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Wordpress music label theme

An entire music WordPress theme for record companies and artists from Wolf-Themes Stage is a full WordPress theme for label, artist, band and anyone working in the music world. There is an enhanced WPBakery Page Builder release ($46) and the Slider Revolution plug-in ($26). Easily customize and upload your demos with a single click, or let your mind wander to make your own game.

We had to find the best works of art out there for this singular theme. Many thanks to all the stunning artists who have created their works of art. Notice that the above works of art are for presentation only and will be substituted by placeholders in your theme pack.

To use the work of art on a web site, you must ask the artist for his or her consent. The WPBakery Page Builder is "set as theme". Front End Editors and Solid Builders are not running. PHP 5.4 ou supérieur, temps_d'exécution_maximum 120, limite_de_mémoire 96M, nombre_d'entrées_max_vars 3000, taille_max_32M, taille_max_de_poste 32M.

Required servers to use the 1-Click Sample Importer:

Best 11 WordPress Topics for Record Companies[2018]

Looking for a website for your own label? Would you like to advertise your label to performers and get more audiences interested in your music? If you are an independant manufacturer or if you are a director of sales of a renowned label, the construction of your company's website is an important part.

When your label releases a new LP, they should know about it on the Internet. Images, video and music contents all have a crucial impact on the amount of revenue you drive to your website. So if you want to build a new website for your label, but don't want to pay a lot of attention to it, you might want to consider selecting an appropriate design that was originally developed for label records for your website.

Unless you want to pay a great deal of attention to your future label, there are many possibilities. So long as you are setting up your website on the WordPress plattform, you have a variety of choices. You not only have the option of choosing between several WordPress topics that are designed solely for the needs of WordPress users, but you also get many extra functions that make it easier for you to customize the website to your needs.

These are 11 of the best WordPress topics developed mainly for recording companies. The Croma is at the top of this page thanks to its breathtaking commands and customisable choices that give you full web site management controll. When you' re looking for an intuitively styled design for your label, Croma is certainly one of the best available choices.

If you want to involve your audience and give them some music to hear as they scroll through the different pages of your site, you can also turn on continual play. Chosen music theme number one in 2018, it has an excellent selection of feature sets that make it a great one.

First and foremost, all our demo clips are conceived for music in your head, so that you can present your albums and other images. There is also a music-player that you can integrate on the website with various track types that will be created by your music-label. Second, there are special shows, and the gig managers are also there.

JamSession was mainly developed for the music business and is a WordPress theme that offers a breathtaking view. This theme is suitable for both professionals and beginners and can be used by groups, players and others. Its modernist theme allows you to customise it accordingly and also has a full-screen slide bar, an archival brickwork lay-out, many user-defined mail items and various other functions.

JamSession is the right choice if you want a WordPress theme with unparalleled functionality. In addition, the theme also incorporates the Slider Revolution, which is sold seperately for $18. As you can see, there is also much value wrapped in the theme. Second, the design has a one-click demonstration importer, along with a variety of layout options to select from.

It' s also a very reactive topic and looks really good on practically any website. Many people already know Divi; it is one of the most favorite topics on the WordPress platform. This theme comes packed with many different functions and utilities that you can use in different ways when you customize your website.

When you want to build a website for a label, Divi has just the right tool to get you going. Divi Builders gives you full power over your website and makes it simple to tailor the site to your needs. Divi, the supplied real-time editing tool, makes it simple for you to setup and adjust the website in real-time.

This wrap videoblog theme is great for recording companies who want to present their website in a unique and stylish way. This theme is outfitted with a number of different utilities and also makes it easier for you to adapt the website very quickly. When you want to build a WordPress theme that is simple to administer and adapt, the Wrap Blogs theme is an excellent option.

This is a great option for label owners who want to get more exposure and want to promote all their records on their website. This theme allows you to create a galery with new records and coming publications. It also includes an event management tool to help you keep track of your forthcoming performances and tours.

Besides, you can also use the design to create your favourite films and videotracks. Those are just a few of the main motivations why the wrap theme is so beloved. The MusicPlay theme was primarily developed for performers, recording companies and dj', and uses Ajax choices to make the design fully compliant with your website.

This theme includes a number of different customisable utilities to give your blogs or records label website a one-of-a-kind look. Or you can setup a music playback device to playback music in the backdrop for your website. Besides, the theme also allows you to customize your unmistakable styling with the wealth of adjustable editing features it comes with.

MusicPlay' reactive web site has made it an outstanding option for recording companies and performers. You can customize the look as you like and even have extended headline choices. The Harmony Band is an outstanding theme for music performers, groups and recording companies. One of the most outstanding features of the theme is the attractive Live Tour Generator, which allows you to publish your next tour update on the website.

The website has many built-in functions that you can use to change the website layout. The Harmony Band looks great on different display formats and is an ideal option for the musician. Besides, the theme also offers you unprecedented levels of functionality for all the functions contained in the theme itself.

Its reactive look makes it visible on any machine, and there are also many look and feel choices you can use when customising the user experience. The Replay theme is ideal for recording companies and musician. It comes with an integrated music-player as well as a seperate page where you can present all your records from your album-label.

The Replay has a wonderful sound file that the user can launch each time they access the site. It also directly incorporates various different kinds of community networking and allows you to build a networked hub. You can select from many different customized mail styles, along with a special Theme Option pane that gives you more complete web site management.

This topic is full of various functions, such as an events stats viewer, many built-in widgets and a wide range of page styles to select from. With Spectra, you can make your music glow on the web thanks to its classy user surface, its special set of customisable utilities and functions that give you full power over your website.

By far, this topic is one of the most beautiful you will find on the WordPress-Marktplatz. Provides continual music play and allows the user to browse through different pages without pausing the music. This theme comes with the Scamp Music Player as well as the Visual Composer Page Builder, which is generally considered to be one of the best page builders available.

It also comes with a host of different functions and plugin supports such as MailChimp, which provide its user with greater marketability opportunities. At the moment Remix Music is considered to be the strongest topic in the area of music in the WordPress-Marktplatz. This theme is fitted with a multitude of different characteristics, combined with a light-weight concept that almost does not reduce charging time.

It also comes with literally thousands of different plug-ins that give you more power over your website, and also has a visually drag-and-drop component that you can toy with. You can also use the design of the Living Customerizer to see changes before they are released.

Remix Music Theme includes a 2-Type music-player and an event manager as well as a real-time radio-player to enhance a user's experiences on your website. Its reactivity makes it one of the best choices currently available.

Superstar is one of the best music topics on the WordPress-Marktplatz. This theme gives you full command over your website and is designed for musician, artist and label. Everyone who works in the music business can profit from the various functions of this topic. Design is simple to setup and configurate and comes with a range of different utilities.

It offers continual voice reproduction and is also WooCommerce-enabled. It also has its own pages where you can present information about new music and forthcoming concerts or shows. It' a great design that you can adapt to your needs in just a few moments. Supporting multitrack SoundRise, it includes a variety of different choices that make it a great option for recording artist, musician, and producer.

This topic is perfect for artist and talents managers and can also be localized. Design offers a range of different demonstrations as well as a design customisation utility that gives you full command over every facet of your website. This design allows you to design special pages for different artist and has very quick load time.

If you want, you can make different play lists or even join the wireless world. Altogether, this is one of the best topics you can select for your website and is populated with many different functions.

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