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Chosen assortments of freshly baked muffins, scones, biscotti, turnovers, fresh fruit and hot specialty coffee. Paleo & certified gluten-free muffins. Paleo-Muffin certified blends that are always freshly made!

Insurgent Muffin Company

Since 2014 we have been offering the world' s freshiest and most exquisite cupcakes coupled with just the right offers to delight your audience. Chosen ranges of freshly brewed cupcakes, cookies, biscotti, turnover, crisp fruits and speciality coffees. Honey, savoury and special cupcakes, freshly made every day, with 10 or less added substances.

We roast our coffees in small local lots. This is the ideal complement to our delicious cupcakes. Our cupcakes are so crisp, our coffees are really nice and they are always on schedule.

canker muffin

Dangermuffin's 6th and so far most focused record will take the listener on an eight-song journey to explore the pre-Diluvian sources of man's wisdom before organizing the spiritual. The legacy is root soundtrack, which is about getting to the common maproot of mankind, and then to the twigs where the prohibited fruits - the muffin, sugary and easy - are ready to be picked and eaten.

Maybe more than any other of their earlier records, Songs For The Universe, highlights the skill and convenience of the group, which are either inserted or disconnected, and confirms the deep ties of musicality of the three of them. Be it jamming on traces like Heart and Cicada or making our minds think on Forgot To Question, the Dangermuffin triinity always shows its indisputable and godly union.

HGMN Free was the winner of the 2012 HGMN Albums after 18 week in first place on the HGMN charts. Triumphantly multi-generated, this record illustrates the band's broad spectrum of musicianship and their ability to withstand fanfare. Moonscapes is a colourful mix of style and emotion, from the grainy, rocky Gutter Dance to the airy, jazzy Big Suit puls.

Moonscapes introduced the group' s most extensive song selection to date and won acclaim from major trade journals, triggering the band's ascent and popularity at musical events from Bridgeport to Boulder. Dangermuffin's first record, Beermuda, whined a pole into the dust of US root song and dug it in.

With other words, for every Dangermuffin fans this is an indispensable hearing experience. Inheritance is about getting to the common root of mankind and tracing it to the twigs where the prohibited fruits - the muffin, sweet and plain - must be picked and eaten.

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