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A local company dealing with musical instruments. Layout of the split screen An issue that gives you the headlining stature you merit. Site Video Players give you the ability to emphasize a customized sound play list so your audience can hear your music as they search your site. "Quick page loading" is a new Marquee function that provides a quick, app-like site viewing environment by downloading contents in the back and pasting them into the page when finished.

In addition to the performance advantages, the quick page views combined with Marquee's location-wide players provide a truly smooth audio experience. Marquee lets you customise your design with more than 30 hand-picked Google Scripts. View a schedule of forthcoming concerts to let your supporters know where you'll be performing.

Your next appointment will be at the top of the page immediately. As with the coming performances, you can view a history of past performances as a guide. You can use the user-defined Giga Position drop-down menus to include annual Giga Archive content in your link lists. Every show has its own page where you or your supporters can exchange Facebook, Twitter, e-mail or other forms of online networking.

Unique pages show date, place, time, ticketing information, calendaring and more. Musikarchiv can present your records, vinyls and EP's on one page. As with the live library, a user-defined menus can be generated to create shortcuts to different libraries or to create additional libraries.

Separate recording pages show your music in a clear and easy to use tracking list, so your audience can hear your music, and give you the ability to link to purchases of your music. Every song is linked to a page where you can enter song texts, click here for downloading information, or simply enter extra information about your music.

Easily browse and browse your latest YouTube, Vimeo, or other featured services by entering a simple web address (URL). MARQUE takes over the embedded and fast reacting team. Splitting your own website's content with single pages of content will help you boost your website's audience and your music presence. The tent is fully reactive and allows your website to be accessed by your users from any phone, from the cell phone to the desk.

Near-instant sound only works when Quick Page Load is enabled and may not work in all browser or device.

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