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Music - WordPress WooCommerce theme by response WooCommerce magnjivec The topic is best considered without using IFRSRAME, so either click the Closing Frames icon or click here to see the topic: WooCommere theme is WooCommerce 2. The theme is Worldpress 4. 2ready plugins to build a rich Wordpress-based store with many layouts and endless colourways.

Musicica has a comfortable administration pane that offers a variety of management and modification choices for all aspects of the theme - it's good for novices with no programming skills as well as for programmers. It is possible to upload sound clips to both store (video only) and products pages. Instead of pictures, you can use your own videotapes both in the store and on individual pages of the products.

When you want a videopresentation instead of a picture, this theme will make your store even more engaging. See how your movies look in our online previews, so you can change layouts, styles, colors, as well as font styles directly from the back end of your Theme. Select any colour you want to be the theme's lead colour (you can see 8 samples in our preview).

The design uses a one-of-a-kind and high-quality pull &drop IOS slide show, which can be seen on the front page. This theme is intended as a store for musicians, but can also be used to buy anything else. The beautifully styled pictures and slide shows will give your store a contemporary and neat look.

Design allows you to modify all the theme's major colours (background colour for headings, colour of headline font, colour of layer element, colour of shade for text) together with the text behind it. That means you can modify all the theme's colours and looks with just a few mouse clicks. What's more, you can also create your own theme with a single click.

There are two different store pages that allow you to select between a full width store and a store with a side bar that can contain regular Microsoft Office Windows and Microsoft Windows applications. There are three different blogs that allow you to select the type of page you like. Optionally, you can select from a default blogs, a minimalist blogs and a blogs that looks like a real one.

Select from a great full width slide show, a full width slide show, a slide show, a shop page with sliders, or a classic look with a full range of current articles. Four home page designs (iosSlideshow, Full Width Slide Show, New Slide Show, Category Home Page, and portfolio Home Page) You can insert and delete elements. Of course the dokumentation is contained in the downloadable file, but you can also find it in the article in our blogs, where you will always find the latest Musica dokumentation.

Select your username and click on the "Submit" button. If you have general enquiries, please go to the general section of the forums and ask your question / suggestion about our topics and plug-ins. I have used the following pictures, symbols or other resource as shown. Pictures for album are from Photodune, PSDtuts and hadr. See below for credits for your favorite pictures from Flickr:

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