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Thirty+ Fantastic Band & Music WordPress Topics for Musician Here is a fantastic selection of band and music WordPress topics for artists, music lovers, DJ's, artists and music blogs who want to use WordPress to create a good looking and fun music or band website. WorldPress is an ideal plattform for building a band or music website because it's free and simple to setup and use.

The use of one of these specially developed topics turns a WordPress blog into a good-looking music or band orientated website with all the functions needed by the musician and band. A few of the great functions in the various topics are: user-defined MP 3/audio playlists, concerts and tours calendar, photos, video and event gallery, merchandising article selling option, discography/song/album pages, community network and video/audio playlist compatible with favorite music and videos pages such as ReverbNation, Mixpod, SoundCloud,, YouTube and others.

So, if you want to build a rocky WordPress music website, but don't want to miss a headbanging, visit the over 30 high-quality WordPress music and band topics below. The Merchato is a music and band e-commerce WordPress theme. AudioTheme is responsible for the prime music theme, which is available from ThemeForest.

The website has a one-of-a-kind, mosaic-like look, perfect for building a classy, appealing and media-rich website for groups and musician. You can integrate it smoothly into the most popular WordPress music plug-in - AudioTheme, as well as into the top WordPress e-commerce plug-in - WooCommerce. The Obsidian (named after the natural volcano glass) is a contemporary and portable, fun music theme from WordPress by AudioTheme.

Designed to be sleek and convenient, the premier theme has a number of functions that make it an excellent on-line hotspot for groups, artists, DJs and others in the music and consumer electronics industries. This theme is integrated into the AudioTheme Framework plug-in, which is a state-of-the-art WordPress plug-in for managing music, performances, video, and more.

Several of the main functions of the theme are: WorPress Customizer supports simple customizations (change colors, font, background, title, logos etc.), gig manager (upcoming and past shows and all detail such as date, location, ticket information, calendars and more), diskography manager (present your records, single's and EP's all on one page),

Individual recordings and tracking administration (displays rails in a neat and easy tracking bar that allows your user to hear and sampling your music), Movie Libraries (for all your music videos), Mobile Artists, Photos Galleries, supports customized audiotopic widgets, Audioplayers, footing-based widgets, a fully appealing look, and more. Croma is a nice and varied music WordPress theme.

It' s perfect for vocalists, artists, music label's, music creators and groups who want to build a breathtaking website to advertise themselves and their music. Comes with AJAX and resumes music playing function. It has a bunch of different styling choices and all the features you need in a music website, plus the possibility to present coming shows and happenings, trade merchandising and WooCommerce items, have custom artists' sites with organic, featured tunes, shows, discographies, video and a continual audioplayer for music titles and album.

WordPress theme of AudioThemes is a nice music wordwave. Premier theme allows you to create a classy and compelling music website for a band or musician. Technically it offers a cover page lay-out, a media-rich headers, user-defined scripts and parallax-like scroll-offs. And it also provides all the functions a music website needs with the award-winning AudioTheme plug-in - for viewing performances, diskography, individual recordings and tracks, movie libraries and more.

This is a nice WordPress theme for groups and artists. AudioTheme's premier theme has a sleek and uniquely designed, clear split-screen look with distinctive logo on the right and your message on the right. Among the most important functions and advantages are: smooth, site-wide sound reproduction, super-fast page load, customisation settings, user-defined scripts, gig manage ( with user-defined gig s page with date, place, ticket information, calendaring link, community link and more), music/discography archives ( to present your album, single and EP on one page),

Individual recording page (displays music in a clear and easy to read tracking page so people can find music and buy links), individual recording page (where you can include song text, downloading option or extra information about your songs), home page, camcorder page, a portable, user-friendly look and feel and more. The WPZOOM website is a multi-purpose and high-performance WordPress theme.

Created to be a "starting point" theme appropriate for any kind of blogs or website projects, it contains a variety of functions, choices and layout checks that allow you to simply customise and customise it to meet your unique needs. Several of the main functions and advantages of the Presence theme are: many adjustment possibilities (controls for colours, background, fonts, character size, etc.), dragging & dropping for the virtual page creator (Unyson framework), multi headline layout, box or full format layout, WooCommerce functionality, various slide control modes, 4 different blogs layout, JetPack library, fully reactive, user-defined widgets, event calendars integrated, endless scrolling possibilities and more.

There are also functions for certain music sites (music bars, coming shows, playlists). This is a great WordPress theme for great sound and music for groups and musician. Designed specifically for music sites, AudioTheme's premier theme offers all the functions you need with the great Music Plug-in for Music.

A few of the main characteristics of the theme are: large headline pictures, location-wide audioplayer, user-defined scripts, user-defined headline choices, title page style with large icon and call to trade, announcement of forthcoming performances and shows, Gigpage in detail with all detail and maps, diskography and music archives for your individual recordings and track, movie libraries, and more.

Hammers is a WordPress theme from AudioTheme. Premier theme has a contemporary and minimalistic look that' s perfect for all types of music. Comes with all the important functions that a band or a performer needs for a website. Several of the most important functions and advantages are: full AudioTheme plug-in compatibility, location-wide Audioplayer, coming and past appearances with detail, diskography page, individual datasets and track pages, movie libraries, Easy Digital downloads and WooCommerce e-commerce compatibility, JetPack compatibility (for test stories and portfolio), home page sliders, massively expanded blogs, portable response, user-defined scripts and adjustment choices (colors, logos, backgrounds, etc.), user-defined widgets and more.

OSCILATOR is a great WordPress theme for musician, band, nightclub, DJ's, events organisers and everyone else in the music and amusement world. CSSIgniter offers a truly exclusive CSSIgniter theme with a contemporary, clear and professionally designed look that is truly unmatched. There are 6 user-defined mail type oscillators (sliders, artist, disc, events, gallery and video), a streamed audioplayer, different colour scheme, portable and plug-in, theme option, preparation for translations, optimization of performance and performance and more.

This is a WordPress music theme from CSSIGNER, perfect for your DJ s, musician, artist, band, station or anyone in the music world. Premier theme has a portable, reactive look that works on any display type and whatever the devices. Additional functions are SoundCloud integrations, 6 color scheme, route plan section, user-defined widgettized homepage, theme option and more.

It is a WordPress theme with many great functions to create a simple, up-to-date and professionally designed on-line journal, newsletter, blog, site or other content management projects. Musical Magazine's latest release of the theme has a sleek, sinuous look, perfect for music journals and blogging and other music-related sites to present music messages and review, pop groups, new releases, and more.

Fully portable and SEO-optimized, the premier theme offers many great functions including: enhanced lay-out choices with full controls over your laysouts, easy-to-use design choices, customized widgets, colour choices with limitless colour choices, Google Font, contents slider and carousel, customized logos and menu, ad space, soft copy and much more.

Situations in a WordPress theme by CSSIGNER with a singular and practical outfit. It''s a prime theme for the musician, events organiser, band, nightclub and everyone in the entertaining world. A few of the main characteristics of the theme are: a portable, user-friendly lay-out, a pull & drope home page (build the home page of your website exactly the way you want using customized contents widgets), a streaming sound player, 6 customized mail formats (sliders, artist, diskography, event, gallery and video), WooCommerce assistance, customized widgets, theme choices for ease of navigation and adjustment, preparation for translations and more.

Music WordPress is a theme for groups, artists, DJ's, events organisers, night clubs and everyone else in the music business. CSSIgniter's premier theme has a distinctive and easy to use theme that allows you to advertise your music and present your latest tours, photos albums, music video and messages.

Among the most important functions are: Dragging and dropping homepage, full AudioIgniter plug-in compatibility (for easily creating playlists and embedded music), customization control, user-defined Widgets, mail type (for artists, albums, discographies, videos, galleries), high-performance settings and much more. The Entertainer is a WordPress theme developed for entertainers.

Organic Themes' premier theme is specially designed for performers, presenters, musicans, dance artists, performers, entertainers and everyone else in the show business. It is a brave and contemporary styling that uses mail format and user-defined mail type to display video, Podcasts, tour data, and more. ENCOORE is a WordPress music and band theme with a simple and minimalist outline.

AudioTheme's premier theme is specially designed for artists, label's, artists and music production companies. Enables you to present your contents, music and movies in a easy and organised way to appeal to your supporters. A few of the main characteristics of the theme are: a customized site-wide musicplayer, diskography (presents your album in a neat raster with a customized template), individual recording pages (lets your supporters try your music in a basic, organised playlist and you offer buy your music links), videolibrary page, community icons for your community profile, off-screen widget panels, fully portable, reactive designs, customizers (to attach a website caption and tagsline or load your own logos, customize (to attach a website caption and tagsline or your own logos, load your own), and more.

It is integrated into the AudioTheme Framework; a state-of-the-art WordPress plug-in for managing music, performances, discography/tracks, event locations, video and all your music needs. This is a beautiful WordPress theme that contains everything a band or band needs for a website. bssigniter's prime theme is ideal for the DJ s, music artist, band, radio station and everyone else in the music world.

Functions includes a user-defined sound player, a user-defined page for performances and shows, pages for artist, albums/discography, video, photo gallery, and more. The Huesos is a WordPress theme for AudioTheme musician. It has a sleek and minimalist theme that provides a high functionality and customisable basis for music sites.

Perfect for beginners and advanced players as well. A few of the main characteristics of the Huesos music theme are: an elegant, site-wide music display (remembers tracks information and the position when users search your site for an almost smooth viewing experience), a widget home page for up-to-date and pertinent contents, a fully appealing theme (with off-screen navigations and play list menu in portable sizes),

User-defined colour or picture wallpapers with automatic text update for optimal contrasts, full audio theme feature assistance (gigs, records, videos and widgets), pre-view modes for videos archives, e-commerce assistance for selling your products (built-in style for Easy Data Downloads plugin), user-defined page styles, and much more. Gorilla Themes multi-media WordPress theme of animation developed for artists, band, musicians, blogs and the entertaining world.

Premier theme features a gorgeous slide show and an audio/video homepage modul, 5 color themes, a Vimeo and YouTube modul to simply include clips that size themselves to the page layouts, advertising banners and more. Gorilla Themes offers a WordPress theme for fans, music, bands, and artists.

This theme offers 5 color themes, a homepage with sliders, banermanagement, built-in community networking widgets as well as an optionally available videos and highlight modul, in which you can present your artist's latest creations together with 2 moduls that present current messages and actions of the performer. WordPress band / music theme from Gorilla Themes. Premier theme for musician, band, performer and others who want to present their work or want to blogs about music.

This theme is available in 5 color fashions and contains a photocarousel slide control on the homepage, an event schedule for shows and special occasions, supports all common audioplayers and can be integrated into existing networks. WordPress theme with a sleek, dirty look that lets you add your latest video, sound, and still images with ease.

This is a refreshing, neat theme with band pictures, movies, news, shows and specials. Add your latest YouTube movies, Myspace music players, merch and more. This is a wonderfully easy, organised theme based on content: photographs, messages, events, blog and music. Topics cover functions specifically tailored for band use, such as embed music, as well as audio, visual, photo, dates and link to online sites and people.

A fancy, colourful and topical theme built on the connection with supporters, providing music, video and photographs. Add your latest YouTube video, TunCore Players, Myspace Music Players, Merch and more. Nightclub WordPress theme from Gorilla Themes developed for nightclubs, music, nightclubs, music, nightclubs and even more.

Available in 5 vibrant color themes, plus voice and videoplayer supports for uploading your own music, homepage sliders and calendars, community networks, and more. Gorilla Themes' top WordPress theme developed for nightclubs, nightclubs and music-pages. Featuring an agenda and contents slide show, voice and videoplayer interoperability with all major music and videopages, broad media plug-ins, 7 color theme and more.

Atmospheric grill thematizes multi-media music WordPress theme of Gorilla Themes. This theme has a built-in audioplayer that gives you a juicebox in your blogs. It' s a great way to present new artistes and groups, rate a song, create your own favorite news channel, create a chatlog, or create a variety of other applications.

Elegant Themes' multi-purpose WordPress theme that lets you turn WordPress into a fun music or band page or a fully featured event website. Further functions available includes extra quote information, 5 color scheme templates, an option blogstyle, an extended topic option pane and much more. WordPress Children's Theme is a black music premiere designed to present your current videos, your music and the appointments you need for the promotion.

This theme features a feature videos on the home page, drop-down menu, multiple layouts and a back-end theme option pane. Organic Themes music theme is a great music WordPress theme for groups and people. Premier theme covers everything a band or performer needs on a website to develop their talents.

With the Music Theme you can listen to your music with an HTML5 audio player, resell and market your music with the WooCommerce e-commerce plug-in plug-in integrator, view your photos, generate a diskography, albums and much more. It offers many customization possibilities to modify colors, texts, photos, etc., and has an appealing look that works perfect on portable equipment.

Acoustics is an elegant and feature-rich WordPress theme for performers, groups, DJs, collective, clubs, music creators, concert promoters, and everyone else in the music world. Easily create your own posts for your favorite shows, disco, video, artist, gallery and other things. There is a control box for theme setting, color changing option, 10 customized Widgets, 4 homepage layouts and more.

The Soundboard is a great looking and powerfull WordPress theme with specific functions for groups and solos. Premier Theme includes almost everything you need for a music website, so you can view your tours, diskography, videos, pictures and the sale of your band items. Its design is simple to use, even if you don't know any coding, but also ideal for development.

Provides customized mail type and template to include an images galleries, videos galleries, and discographies with artist art, songs, release dates, purchase choices, text, and audioplay. They can also use the JW Player to load self-hosted videos and sound clips. The Soundboard is also WooCommerce e-commerce plug-in compliant, so you can easily resell your band items on-line.

Only some of the award-winning topics in this article are listed. Best music topics WorPress - full ALL of the best music topics WorPress album.

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