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Concert music themes

Earth Day - Nature Themed Recital. Long-term / annual plans for the primary school music teacher. Contributions to concert themes by mrsmartinsmusicroom. Throughout the year Maureen performs regularly with concerts.

Forty-four lecture topics that everyone will enjoy

Are you sick of listening to the customary vernal or autumn concert? Now, you may not be the only one who's got your disciples a little bit weary! Recently, our music teacher community met and discussed various topics of interest that we can use to revitalize our annual concerts. Instructors who have already done so mention how much more interesting the show is and how much more their pupils are enthusiastic when there is a topic.

I' d like to know what your idea was that you tried! Please also know that there is a repertoire page on this page with listings of theme music from the world music, duets, funny pianos, student savings, etc.. You can download and reprint the complete recitation topic listing (and even more tips) by pressing the yellow buttons below!

Here is a giant entry to the World Day Recital full of repertory, decorations and coolness. Among the treats are Ms. Field's Field recipes, Sea Cups, organic food, semen, nuts, and more. Erdballons and other decorative items are available in the World Day Recital Blog Mail! I want you to find a scarlet rug where the kids can go down!

Here is a funny 21 st century happppy birthday play. Yes, that's the name of this little novel about funny things that children like, but it could also be the name of a great funny concert! One Sunday afternoon ice cream, Crazy for Lemons, Macaroni Pizza, Pickle Sandwich...all this is in the Tasty Tunes and I know that there are many other titles with bits and pieces on eating.

Musik about snowstorms, sundowns, venecian boatsongs, twisters, etc. The method book even has great specimens about the weathers. If you are an older student or beginner, A break in the clouds is a great game! Utilize the America the Beautiful Cup-Tipping track and let your crowd take your own crowd tie. I' m sure you can think of a better song, but it would be funny to give homage to the hero in our lives (e.g. through our grandfather's favourite song or a song our Mum used to sing to us as a baby).

Have a look at the examples of this manual and maybe you'll get some idea how to reformat your game! Do you have a recitation for April Fool's day and ask your parent or pupil to make a joke and tell it between songs? Here is a roster of hilarious pianos.

Invite a jazzy group to come and perform with each student's work. Get a percussionist to escort the pupils. The music about wildlife can contain almost all of the songs in the Rote und Lesen series: Plays about royalty, kings, queens, jumpers, etc. Might contain some of the newer movie music like Harry Potter, Lord of the Rings, etc..

Making of a Star is a great song for this topic. It' medium in size and sound big while it's simple to use! A possible way to do this could be a royal invite that invites everyone to the palace! Let the relapse programme look like a meal. So you could make it a diner night and enjoy your favorite ethnical meal.

Think about giving this concert at nights where you can turn off the crowd and even brighten some star on the roof. View Valerie's Poster recital themes: For a great listing and more bugs and butterflies related to this topic. Here Valerie from the Dollarhide Music Center has an article about repertory, refreshments and other things related to this topic.

Don't neglect to look at the extensive listing of all the Halloween music. These ( and some others here, as well as the pair of shots) were proposed by Meri Dolevski-Lewis, a piano player who performed such a concert with her man. One of my students' favourite concerts was our Rock On! Consideration. The pupils had the opportunity to get dressed like rock stars.

It was Ellen Berry who gave us an glimpse of this funny subject: A further inspiration I have from Philip Johnston's former website ( is my yearly " March Mysteries " concert. Every year I come up with a hidden topic, either about the pupils or the repertory they play, and I label the different groups on the programme with two or more inks.

Different ideas on thematic recitals: Minimum topic within each stage (especially if you have very young and high schools students). Videos of your kids saying why pianos are so chill. Make a competition to see which pupil can develop the best music. In front of the concert (or as part of the concert), watch a nice picture tape with the improvisation of the audience as music.

Which are your recitation themes idea? Repertory lists - funny duets, music for 1 handed, and more! Musicportfolio - here you can see all kind of Wendy songs. Do you have a way to earn at a concert? In September I was at Disney Worlds and finally resolved to give a Disney theme concert this year.

Every pupil plays a Disney thematic and another one. Topic nights are so funny. For a year I was able to work it out with the locals to give our concert there. We talked about You're a Star! Doing a little film music quiz in the break, with plastics as awards.

Every year in December, a good friends gives a concert to the composer of the year. Pupils learn who the next year's candidate for MTA will be when they finish their MTAs in April, start working on plays in the springs and summers, and are tough in September and December. A few years she selects 2 songwriters, a less known one with many simpler works, to collaborate with one of the great guys (e.g. Chopin, Mendelssohn, Liszt) who did not compose any works on lower heights.

Every pupil also has a kind of imaginative projekt, which will be presented during the concert. By the way, this is a very useful and inspirational checklist, thanks a lot for the exchange, Mr. Wenzel. As a rule, my consideration of "themes" was "pieces ordered in an order that made good use of myself". Terrific brainstorming!

I' m always trying to have a certain topic, especially on my early evening. The majority of the figures are on the middle plane. A further great topic are moves - many move tracks for guys. Our Rock On was one of the favourite concerts of my pupils! Consideration. Pupils had the opportunity to get dressed like rock stars.

from The Beatles to Taylor Swift to Michael Jackson. At the end, we had a giant m├ędley of 6 keyboard players and the children rockin' on blow-ups. Wendy, that's great! A thematic lecture that comes to my minds was our "Name that Tune" review.

Every pupil performed 2 songs - mainly film themes, Beatles or popular music, TV shows and well-known classic themes. Throughout the lecture, all parents/grandparents/children received a puzzle page on which they could note their suspicions during the game - points if they could name the musician. In the end, each pupil said the name of his work and the name of the songwriter, and we collected the music.

There was a lot of joy and even the most unapproachable parent concentrated on each part. Personally I enjoy the topic "Musical journey through the centuries". I have older children searching for certain songwriters for the concert in May. You will " present " our public to the composer during the entire performance. It' s a great way to integrate music theory into your lessons and I don't have to work much.

In the next few years I will definitely be working my way into this schedule. A few years ago I did one named Dansing Through Time, and the kids were playing everything from hoedowns to menuettes, Waltz and Polonaise to boomie soogie. Naturally, every pupil had to know about his kind of play and the public liked to get to know different types of music.

Oh, I loved that subject! The motto of this year's concert for my recording studios is Hollywood. In the last year the concert for the 30-year jubilee danced through the years. In the year before the video Planeten Tanz was with music that had a spacy sound. The other one we did was a sex act that had all kinds of different dancing style.

Hopefully this will help anyone who didn't have a topic in mind for his lecture. Oh, I really like that you have so many themes with dance as part of it!

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