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60-plus best music website templates free & premium Into this compilation we show you free of charge professionell and high value HTML music website template for the creation of music website or entertaining blogs and especially developed for vocalists, artists, musicians, dancers, music academies, etc.... When you use template for the creation of websites in the music business such as dj' s, music and Bands, vocalists, music gateways, recording studio, music tape & party pets for playing music on-line, these high level volume music website site layouts will be the best choice suited for the website's purposes.

If you see, we are continuing to create stylistically stylish website samples of our free music, and this is the third large library of music samples. Well thought-out layout of a classy designer component and a good point of departure for a music artwork. The Meloo is a fully reactive single-page template designed primarily for the DJ and music producer.

Made with AJAX, now you can be sure that the music doesn't stop while navigating the site. And Meloo also has an integrated premier music viewer that handles SoundCloud songs or play lists with ease. The Soundlab is a template for music groups, DJs, vocalists and any artists in the music business who want to show their talents and sounds to the people.

Flash is a reactive HTML template for music pages, Template has a user-friendly contemporary look, created with HTML, CSS and JS. It' the ideal fit for your production studios, your labels, and your own web pages. Component organization is good, which helps to simplify adaptation. The FreeSpirit is a unique, outstanding HTML template that has been esthetically styled and developed for music fests and venues. Its feature-rich style makes it ideal for parties, gigs, nightclubs and the music business.

Its design comes with user-defined, neat menus and layout that make its appearance noisy and distinct among the others. The Beats is a Responsive Music html template created with the latest release of the bootstrap frameworks. It can be used for any type of music, wireless, tape, music blogs, music business, amusement, related website.

Duotone is a Spotify inspired one page response parallax music website template for groups and musicans. Dupotone is a meticulously designed, fast-reacting website template for music, performers and groups. This colourful and vibrant piece is based on Spotifyesign. Your musician is a template for a music website that is customized to your music website, music website, music website, music website, and music website.

Are you a DJ, a music group, a performer or a music blogs, look no further, there is a music website template for you. It comes with great features like Soundcloud widgets so you can simply plug your music website into your Souncloud accounts, full diskography previews where you can use your own shortcuts to plug into iTunes, which is an extraordinary function for groups, artists and dj'.

Sharing your passion with high-quality creative works with the music page template that lets you teach gifted performers, their albums publications, long-awaited gigs, and other important happenings. A series of ready-made HTML pages allow you to post brillant artist, tell the stories of people from different genres of music, and describe the premises of your favourite music genre in detail.

Featuring a well-balanced weave, the template offers a variety of configuration options that you can customize with Novi Builder to your needs and preference. The Bootstrap 4-Grid is designed to quickly adjust to different display size and is error-free for navigation on different types of equipment. Enable your site users to listen to their favourite music and incorporate the sound on your site.

With the completion of the newsletters subscription, supporters will never miss an important news item or new sector up-dates. The Mixmusic is a contemporary and classy music/HTML5 DJ template that helps you organize your music, album, genre, artists and sells your sound to your customers. Simple to use, adapt and easily understood, this music template is designed to be fun and fun to use.

I think this will help your clients and supporters find out more about you and your music. The HTML template is perfectly suited for a web site of radios, in fact it contains an audio player that works and is suitable for any web radios with an available audio streaming file. The MusicBase is the great option for clients who want to create an amazing music site.

Its clear, contemporary styling is always impressing. You can use this template to enhance a music website. The SONIK is an efficient and stunning music website for any producer, DJ, tape or whatever with the new Sonik HTML One Page template. It is a professional web template for the music business that is immediately available and quick to respond.

Music is a great choice for groups, music producers, DJs, artists, music events or other related music festivals. It' very simple to adapt both experts and beginners. The Harmony is a fast-response music MTML5 template that lets you organize and distribute your customers' music, albums, genres, artists, and sound assets. Adaptable, simple music styles, simple to browse and simple to comprehend.

It will help your clients and supporters find out more about you and your music. is an HTML template for web music, sound, wireless. It' s simple to use and adapt. The template comes with bright, darkgrey motifs, as well as page template of the target page and use.

The Nava is a neat and up-to-date HTML template that is ideal for all music and creativity companies, contractors and those who need to present their work. The YUNG is a fun and refreshing template for music creators, music labels and video tapesites. The Muziq is a template for music groups, DJs, vocalists and any artists involved in the music business who want to show their talents and sound to the rest of the planet.

The ACURA is a full, vibrant storyline and the storyline can be a funny and intriguing way to use a simple HTML template for music, bands and DJs. With just a few mouse clicks onto the videos, music, road segments and gallery - all in one built-in user experience! TeArtist is a contemporary HTML music template that concentrates on the music business.

Can be used for the sites of DJs, music groups, wireless sites and singers. The WeMusic HTML Template is specially designed for band, music organizer, albums, night club/DJ performer, festival sites and so on. This HTML music website template now includes all Music Band and Events website content.

With WeMusic you get totally unanticipated experiences using many high performance functions, especially 100% responsive layout, 2 version, 4 homepage styles, HTML forms inclusive, built-in shop page, easy customization, integrated Google fonts and much more. WeMusic is the best option for you if you are looking for fashionable and contemporary web designs for music band, events and music festivals.

is an HTML template specifically developed for bands and music sites. The template is fully responsive design, easily modifiable color skin with user-defined graphs. Top of the line sourcecode, beautifully styled and annotated to make this template as simple as possible to edit.

The template comes in some pre-designed colour variations: amber, grey and grey, but it only takes a few minutes to make your colour scheme. The Poison is a highly reactive HTML template built on a Bootstrap 3. It' best suited for music groups, nightclubs and special occasions. You' re playing in a group and want to present it to a broader public?

However, a professional website can be a costly proposition. With this web template for music groups things are different. This template is presented with a series of fun special effect features that provide a warm look and improved ease of use. Musical template for audiences including groups, DJ's, vocalists, radios, events as well as entertaining web sites.

The music website template is universally applicable, so it can be used for any other website. Sorry, this vocalist web template was designed for an actor's website. Growvy is a music website template for an on-line music application. Constructed with AngularJs and Bootstrap it offers a fully functional music application with player play list functions, albums, artists, player profiles, login pages, title page and much more.

A fast-reacting singer's website template is here to help creatives enhance their overall web experience. This template is conceived so that you can give your audience many detailed information, from forthcoming gigs to the latest music. Regarding the functionality of the template, it comes with SuperFish, ScrollPane, and Fancybox plug-ins that help make your web resources more effective.

is a fast-response music website template, retina-capable and contemporary, initially designed for deejays and producers. It will all look accurate to the nearest pin point on any machine, in any page proportion as it has been designed with SVG and the first ever portable start. It' simple to use, simple to service and fully compliant with CSS3 / HTML5.

The Rockon is a multi-page music website template with a very contemporary and clean design, constructed with HTML5 and CSS3 JS. It' the ideal option for your nightclub, club, rocking band, rock star port folios, event, dancing and party organization and also for your own website. Beats it' s a one-page HTML5 template specifically created for groups, music venues, and all kinds of artists associated with the music and dancing industries, including DJs, vocalists, artists, and dancing groups.

The template provides many useful functions to help you set yourself apart from the rest. The Remix is a Music & Band HTML5 and CSS3 template. It' s contemporary and imaginative. It' s retinal with 660 retinal symbols. It' s boatstrap gridsystem. It' s bright and dim versions + contemporary with limitless colours, 5 blogsites, 3 fantastic CSS3 galleries.

Layered PSD +10 +52 HTML5 files contained. HTML free music website templates: Eventto is a free one-page HTML music events template supported by the Twitter bootstrap 3. Featuring free music website template, this includes full screen slide control, Google Maps, full screen video, full screen video, full screen video, full screen video, full screen video, full screen event countdown, Ajax contact form and sticky menu. One of the main features of this template is the seamless page scroll.

Your reliable boyfriend ShapeBootstrap created this free HTML template in top of the line HTML format. The Music 8 theme with fashionable colours makes this classy free music website template a great addition to any light music website that you want to get instant exposure to anywhere in the world. The Music 8 is a neat, flat, appealing bootstrap template for music portals such as movie sites, personal album sites, rap, devotional, contemporary, etc.

The music template is in a fancy look, elegant styling and simple to customise. Band designed with fashionable colours, this classy free music template for HTTP5 is the ideal companion for entertaining music sites that you want to access instantly on-line. The Music Band is a neat, flat, appealing bootstrap template for music portals such as movie sites, personal album sites, rap, devotional, contemporary, etc.

A free music template in a fancy look, elegant styling, and simple to customise. Designed with fashionable colours, Music World makes this classy free music template a great addition to any popular music website you want to view right away via the Internet. The Music World is a neat, flat, appealing bootstrap template for music portals such as movie sites, personal album sites, rap, devotional sites, etc.

These free music templates for HTTP5 are in a fancy look, elegant styling and simple to customise. We use Music Store Music Entertainment Mobile Web Template to launch a website for movie related e-music shops, e-videoshops like Raga, Rootshark or others. We use Responsible sliders, Flash plug-in for Web and Mobile Templates.

The Freebie is a finished product for your musical projects. Therefore, we are pleased to provide you with this free music template, which we consider a good starting point for your upcoming projects or at least a good inspirational resource. They can also select on-line website builders for music website with as well.

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