this particular page)? Keep add-on plug-ins always active and up-to-date - especially VC and Rev.slider - ?

Are you interested in customer-specific developments (adding new functions on demand OR according to your customer's idea)? Can I use the rev or rev lider shorts in the item? _GO ( for example, if I am preparing a full-scrn, wallpaper greeting control with rev scaler and put the shorts in the VC headers )........ The real issue is whether the item is fully adjustable within VC or within your own added codes?

Does this topic fully comply with WPML? What about the normal reaction times of the supports (I had some very poor experience with timing and quality). Does the topic supports the multi-layer pallax options (in VC)? Hopefully it will be useful for many who are still hesitant/planning to buy your topic.

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