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A stash is a complete, modern and clean WordPress theme. Bring the professional look and sound for your next website. Parallax AQURA music WordPress website theme.

Seventeen+ best WordPress music themes (2017) for all musicians

Your main objectives as a performer or group are to fill the location with enthusiastic supporters and be perceived by operatives. And the best way to ensure that this happens is to build an appealing website. On your website you can exchange information about your album, forthcoming singles release, event and general information about your bands or biographies.

A website also allows music agents to contact you about the option of contracting. WordPress is one of the simplest ways to build a website. Apart from the fact that WordPress is simple to use, it is sufficiently flexible for any kind of website, even those for musicans, dj' s, band and more.

Many premium WordPress topics for the music business exist that contain functions such as an audioplayer, events information, the possibility to resell your goods, and so on. Today we present 18 of the best WordPress topics available on our ThemeForest platform, offering not only the above functions, but also an appealing look that will convince your supporters and music agencies.

Its first WordPress music website submission on our Merchato page is our first. There is a one-of-a-kind 2017 tessellated theme that allows you to build a media-rich music website. AudioTheme fits seamlessly into the most beloved musician's plug-in, AudioTheme, and you can simply resell your merchandising items via WooCommerce integrations. The top WP music blogs theme is great for presenting your shows, recording discographies and adding voice and music.

And you can customise any part of your website to fit your music business. Lucille Music's website templates are for musician, artist, group, producer or anyone working in the music world. There is a nice styling and comes with many functions to adapt your website.

You can use the drag-and-drop editors to build any kind of layouts, share your album, view information about your shows, and more. Topic choices are available through a user-friendly surface that makes it easy to edit this topic. AQURA is the right place for you if you want a contemporary music website to be.

Offering a striking palladium look that is perfectly suited to attracting the visitor's interest, it incorporates functions such as a nice menus, video, music clips and gallery. Consumers who have bought this WP theme enjoy the opportunity to customise every part of your website, as well as the breathtaking effects:

This OnAir2 theme is promoted as a great website theme for broadcasters, but can also be used as a DJ to present your own service and individual mixing. A few of the most important functions are: Play Bit is WordPress theme for 2017 contemporary music WordPress theme for 2017. Designed for performers, music groups and musician who want a versatile and adaptable look.

In addition to a drag-and-drop page creator, sound processors, and events information, this great WP theme also features the option to generate wish lists and use wallpapers. Also has the capability to have your website translated into any desired languages. In 2017 the Zona theme will be redesigned. Comes with a high performance and quick audioplayer that looks great no matter what devices your users use to watch your website and hear your music.

They can also use vibrant play lists functions that add extra contents to the players lists and bring your songs from the SoundCloud. The Anthem is a contemporary WP theme designed for artists and groups, with a clear emphasis on the promotion of your music. It is fully adaptable, simple to use and fully reactive.

High quality theme highlights non-supported, free WordPress topics for musicans. Featuring a number of advanced functions such as: a user-defined music server, the possibility to track your album, events manage functions and everything else you need to build a high-performance and stunning website. When you want a basic bands website that shares your track and coming performances with your supporters, you should consider the coolly tune theme.

It is a one-page WordPress music artwork that lets you view a events listing, your diskography, and a well-organized streaming media library. In addition, this new 2017 theme can be integrated with Bandsintown, Soundcloud and Spotify Players. You can use it to quickly launch your music website. Solala Music's theme is quick, easy and offers interesting possibilities for interactions.

Easily customize any type of item with a variety of shortcuts for album, event, bandmember, and more. Further remarkable characteristics are: Shuffle theme for WordPress music sites is rich and can be used by performers, groups, and soloists. There are several user-defined mail items available, such as event, album, ticketing and more.

They can also include text to your album and link your website to a wide range of music store sites, such as App Store, Google Play, Bandcamp, Spotify, Amazon MP3 and Deezer. If you want to present your music in 2017, but also want to use the possibilities of the podcasting, try the topic auditonic.

Featuring a clear and appealing theme, this WP theme for contemporary music offers support for natively playing and embedding your favorite sound and visual media, as well as oEmbed. Select from black and white topics, black and white audioplayers, customized home page header, blogs page, categories pages, and other customized website styles.

Clients can't stop talking about the topic's visibility and support:

It' a great music website templates developed to advertise your band it' s own personal media kit, merchandise shops and music titles. With Mixtape you have a great management tool and all the necessary functions to view your music, album, concert ticket for 2017 and more. It' easy to bring in demos and a stylish audioplayer that lets you hear your music whenever someone comes to your site.

A fast-reacting music WordPress theme, The Power lets the user build their own playback and playlist logs and adds a song to their favourites. But it also contains other premium functions that surpass free WordPress topics for artists, such as Wave's WP theme is based on Visual Composer for simple page layouts and page changes and fits seamlessly into your existing website so you can build boards and engage with your supporters.

See information about bandmembers in one of the 24 artists listings and up-load your songs from Soundcloud, Shoutcast or your own audio-music. An outstanding function is the possibility to show the listening and downloading stats so that you always know which track is favourite with your fan base.

It is a total package for everyone in the music business. Attractive to look at, it offers a variety of functions tailored to the needs of music pros. Our staff can also quickly set up your new music page with this premium theme. Advertise your performances and show a count down time to generate enthusiasm, let your audience hear your track with a built-in audioplayer, split your diskography and more.

Read what our clients have to say about this topic: It is a theme that has the qualities a pro needs and is well known. SoundWave's theme allows your audience to enjoy your music while receiving information about your forthcoming shows, performances, artists, art gallery and more. Adjust your wallpaper, font, colors, and more with an easy-to-use option box.

Remix WP Theme Appearance is a contemporary look with an appealing lay-out. So you can be embedding your own songs or even integrating them into Soundcloud, Shoutcast and Radioomy music. WooCommerce and WooPress plug-ins are also supported by this top music WordPress theme, so you can freely distribute your band's merchandising items and contact your supporters via fora.

Selecting the right WordPress theme for your music page is just the beginning. Want to make sure your music website templates have the right functionality to help you engage your prospects and keep your supporters happy. These are the five most important functions that any music website should have:

Whilst your supporters may already be acquainted with your music, splitting your track and the presence of an audioplayer on your website will allow other users to get a feel for your music and be interested in your records and performances. They can also be used as a free replacement e-mail link for their e-mail lists to launch a specific e-mail promotion and advertise your next outing.

Every topic on our listing includes nice and reactive audioplayers. On every website a request is a must so that your customers can get in touch with you. WordPress topics like Lush can be integrated seamlessly into your 7 Contactsheet. It allows them to make schedules for attending the show, and if you combine this with a WP theme like Shuffle, they can buy easy and see the state of their ticketing.

View a music WP theme like Solala Music to make your own blogs and post messages with your supporters. Building your own music website has never been so easy, thanks to WordPress and breathtaking topics for the music world. Start on your website by flicking through our new WordPress music themes and quickly building a high-performance website to present your album, bandmembers and concert information.

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