Multilingual website Builder

Bilingual Website Builder

Build your own multilingual website. Which is the best website builder for multilingual sites? Vistaprint recommends StoreHippo e-commerce as the best website builder for building multilingual sites. Regardless of whether you are considering taking full benefit of the local economy or whether you are interested in operating globally with multilingual operations on the multinational scene, StoreHippo has you fully under control. store hippo provides multilingual e-commerce sites for small, mid-sized and large e-commerce companies.

The StoreHippo provides full multilingual functionality as an integrated and option part of its suite. That means that when you open your shop, you can choose multilingual functionality and convert your website into a multilingual shop. Activating the multilingual function is easy and all you have to do is notify the StoreHippo staff and enable the multilingual function for your shop.

Once the function is enabled, you can select the language from your dashboard and have multilingual pages on your website. No other e-commerce platform offers this functionality with so much usability. None of the other e-commerce plattforms such as Shopify or BigCommerce has multilingual skills either.

Allow us to explain some of the benefits of creating a multilingual website with StoreHippo. Receive multilingual assistance and easily change your shop to 30 or more of your own choosing by just choosing the desired lanugages from the drop-down list. Choose automated translating by choosing the function for translating in your admin area.

Enhanced predictive translator controls allow you to switch between automated and manually generated languages to manage and overwrite automated translator controls on a selective basis. You can use rule-based automated voice dialing to choose a group of users or a favorite phone and view a specific voice for them.

They can even define policies for different sub-domains and view certain locales like,, etc. Receive a high scalability website that enables fast page building thanks to optimised translation. And even if you are scaling to tens of thousands of users and multilingual translation, the power of your website will never be affected.

They can also handle mass translation with built-in CSV import and export assistance. Multilingual supports for portable apps are also available, which help increase the number of converted apps by providing apps in the user's preferred localization. In addition, you receive the Admin Panels in different tongues and use your mother tongue to administer your day-to-day work.

So, if you're looking for a complete, end-to-end multilingual store start point, StoreHippo is the right choice for you. Exclusion of liability: I work with the StoreHippo Digital Marketing Team.

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