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Wordpress music artist theme

Spare yourself the hard work of finding great articles and discover the hybridmm recommended articles in their collection, Music Artist Wordpress Themes. The Hernan is a slim WordPress theme for musicians, bands, DJs, etc.. There are integrated videos, discography, media player, event management, galleries and artist sites. Design offers multiple layout options, colors, and custom widgets for content recognition and social media integration.

A stylish landing page for creative music artists, Speaker comes complete with all the features they need to boost their careers and audiences.

#10+ best music WordPress themes for 2018

Those topics have been hand-picked and reviewed to ensure they have something special to them ( both in functionality and appearance) that will be offered to any artist, blogs, musicians or music new site out there.

You are welcome to explore several WordPress theme demonstrations before committing to this one theme for your next work. Select your favourite theme, customise it and you're on. Here are some of the best WordPress topics for 2018: It is a theme with many demonstrations, all devoted to music, but also suited for different kinds of sites.

It' s a full-screen theme with big graphics, pallax scroll, clip separator, vibrant colour scheme - all this creates an atmosphere full of energy. The FWRD is a great music WordPress theme for a DJ or artist who needs a powerful, glittering webpage. Functions: fast-reacting designs, Visual Composer and Slider Revolution, simple menue builders, sound players and music albums, WooCommerce ready- for-merchant, limitless layout, colours and font styles, Retina HD.

This theme is fashionable and looks fantastic, comes with black skins and unusual animation. Functions: Embedding voice and text clips, creating pages visually, different colour schemes, drag-and-drop galleries, bright and black skins, fast response and retina capability. The obsidian is a minimalistic and great theme for those soloists who are just beginning their career.

All about this music WordPress theme is easy and wonderful. In addition, there is everything a performer needs to bring his work to the fore. The obsidian is a really good subject, nothing is out of place. Functions: unmistakable background, user-defined writings, movie libraries, fast reactions, user-defined Widget + Footstep widget, brickwork photogallery, detailed route lists.

This is a clear and nice theme for solomusicians and groups, with a clear and easy to understand styling, a full frame slide control combined with a music display and lively animation. All in all a good looking and contemporary theme that puts your project in the foreground. Functions: fast response time, streamed audioplayer, six mail type, drag-and-drop homepage, user-defined Widgets, SEO-optimized, colour scheme.

Music is a topic that should work well for any music shared website / platforms or any other company operating in the music industries. It has a clear layout and a raster that makes the search for contents user-friendly and clear. However, perhaps not the best option for single artist sites. Characteristics:

Simple digital downloads supporting, sale of individual sound samples or bundles of albums, supporting previews for sound in either 3p3 or gg formats, jPlayer - jQuery HTML5 sound players, four page styles, play list supporting, fast response layouts. It' a magazine/review topic this year for those who breath music. It' s ideal for music venues where supporters can get involved and keep in touch with what's new in the game.

Characteristics: Ten multi-purpose demonstrations, music players, billiard brickwork, artist sliders, advanced visual composer, 24 one-of-a-kind designs, five headers. This is a versatile, contemporary theme with a very imaginative look. This is the perfect match for everything and will give your artist profiles the visibility you're looking for. Zerif lets you present your records in an elegantly designed folder format, adding your own tour and concert pads, messages, band members, video, merchandise and more.

Its design is exceptionally cheerful and very adaptable. He also works for nightclubs and musicfests. Functions: User-defined background, SiteOrigin Page Builder compatibility, full versatility, six free children's topics inclusive, user-defined topic widgets with additional functions, slide-in effect, infinite colour scheme. A good example of good music WordPress topics for groups, radio stations, nightclubs, event and everything that has to do with music.

It has a minimalistic, deep designed look and lets you select between a full and a box out. The Music Club includes arcade scrollers, merry-go-round slider, a pop-up music screen that can be concealed when needed, and short codes. Page builders, bottom float music players, scaleable containers, many different page formats, event tickets, infinite colours, fast response time.

An eye-catching full-screen motif that features a vibrant colour pattern, a full-screen videotape headers, roundabout gliding album, brickwork gallery, parallel axis scroll and more. It' s designed for those who want to present their portfolio, their career and their performance. In addition not only musician but also artist of any kind can use this topic.

Functions: infinite layout, fast and reactive, quick and reactive, wallpaper, video wallpaper, user-defined mail type, foot matrix players, animated wallpaper colours, one- and multi-page structures. One more of these music WordPress topics that come with many beautiful patterns for various music-related use. It' s easy and yet very interactiv and is perfect for artist profile, festival, music club, producer etc.

Functions: fast reactive styling, shared music players, Visual Composer feature, optimised for performance, WooCommerce readiness, Ajax and real-time audio - endless music players, endless colours and layout. Today, music is no longer a locale issue. With music, it's about going on-line and making your voices audible. And one of the ways to do that is to create your own website or even a music shop.

An elegant WordPress theme that will spare you a great deal of trouble and hassle, so you can focus on making music. Functions: fast reacting desing, 3 different home pages, Visual Composer and Drag-and-Drop Builder, high-performance shop functions, WooCommerce-capable, adaptable colours, para-lax effect. Featured: non-stop music players, real-time audiovisualizers, quick-change maps with play lists, 5 user-defined mail items (album, podcast, artist, events), WooCommerce with Ajax ''In the Cart'' in the play list, WooCommerce with Ajax, Kentha Radio's option plug-in for stream and timetable, Podcast-Timing Cue-Skip feature, 20+ user-defined shortcuts, 20+ wallpapers, 30 demonstrations with a click of the mouse installation.

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