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General purpose Wordpress theme free download

Want to learn more about the Flash theme? Learn more about the Flash theme - The most flexible multifunctional free WordPress theme. Colorlib's Illdy is a free multi-purpose theme. General-purpose themes are part of a niche that some WordPress users tend to keep away from. The Hestia is the most popular free multi-purpose WordPress theme.

Complimentary 20 multi-purpose WordPress themes

If it comes to WordPress topics, selecting there is a ten dictum a day, we have WordPress launcher topics suitable for intermediate level programmers. We also have nice quality WordPress topics that you can buy at an accessible cost. And, of course, we have WordPress theming that is simple to adapt - great for those who don't like to tap codes - and free.

There are 20 multi-purpose WordPress topics here that are available with advanced functionality, sophistication and yet free to download and use. The Aglee Lite - There are sites that are begging for a clear, easy and neat theme. The Aglee Lite matches the label to a Tee with its sleek, appealing styling.

Characteristics include: Complimentary client assistance via instant messaging and emails. Annaglyph Webite - A Webite edition of the high-performance premium WordPress theme, Annaglyph Webite is an easy-to-use, multi-purpose theme that works as a blogs application or full e-commerce CMS. It uses a Bootstrap 3 raster that is 1170 pixel in width.

Even though it runs on the bootstrap, it also has reducx shell theme choices. Characteristics include: Developed to be used for professionally looking web sites, Arise describes itself as the best free WordPress theme for response and work. While it has WooCommerce functionality, it can be used as a multipurpose theme due to many other functions.

Characteristics include: Support for common WordPress plug-ins such as Breadcrumb NavXT, WP-PageNavi, Contact Form 7, Jetpack from, Polylang, Newsletter, BiblePress. Physicians - There are a few specialised WordPress topics that are definitely Worth a mention, but physicians is a special topic for the healthcare professional. State-of-the-art and tidy, it is ideal for hospital, clinic, medical centre, small clinic, dentist, doctor, general practitioner, veterinarian, familial doctor, healthcare, road ambulance and EMT, healthcare and wellness, spas and skin treatment.

Characteristics include: The Freesia Empire - Freesia Empire is a multi-purpose theme that allows customizing themes with the customizer. Characteristics include: Another topic that is simple to set up is Gaga Lite. It is a versatile design that allows the users to build and customise a WordPress blogs or any website in a very quick while.

This theme has several headers, teams, services, skill sets, portfolios (photography or otherwise), clients, testimonials, blogs, footers and other themes. Characteristics include: Ability to modify theme color, typeface (fonts used), page spacing, page spacing. Clap - Clap is a free multi-purpose WordPress theme. The site has a slim and easy designed, is fast reacting and can be used as an e-commerce site with voocommerce capability.

Bootstrap, one of the most beloved frontend frameworks for WordPress themes, is also the foundation for Gossip. Needless to say, this is a high-performance thematic options. Characteristics include: The NovelLite - For those who want a easy one-page website layout, NovelLite for WordPress is a good and nice selection.

Businessmen, start-ups, small and mid-sized companies would like to present this theme for its capacity to present the enterprise or shop with the help of pictures. Characteristics include: Allows you to modify logo, introduction text, graphic, and wallpaper using the Options Panel. Support for 6 widget-capable areas with presented pictures. RESPONSIBLE TABS - RESPONSIBLE TABS is well adapted for sites with heavy contents, such as journals, photos and messages, as well as for highly competitive retail sites.

Responsive Tabs' elegant design allows the use of text for a low page load look, while still allowing the placement of photos in the various widgets on the front. Characteristics include: It' a straightforward, minimum theme for portfolio and image that is easily handled, managed, revised and edited.

The majority of the changes permitted under this topic are available under WordPress Customizer. User can up-load their own logo, modify various settings, all without having to touch the key. If you want to quickly create a fast-response e-commerce site, try EightStore Lite. The WooCommerce theme contains the following features: user-defined backgrounds, user-defined headers, presented pictures, linkside bars, one colum, fast response layouts, right sidebars, theme choices, thread commenting, three column-enabled and two column-enabled.

The Setmore SpaSalon - Setmore SpaSalon is developed for small companies such as health and beauty centres and spas. This allows the builder to create a breathtaking website for the small company owners and makes it complete and easy to customize. Professionally look and Feel, excluding paragraphs describing the shop, the service and the personnel, allow an area of the company's reservation page.

ProtocolPress - ProtocolPress has been developed using the latest developments and exclusively for the latest versions of WordPress. It' a neat WordPress theme for message pages and journals. Use WordPress Customizer completely to create, setup and change the theme. Not only is it a highly reactive WordPress theme system, but it also acts as a warm WordPress parent theme.

It' s architecture allows theme creators to quickly create sub-topics without the need for multi-functional programming. The DW Minion - DW Minion is an outstanding WordPress theme that has a three-segment design that resizes according to the display on the application or font display. It' a great topic that allows you to blogs anywhere or whenever you want.

Track - Tracks is a rugged, reactive and appealing WordPress design. This includes a demo up-loader, network icons and comments, ad control, browse bars, and premier themes. Marriages - Weddings is an appealing, classy WordPress theme designed for honeymoon pages. Customizing - Customizr is a WordPress theme that is customizable and easily adaptable.

WordPress works well with major WordPress tools like BPress, JetPack and WooCommerce, to name a few. Access - Access is a rich, easy to use WordPress theme developed for easy use. Can be used for a businessblog, a portofolio, a company, a buisness services and all other kinds of websites.

The HarmonUX Core - HarmonUX Core is a WordPress theme that has been designed according to the ideas of current UX and SOE optimisation. There is a theme Customizing tool that allows you to change a wide range of topics in your theme to suit your needs.

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