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Individual websites for bands and musicians. Power Kiwi specializes in web design for artists, music companies and creative professionals. Erik Bernacchi's website. Awards for design, creativity and innovation on the Internet.

Inhalation: 36 Best Webdesign for Musicians

Musical web sites have a poor reputation for themselves. Often they are backward, either badly crafted or badly encoded - or both. It' not all dark and dark, though; there are a number of great bands and musicians web sites - 36 of which can be found below.

Structured design, such as Paolo Nutini and Rocket Club, to simplified and minimalist design, such as Jamie Cullum and Jennifer Lopez, range from structured design. So if you ever work on an artist's or band's website in the near term, you should keep these samples in the back of your head. Covering a variety of design lifestyles, from those that act as a single on-line home for the bands/musicians to those that include full on-line shops, diskographies and fora.

When your favourite group has a great website or you have even created a great group website yourself, you can place a comment below to share a page with us and other people. Using textures in web design is something that web developers are no longer reluctant to use regularly.

Helping to give a design a certain "style" and a certain "feel", be it a delicate green gesture you use or a beautiful, neat wooden floorboard. Using rockin' and musicians' web design texts can really help supplement the music styles of that particular performer; for example, the subtile and louder backgrounds in James Morrison's design indicate that his music is easily heard and quiet, and the deep, filthy and filthy AC/DC design texts indicate that their music is quite strong and stern.

Paulo Nutini's singular music is paired with a rather singular, graceful and slightly "vintage" sound. Grizzly Bears used a hand-drawn, colourful and retro-coloured finish for their web design, indicating that they create feel-good music that is simple to hear and enjoy. The Rocket Club has blended photograph and dirty tissue with classic layering to create a distinctive and persuasive design.

Manually sketched samples and fat, unusual text were used to underline the classic feeling of the design. The Third Eye Bling (3EB) have skilfully integrated their bandnames into their design by making the song "Third Eye Blind" almost completely blinding to the naked eye. It' smart, it' s one of a kind and it gives your design a little interest, which helps your user to recall it.

Plainness and minimum style are a favorite and still pending trends in contemporary web design. Usually it is used on web pages whose owner wants visitors to concentrate on the contents of the web page and not on the design itself. It''s a favorite for design, illustrations and photo collections as well as some on-line shops and newsgroups.

Cullum' website design is known throughout the design world for its ease of use and great use of Whitespace. Its design is stylish, easily seen and navigated, and includes some beautiful typeface and stylish silvery knobs in the upper right corners. Arctic Monkeys use a monochrome colour pattern with very few other colours used for the design.

Intense portraits are used to adapt to the curvaceous illustration design. U2 design navigates using a powerful, vibrant blank typeface to focus on what matters most: how to find your way around the site. There are three design bars, making it simple to present and display a lot of information on a page, similar to a paper or journal.

Great type tends to be brave, vigorous and "powerful". "It is often the first and last thing we notice when we enter and leave a website. Usually it has the clout to tell you the kind of website you are looking for. Limp Bizkit's website uses a dirty and dirty font for the term "Bizkit" in a glowing amber against a black backdrop.

Immediately this indicates that it is too noisy and too overbearing. Moir's design uses an abundance of contemporary visuals and " trend ", such as giant type ography, unsaturated and poorly opaque pictures, and almost (but not entirely) colour schemeing. Photographically inspired web design usually consists of photos that are used as the primary background. It' a great way to create a vibe for your design, which is especially important for bands and musicians' sites, as it proposes the music genre before you even hear it.

Thus, for example, a photograph of an lit road suggests modernity and popularity, while a long-term photograph of a flare suggests "rave" music and dancing. Chemical Brothers have used a long-exposed "light photography" in the back, indicating that they are producing electronica and dancing music. Great blurry moving night life captured from an lit road was used in the backdrop of Pixie Lot's website design.

Flash animates the motorbike with the motorbike on it and helps to animate the wallpaper photo. "Plant and Animal" is another design in this shop window that follows the latest web design trend; in this case a three-dimensional anaglyph effect is used to take the photo backdrop and fat typographical link to a whole new plane of interest visually.

Just like photo web design, illustrations are generally used in the back or head of a design, although sometimes they are also used in the forefront. Here, too, like photographing, it can help determine the atmosphere of a design and help suggest what kind of music the performer is producing.

Christina Aguilera's web design uses backgrounds that are heavily illustrative, using slight color gradations, powerful dashes, and abrupt eruptions of slightly de-saturated color to create appropriate color in the major contents pops ( related to the lip in the backgrounds and the ruby typography). Hendrix's Jimi page is classy, contemporary and practically a great illustrations.

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