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The Most Definitive Music Genre Liste des genres musicaux les plus définitifs sur le Web. Bring me to the list of music genres below! IHR songs-poetry themes text box: Listing rules theme music for movies. Hugo theme with a simple bootstrap.

List of Music Genre - A full list of musictyles, guys and categories.

There are many different kinds and kinds of music, from classical folk music to worldwide popular music, simple listenings and blue grass. A lot of different musical forms have a long tradition or geographic importance, a religious following or musical origins that go far beyond the twentieth cent. Which is a music category? Not all of them have been added because some of them cannot be readily checked or distinguished from our list (and we receive many music genre proposals that are duplicates), but all of the ones we research and can validate as or derived from, or validate as consisting musical genres or musical type, we have added and ascribed as thanks.

Bring me to the list of music styles below!

Old Time Radio Topics List - ordered by Serials

A worklist of radios and musical signatures from US old-time networks and program syndicators. This is a temporary list style that is extended over the years. Various repositories have been used to compose this list, among them scores, specialist literature, journal article, correspondences with gatherers, research libraries archive and other repositories.

You will find a cross-reference to the radio themes sorted by composer name in the Old-Time Radio - Subject Titles Index. New topics and information will be added to both listings when allowed by available space..... This is Johann Strauss Jr. Thema: Emmett; Peter Van Steeden Jr. theme: Topic from "The Swan Lake Ballet, Op. 20" Johann Strauss Jr.

Mack David; Joan Whitney; Peter Van Steeden Jr. Trad. "Hinky Dinky Parlez-Vous" Topic 1: Make haste! Topic: Bacchus Cortege, from the ballet "Sylvia" theme: Ase' Tod, from the Peer Gynt Suite: Abendgebet [Evening Blessing, also known as "Children's Prayer"], from the operatic novel "Hänsel und Gretel" theme:

Abendgebet [Evening Blessing, also known as "Kindergebet"], from the operatic novel "Hänsel und Gretel" Topic 1: Cheerio! Topic 2: Hello, and not'So-Lang' feature topic 1 in various shows: Topic: I am a Whistlin' Open Topic 3 (ASCAP Freeze, ca. 1941): Ave, K.M.H. Alt. Topic Arr. Salvation, K.M.H. James Campbell; Reginald Connelly; Carroll Gibbons; theme:

The Grand March[aka: "Grand Marsche"], from the Tannhauser operetta: Bob Haymes (m); Alan Brandt (w); Tony Aquaviva (arr); performed by Andre Kostelanetz Orch. Topic: This is Scrapple Jingle, to the melody of "Ta-Ra-Ra Boom-Der-E" Wade F. Denning Jr. Small Town D.A. Theme: Topic of Small Town D.A. Theme:

Topic for "That's Nora Drake's topic. Topic: Extract from the operetta "Lohengrin" What is my name? Topic 1: What is my name? The light instrumental music "Hall of Fame".

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