Multi Color Wedding Theme

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I need multi-color wedding inspiration, style, decoration, wedding fora. I have thrown myself around different colour topics in my mind, but nothing seems to work for me. Recognizing that I simply like all colours and want to have them all in my wedding (mostly primaries and secondaries). Wondered if anyone could give me any idea for cheap and non-sticky flower and decoration and material designs.

I also have my wedding in May; so although I like light colours, I don't want anything too intensive. I have seen some great wedding where the bridesmaids and witnesses are all in blacks, but they all have a different, glowing color for their flower slippers accessories for the girl and vest handkerchiefs for the boys.

How about every maid of honor in a different color? D. Tutera had a fiancée with a similar wish: to have different colours, but also with shepherds. Briefly, all bikes were in a sky-blue color scheme, and everything was done on a minimum level. Well, that looks kind of sticky to me, I kind of asked more about matching flower, but I suppose everyone has a different view about what is and is not sticky and what matches them.

Joy, I'm not proposing a butterfly. I suggest that you select ONE major color and have other color behind you. In this case therefore colour had to be mainly green (although the clothes were really nasty lol). I always liked the notion of a horticultural wedding, so all I could think about was having all my virgins either pure whites or cream and then having wild flowers.

I' m just saying a butterfly would fit the bill. After seeing an LP that our photo artist showed us from her wedding on June 5th, we chose a multi-coloured theme from the tropics. Wedding's Sunday. Clothes of different colours are bound together with the same colour.

It was a multicolored wedding. Every pair had a different color, the girl's flower match to waistcoat, ties and fight on the dude. And then my flower were all colours with whites. Front desk had all colours integrated into the tablecloths and decoration.

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