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Take a look at our collection of top platforms to create a website for musicians. The best website creator for artists in 2018 Now, a variety of different service options allow you to put a website on-line quickly and simply, without programming knowledge - but if you're looking for something to show off your musical talent, you need more specialized equipment. First and foremost, a way to upload and share your song in a safe and easy way, even if it's just an excerpt from a song and not an entire track or album.

When you are a rental player, it can be useful to set up a kind of reservation system or at least a reservation request as well. In addition, there are all the extra features that might interest you, such as supporting your own domainname or galleries to show how many visitors came to your last appearance.

These are our tips for the best website builder for musicans creating an on-line site. While you won't find too many website builder special website building features designed specifically for musicans, Bandzoogle is happy to step in to offer a custom website building feature for you. Some of the glamour of the big stars is missing because it concentrates on the musical side, but it has everything you need.

Of course, this also means the possibility to load up your own track and let your website streams from your website to people. Organize your songs into whole album if you really want to go to the city, or just split them into individual songs. Then, as well as that, you have easy ways to publish live shows, web sites, web sites, web sites, gigs, and more.

No matter whether you need to create a Contacts page or a Videotagebuch, Bandzoogle makes it really effortless, no programming necessary - you can really create a website that's as basic or sophisticated as you want, and the end product is something that looks like you've recruited a professional. You have over 100 topics to select from, they are all easily edited and optimized, and linking your community account (e.g. SoundCloud and Bandcamp) just requires a few mouse clicks. What is more, you can easily add and remove your own music.

Look at any site-builder listing for any use and Wix will probably appear on it, but not only does this site deserve this high profile, it also has some useful tool for performers - not least the option to load your own track so your site users can hear it without additional piece of code or web browsing expansion.

The Wix has a very robust range of template choices, with more than 500 to chose from, and as you immerse yourself in the music world, you'll see that there are choices for solos, groups, DJs, growers, and other professionals. Then you have all the functionality Wix has become known for: a page editing tool that's child's play, whether you know what CSS means or not, customized domainname protection, ease of blogs and basic community content and a free level where you can find out if Wix is right for you before you split money.

The Music Glue is a little different from the other service we have presented here: it concentrates primarily on the merchandising aspect of the music store and operates the on-line shops for some of the largest brands in the game. This means at least that you won't fall out of your bag if your on-line market place initially doesn't get much noticed.

The Music Glue is less stunning on the site construction side, although you get the basic stuff - a selection of topics for the site appended to your store, the ability to add your own customized domainname, utilities for optimizing the coding and layouts of your site, and so on.

It is possible to include your own community contacts and even create a mailinglist. When your main focus is the mechanism of the sale of music and ticket to your public, then Music Glue is a good choice and has some very well known customers in its albums, as we have already noted. Difymusic, the website builder from France, is not the best known site out there and doesn't have the same range of utilities and functions as some of the big players - but what really matters is that you get your music up and running quickly and simply.

It' s based on plug-ins - like Spotify or SoundCloud to upload your music - but it does support a whole bunch of them, so you're sure to find something that works. Granted, the selection of template and edit choices isn't very wide, but the themes you can toy with are good enough and won't scare anyone away from your music.

The Tumblr is not a website builder in the traditional way - it's more like half a blogsite, half a community based community - but if you take a closer look at what Tumblr has to store, it's actually very attractive for musician. Your website users can stream these MP3' to your site - they can hear the melodies in their browsers, no plugins or additional softwares are needed, so it's a great way to showcase your talent without having to pay anything.

And if Tumblr was just a blogsite and that' s it, we probably wouldn't suggest the site, but it also does support pages alongside your blogs (for a galleries or contacts form), customized domains (so you can charge separately for any given username ) and posts from even your own app.

In addition, there are a variety of topics to select from, some of which are expensive, but many are free, and many of them would fit a musician's repertoire. And if the topic isn't exactly to your taste, you can optimize it with the built-in customizers or your own custom style sheet, and changing between topics is also easy.

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