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A musical theme

THEME MUSIC - What does it mean? The music motifs in Wicked and the writing of various songs are discussed by Stephen Schwartz and Carol de Giere. The guide contains children's books and youth literature about music and musicians.

Designation of musical themes

In detail they are called prelude, minuet, toccata and nocturne. "Ah, soundtrack. Everyone loves some kind of shape, so it's only logical that many writers name their character after the sound they like. There are different versions of Musical Theme Naming. It is a usual way to name the figures after a well-known singer.

Other people name personalities according to musical genre, instrument or concept. Sometimes the particular entities after which a person is called reflect his own personalities. As an example, someone who' s called after a pop actor tends to drink harshly, party harshly and live harshly, while someone who' s called after a classic musician will be more sophisticated, intellectually and gracefully.

It is not unusual, however, that these titles just persist for reasons of theme conservation and are musical and only for the pleasure of the public. Several of the protagonists, all the towns and lands, and each one of the magic incantations in Bastard!! are designated after heavily metallic and heavily rocking groups.

Dark Schneider is called after Udo Dirkschneider in a more topical theme, and the magic of setting the stamp on him is called Accept after Dirkschneider's group. These three returning old crackers on cowboy bebop had theme titles â" Antonio, Carlos and Jobim. Join them together and you will get the name of a renowned Brasilian singer.

In addition, each episodic track has either a musical or musical connection. Out of the Dragon Ball line we have the demon king Piccolo and his minions, called after musical instrument, tambourine, drum and others. Fairy Tail's protagonist Lucy and her familiy have got a name from Beatles-related songs: While she and her dad get their name from " Lucy in the Sky with Diamonds" or " Hey Jude", her Mum share her name with Eric Clapton's "Layla", a tune based on an unanswered romance that happens to be George Harrison's woman.

The mobile suit Gundam SEED and its continuation Mobile Suit Gundam SEED Destiny combines this with merchandise-driven, whereby several of the great Mecha are called after licensed tracks that appear in the sound track of the animation. For example, the Mecha Expansion Pack METEOR ("Meteor" is a TM Revolution track that is not surprisingly used as the device's theme song), the Akatsuki and the GOUF lgnited ("Ignited" is one of Destiny's theme songs).

It' not long before even the most incidental viewers/readers of JoJos Bizarre Adventure realize that Hirohiko Araki has given names to pretty much every single person in the fucking thing. The most famous by far is Arakis use of musical credentials, such as the celebrity bad guy Dio Brando (Ronnie James Dio and Marlon Brando), multiple personalities throughout the run of the show, and almost every booth created after Stardust crusaders.

The first main actor in the show - Jonathan Joestar - is already called after a well-known local name. First, the estates were given their name by associating a single color with a red dot map (Jotaro Kujo's star Platinum, Noriaki Kakyoin's Hierophant Green; although Dio's stand renounced one color and is referred to as the world ), before the second half of the Star Cross knights imported rogues with stands called after members of the ancient Egypt mantle.

At the end of part 3 Araki went back to the musical theme and named them after groups, records or tracks (Crazy Diamond, Goo Goo Dolls, Superfly, Killer Queen). Newer booths have been given nicknames that circumvent the theme, such as Nut King Call or Les Feuilles (pronounced "Autumn Leaves"). Pillar Men provides the actual page image, although the fans were translated against the background of the well-known fact that the name did not exactly match the name of the originals.

Ojamajo Doremi's faeries are often called after the musical leaders' music ( Dodo, Rere, Mimi, etc.), and even those that do not conform to this form have the same symmetrical form, which is twice as often as its name (Baba, Hehe, etc.). This was also expanded in the English language to include dubbing for Doremi, Hazuki and Aiko (or Dorie, Reanne, Mirabelle).

As RahXephon has given all Dolems musical titles, there are a number of folks who get a nickname based on a Maya myth. Much more conscious than usual, however, are these artists' works; arts (especially music) and mythological Maya are key features of the exhibition. Rave Master has many towns designated by musical genres:

Garages Island (Garage Rock), Hip Hop City, Ska City, Symphonia and others. On what planets does this show take place, the planets of musical genres? The Hamelin player has almost all of them given names to musical organs and concepts (guitar, bass, cornet, oboe). Except the protagonist Hamel, called after the legendary fiddler (who played a giant violin) and Pandora (who opened the open cell in which the mazoku was sealed).

Also places like the village Stacatto and the realm Dalsegno are designated accordingly. In addition, the four Mazoku general are called bass, guitar, sizer (synthesizer or keyboard) and drum, the principal instrument of a jazz group; the protagonists are Hamel (violin), Raiel (a kind of grand pianist that he wears on his back â" a mean achievement, since it is made of golden and weights 500 pounds!), oboe, flute and drum bone â" all classical instrument.

Some are Vocal and his associate Orgel, a loan word in English which means "Musikbox" in English and "Orgel" in French. In fact, the author even succeeds in promoting the theme with brother and sister couples such as lute and flute as well as the net brothers Clari Net and Cor Net. Yu-Gi-Oh! 5D's names three rogues after the three tenors Jose, Placido and Luciano.

Very few people have Kanji in their name, either in terms of tone or in terms of musicality, or directly related to general musicality. Lots of character and specialized attack in Soul Eater have music-influenced name. Pokémon 2000 shows a young woman called Melody and her older brother Carol.

Simoun's English DVD publication gave each band a music title: At Amagi Brilliant Park many personalities have got a name that is a pun on a musician. A Shaman King episode included a shaman crew by the name of Sabbath, and the members were Ronny, Ouji, and Aiyomi. Her ghosts have trains labeled after Black Sabbath tunes (with White Snake with trains labeled after Dio tunes), and Rose and Big Pig's name have been altered to "Neon Knight" and "War Pig" in English, further advancing the cue.

Jean-Claude Van Damme's 1989 movie Cyborg is a movie in which the protagonists are all given a name after guitar and other instrumentals. The Prehysteria films feature five different types of dinosaur known for their singing and music: All of the three protagonists of the John Hughes movie Some Kind of Waterful have a name that refers to The Rolling Stones.

Transylvania 6-5000 has a servant couple called Radu and Lupi, called after the piano player Radu Lupu. Across the Universe's complete line-up has got titles taken from the Beatlesongs. Every dialogue between the chapters in Gödel, Escher, Bach: An Eternal Golden Braid bears the title after musical works by Johann Sebastian Bach or plays on words.

The Xanth serie by Piers Anthony features the Triplett principals (whose magic talent is related to melody by the way) called Melody, Harmony and Rhythm. This tape is labeled after members of The Ramones - Joey, Johnny, Marky and C.J. Bumped by Megan McCafferty. This tape is paired with Theme Twin Name, in the case of the Separated at Birth identically Gemini Harmony and Melody.

One ( very ) small figure in Jasper Ffordes Shades of Grey is called Floyd Pinken. Whilst the Luna class spaceships in Star Trek: Titan come under the star name (named after moon in the solar system), the shuttle's were called by Captain Will Riker, who is great in twentieth Century Jazz... and thus called his shuttle after twentiethcentury jazz musician.

To a volcanic subject, he must say that the Armstrong shuttle is called after Louie, not Neil (she thought he had taken up the theme of spaceships). One of the favorite trumpets of the popular bestseller Haruki Murakami, who also has some pertinence for the storyline with the titles his works are called after ( at least the track under which the track was distributed in Japan).

Most of the episodes for Degrassi: The Next Generation are from ( mostly ) the 1980'. The 70s show had squadrons of episodic tracks with names after Led Zeppelin, The Who, The Rolling Stones and Queen. Sam and Dean Winchester like to call themselves classical Rockstars when they choose an assumed name.

Also the episodic tracks are often reference to classical music. It' s customary for Angie Tribeca character names to follow those of famous pop artists such as Jay Geils and Alan Parsons. The neighbors had the Brown dynasty, who gave their kids the Beatles name, although the link was only slowly becoming clear.

At first George was presented under the pseudonym Frazer Yeats, but a host Johnny Brown recognized him as his sibling. When their much younger Ringo brothers showed up the following year, it was not surprising that they had a sibling called Pauline (who never showed up personally). Later Frazer learns that he had a younger sibling called Paul who was drowning when he was under one.

Travelling Wilburys' name ( that is, their name in the line musical notion that they are a group of half-brothers, son of Charles Truscott Wilbury, Sr.) sometimes reflects other musicians: Yu-Gi-Oh!: The low plane melodic creatures are called after musical concepts, while the high plane creatures are entitled after renowned musical writers.

New York Afro-American girls in Little Shop of Horrors are called â " the crystal, the ronette and the chiffon, after New York Afro-American girls' groups of the 1960s. Melody and her folks from the Hello Kitty world. Goldfish Poop Gang are called Ozzie, Flea and Slash in the Chrono Trigger game.

Chrono Cross is a continuation of Nikki, who is actually a Rockstar. Originally in Japan they were called after spices, while in the Japan of Cross they were called Nikki..... With the exception of Chopin and other humans from the physical universe, the Eternal Sonata's character is designated by musical expression. Furthermore, each major section is dedicated to one of Chopin's celebrated works.

The Crystal chronicles were called after the Hurdy Gurdy instrument; this is particularly suitable for the Tactics A2 Hurdy, which is a true performer and even has its name cousin as a gun that learns one of its bard skills. Guilty Gear game personalities and sometimes even their assaults are designated after skirt groups and performers, especially Queen.

For example, Sol Badguy is called Mr. Bad Guy after Freddie Mercury's solo work. The figure also looks like Axl Axl and is called after Axl Rose (in the heyday of his career). Carl Clovers movementsets by BlazBlue are called after musical notions. The Kingdom Hearts has a colorful "bell" Heartless theme (Red Nocturne, Blue Rhapsody, Yellow Opera, Green Requiem and Black Ballade in the first play and in the chain of memories; Crimson Jazz, Silver Rock, Spring Metal and Emerald Blues in Kingdom Hearts II; Scarlet Tango, Grey Caprice, Sapphire Elegy, Turquoise March, Pink Concerto, Striped Aria and Emerald Serenade in 358/2 days).

Even in Day, almost every one of Demyx's guns is titled after a musical credential; there is even one titled after the playhouse' original melody (as in the Japan versions where'Passion' was the theme, it is still titled 'Sanctuary'). Mature and Vice's grooves in The King of Fighters are all based on the names of heavily banded music.

Mega Man uses a musical theme for the protagonist robot. Dr. Light's first creations are the blues (officially Proto Man in English, although Mega Man 3 Break Man is used as Alterego to suit the musical theme), and then the brother-sister couple Rock and Roll are made.

The Mega Man 8 sees the protagonist supported by a duo that is also in the second round of Arena play. Dr. Wily complements this theme by calling his nasty pendants Forte and Gospel (bass and treble). Others included robot punk, ballad, anchor ("enka" is a kind of traditional song from Japan), quint (from the word "quintet") and the Elvis-like king.

It' s largely abandoned in the Mega Man X episode that follows, but re-emerges in 15, where the Bosse are all called after members of the Guns N' Roses group, although this was only added for the US launch at the proposal of Claire Redfield's dubbing artist. Mega Man X8 calls the Lumine single-winged angel attack Refrain, Legato, Bel Canto, Gravé, Unison and Oratorio.

One group of vocal foes in Mega Man Star Force is designated after renowned singers...Lupinatra (for Frank Sinatra), Lupelvis (for Elvis Presley), Lupavarot (for Luciano Pavarotti), Lupadonna (for Madonna) and Lupbach (for Johann Sebastian Bach). 7 Magypsias in MOTHER 3, Ionia, Aeolia, Doria, Phrygia, Lydia, Mixolydia and Locria, are called after the 7 scale modules of musical theatre as proposed by the musician of the score.

Koopalings of Super Mario Bros. matches are all called after the names of players known at the time: In fact, Morton Downey Jr. may have done a few recordings in the'50s and'60s, but he was much more renowned for his horrible radioshow (where he was canned and substituted by Rush Limbaugh) and later for a talkshow that later established the standards for Jerry Springer.

Several of the figures in Thales of the Abyss are called after musical concepts such as "Arietta" or "Largo". Capacity cores have designations loosely related to different velocities and musical style settings. Rankings in the army also contain indications of the various musical modes, such as "Dorian General", "Locrian Sergeant" and "Ionian Sergeant".

Most, if not all, businesses are also musical concepts, such as A Capella (Sheridan), Crescendo (Grand Chokmah), Virtuoso (Baticul) and Serioso (Chesedonia). Of the six generals of God (except Asch), five are themes designated by the music - syncopation, distortion, allegretto, largo and aria. Cantabile, the originally number six, also follows the theme, and his name can be seen in a Daath account as the commander of special operations.

Almost every kind of noise in The World Ends with You has a musical credential in its name, and almost all of them are musical styles. Every different kind of animals actually has its own self-contained theme; for example, the penguin is all popular musical theme and the wolf has a skirt theme. In fact, the UG as a whole is largely music-oriented, with the Reaper lineage comprising a producer, composer and conductor.

Simon's is called after Gene Simmons and G. Oriber (one of the corpulent mosses) is called after Graham Oliver of Saxon. According to the focus of the play on a musical theme, each and every one of the Banjo-Kazooie members was initially designated after an original musical device. Because of some reasons this schema was given up, and only the titles keep their musical name.

Mordekaiser, a champion in League of Legends, has skills designated after metallicongs. Up to eleven years and through the rooftop with Ar clay clay/tonelico, a whole universe that has almost literal listened to it. Everything that has to do with these technologies can and will be built on something from our musical heritage.

New Vegas uses this for many questnames. "Ain' t That A Kick In The Head" (character development after being gunned in the face), "Heartaches By The Number" (Cass' escort quest), "Nothing But A Hound Dog" (Rex the dog's quest), "I Put A Spell On You" (stop or support a legion agent in an NCR base).

Pokémon Black and White features Ghetsis Harmonia, the real mastersmind of Team Plasma, and his Fosterlings Anthea, Concordia and N Harmonia, all of whom have musical notions. Harmonic is the Grecian goddess of harmonies, and N harmonic is a game on "enharmonic" that is two differently titled tones that are playing the same sound (like C# and D#).

The name Ghetsis comes from the word used in the timpani of his combat theme, namely gharp and c-sharp (or c-sharp) notation. A tritonus is formed by tritonus, i. e. three full note values are separated from each other and therefore tend to discord if used carelessly. Better still, in mediaeval Europe tritons were called "Diabolus en Musica" or "devils in music".

With the exception of the Bemani Trio, of course, all the Dance Dance Revolution Wii players are called after something that has to do with rhythms and so on. Sands of Destruction's Rhia Girl is the name of her procession after musical terms that range from sonatta to requiem. Nearly everything in HarmoKnight is either called after a musical concept or musical device or has a punny name.

It is a trendy part of her familiy; her mother's name is Melody, her grandma is Aria, and her dad is Dorian. Well, she's a very good girl. Originals Sinn are labelled after well-known and arcane rock/metal tracks. Ljudes finishes have music related names: Dark Ball 2 - Kharma has each levelset called after a full length full length record (and usually follows a theme according to its verbal meaning):

Rodin the fallen angel, the blacksmith of weapons, makes a musical sentence of four weapons from the Bajonetta serial for the title characters in both matches. Originally he produced the "Scarborough Fair", with each weapon separately called after parsley, sage, rosemary and thyme. Subsequently, he produced "Love is Blue" (named after the songs of Andrà Popp and Pierre Cour), whereby the weapons are called Prelude, Minuet, Toccata and Nocturne.

Each of the Kick-Up'32 protagonists is called after a musician. At Cucumber Quest personalities have got titles that refer to where they are living, so personalities living in the Melody Kingdom have got titles that have to do with making songs. With the Vatican Assassins, each Assassin characteristic is called after a musical organ. Especially the di Largolinios are all famous for their stringed strings (bass cello, cello, harp and viola).

Niko clearly tries to achieve this in Coga Nito by renaming both her and Eric's pieces[her combat forms] after musical references[hers is Smooth Criminal, Eric's is Red Special]. However, Matt recognizes what she is doing and consciously designates his Super 8 as breaking the patterns. Later, we get Apex[sic] Twin and Delirium Trigger, although it is not yet clear who exactly called them.

Linkara says all of Liz' alternate albums are called after a kind of heavy rock act, with Iron (Maiden) starring Liz. "Back in the Global Occult Coalition, he was Ukelele and worked under a "Scary Lady" called " D.C. al Fine." "In one of the founding stories, we are said that the name "key" has a kind of legacy character: when Alto passes away, the next operative to accept the name becomes "Triple Key".

Roxie`s Pokémon are called after members of the Ramones. Melody, the daemon who teaches Roll how to use some daemonic force, also matches the musical theme of Mega Man, but she is less than a Mega Man figure (due to unnatural origin). It is interesting to note that the name matching the theme was a coincidence.

A lot of Honda automobiles have this theme: Ello Asty, after the Beastie Boys Hello Nasty record, is the name of the game. Visual Dictionary and other Expanded Universe works introduce other members of this genus who have MCA, Ad-Rock and Mike-D's name: Band:

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