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Beautiful chill-out version that combines relaxing piano music with future garage drums. A free WordPress theme that is a unique & powerful WordPress theme with an attractive display for music and albums. Sites in the category "themed music".

WorldPress Music | Solala Music by RubikThemes

Music WordPress WP, Music WordPress Topic, which takes your new music, bands, artists, music industries, fan club website to new levels. Sole Music WP is devoted to musicians, bands, albums and all music-related business and entertaining websites. The unique nature of the soloala designs gives its guests a wonderful and surprising time. I wonder if solo's a music wordpress theme made for you?

Do you work in the music business? You are a group, a vocalist, a DJ, a manufacturer or just a musician? As a very meticulously designed performer, do you need to develop your music business in every respect from texts, rhythm, songs to websites? Would you like very cheap but useful and efficient solution from UI/UX development professionals who have been in the website business for more than 10 years?

They will be amazed by the interactivity and effects, the many different corners and opportunities of the subject. Make almost any type of item you can think of with a large selection of shortcuts packed with Solala. Short codes, which have been created to make your job much simpler, allow you to simply build quite a sophisticated palette of designs or contents without really having to program anything.

Using module-specific shortcuts, you will find the right tool for the task, such as albums, services, teams, special occasions... Short codes that provide a variety of features that are stylistically adapted to glide into the topic with just a few mouse clicks. What's more, you can also use them to create your own customizable shortcuts. Create a Frequently Asked Questions with a set of toggle checkers that keep your contents neat or rebate checkers for seasonally promotional work.

Create team pages with minimal effort or create great schedules with a time line or use indentations or even enumerations if you like. Using portable equipment that consumes large amounts of text in today's environment, you want your website to look as good as possible without all the effort of tricky coding.

Solala is therefore 100% complete and interoperable, so no where your clients are or what devices they are looking at your new website on, Solala will show them pixel-perfect and fit perfectly to the endpoint. Over so many aspects of Solala's enterprise applications, we have thought hard about what kind of contents you could create and concluded that each type of company has unique needs when it comes to contents and mailers.

And so we went even further and came up with a targeted and mighty body of post-types to tackle the problems. There is a choice of different thick posts and more to suit your needs. Every feature you have seen and so much more and so meticulously documented for your review will help make sure that you get the most out of your new website constructed with Solala.

Simply turn it on with a click in our Topic Options. Configure to use different colours and pictures for any pages using the Page or Topic options. There are many useful and efficient mail formats like teams, albums, tracks, you can design your pages according to your wishes and needs.

Your own design can be uploaded using our high-performance themes options. The topic has the ability to configure typefaces for typographic elements. You can enter your own custom ization codes in this section. This topic promotes payments via the Woocommerce system & online shop. Portfolio-carousel and testimonial short form.

Added: SLZ Post Masonry, SLZ Event Carousel, SLZ Counter, SLZ Partner, SLZ Video Carousel Short Codes. Added: SLZ Custom Post Widget. SLC Isotop, SLC Posts Block, SLC Project Carousel, SLC Audio, SLC Event Block, SLC Pricing Box, SLC Team List, SLC Team Carousel Short Codes. Added: Album pay method with WooCommerce.

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