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Musikproduzent Template

Are you ready to produce this album? You need this free contract template for music producers to protect your rights and your sound! What makes Beats the best WordPress theme for music producers? Read on if you're looking for a stunning template for your musician's website.

Musikproduzent Contract Template - Request a Free Copy

The Music Producer Contract (this "Music Producer Contract") is the only and entire contract between [NAME OF PRODUCER], with an addressee at [ADDRESS] (hereinafter the " Producer") and [NAME OF ARTIST], with an addressee at [ADDRESS] (hereinafter the "Artist") for the Producer's production service of masters ( "Master") for and from the performer.

Taking into account the above conditions and the reciprocal representations and obligations set forth in this Music Producer Agreement, the Producer and the Artist shall enter into an agreement as follows: Artist commissions Producer to create master of Artist's audio recording included in data transmitted to Producer on [DATE].

Title of the individual tracks to be made by the producer are as follows: Producers strive to create the masters, and these tasks are done at a time appropriate for the producer and the artist. After completing the Masters, the producer will provide the artist with two (2) CD Masters.

Considering the producer's performance, the artist pays the producer a set fee of [DOLLAR AMOUNT] for each master, which covers the duration of the master record and the duration of the engineer's work. Up to the point of remuneration by the artist, the master photographs shall stay the producer's possession.

If this music producer contract is terminated, the artist shall reimburse the producer for all concluded and ongoing work. Artist assures and guarantees that the music made available to the producer, made available and performed within the scope of this contract, is the artist's own work and, to the Artist's best judgement, does not infringe the copyright of another.

The producer shall not acquire any right to the basic compositions of the works to be performed under this Agreement. It is the artists job to make sure that each and every commercialisation of the masters benefits the producer as the producer of the masters. Producer assures and guarantees that the Masters contain and will not contain unauthorised patterns, and Producer will fully compensate Contractor for all claim that unauthorised patterns have been used.

The Music Producer Agreement shall be construed in accordance with and construed in accordance with the law of the State [STATE], without giving effect to its conflicts of law provisions. All changes or amendments to this music producer contract must be made in written form and must be duly signed by both parties. Any notice under this Agreement must be given in good faith in good faith and in good faith and must be given in good faith in the form of a letter sent to the above mentioned addresses of each of the parties.

Parties' laws and duties, which by their Nature go beyond the term of this Music Producer Agreement, shall continue to exist until performance, shall continue beyond the term and shall be binding upon the Parties and their successors as well as assignments, if any. The music producer contract may be concluded in two or more equivalents, each of which is considered the originals, but all of which together form one and the same musical device.

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