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Play Music - Music & DJ Responsive WordPress Theme by AivahThemes Notice: Using the theme's Axaxified flag is not compatible for some plug-ins, we suggest using the Non-Axaxified flag to work with third-party plug-ins. In the Topic Settings area, you can select or deselect the topic named Axaxified. The MusicPlay is a high-performance and highly reactive music band & DJ WordPress theme with fairly progressive functions such as Screen Artists, Albums, DJ Mixes, Photo Gallery, Video Gallery and Event, each of which has its own mailstream.

This has all the functions you need for a musicband theme. Notice: Using the theme àjaxified flag is not compatible with some plug-ins, we suggest using the non àjaxified flag to work with third-party plug-ins. In the Topic Settings area, you can activate or deactivate the Ayaxified Topic Policy setting.

These design choices allow you to modify all items like background, text, link, menus, type, etc. Social - Shows a social that is stored in the theme option. Test Menus - Shows test menus within select category and limits. Submissions Submission - Submissions for referrals published by users and you can post or authorize them if you wish to post them on the site.

When you want to modify only a few places, just choose the theme colour from the radio button and set your own theme for the menus. The theme is internationalization and internationalization, which is integrated into its fabric to make it easy to use for different language needs. Only a few text in the theme have the ability to modify text in the Theme Settings field.

In the Theme menu, you can modify the weekday captions in your own locale. heme comes with a straightforward, basic and practical way to use the shortcuts integrated into the design with just one click. The theme has nearly 100+ short codes, to include typographic stylings etc. - This is the standard altitude for the card at 200px in incidents per page.

Before updating to 8.0, please back up all your data and databases, as well as the topic area. - For the 1px edition of the artist's borders and other column output. - An error with single albums is displayed if there are no appendices. - Added an ability to retrieve streamed titles for the Icecast servers.

  • Historical occurrences that are not displayed at the frontend. - Deselect the Enumerate song counts for album on a page check box. - Music search toolbar for other posts individual pages. - Picture Caption in the Posttype area Gallery. - Deadline is missing in the past event preset. - Neither the order in which the artist short numbers are displayed.
  • The media galery New CSS for the galery up-load. - Filters for album. - Deactivate the light box for individual album and artist. - Apply individual page to play list in tjmix. - Default picture size for the singles with the new style sheet. - List of past event templates.
  • Confirm ation of the event list for the forthcoming event submission. - Speed dial for albums that can be filtered. - Balances one-sided confusion after 2.8. - Lacking index. Phil files in the sub-topics. - The child's problems. - Videocorrected on a one page page. - Albums are not played back when the radio player is turned on. - Release Date radio button.
  • Balloons are displayed by release date. - Displays jmix after release date. - Childs theme file. - Abort activating for children's topics. - The icons for the externally stored iP3 file in your records are not there. - There are missing icons for the SoundCloud in your records. - Nothing more from these algorithms will be displayed. - empty wallpaper options to reload the standard picture.
  • Music popup player enabled / disabled below in the theme settings. - Compatibility with extension childs theme. - Translation for the Twitter Tweet Status shortcut. - activate/deactivate PostLike via the radio button. - Brand new icons for texts, records and downloading. - We have removed the buffers for artist and album column buffers.
  • button item in scrapbooks deleted for review. - Timer countdown of the event short code. - Defines the height of the header. - Image picker has been superseded by the WordPress kernel. - Modified alphanumeric records and other unsaved items. - Solved column problems with djMix shortcode and more. - MediaPlayer Fixing of meta data. - tracklist fix on the single page of the record.
  • Solved Google Map in Ajaxified Layout issue. - Removed page editing buttons for individual page of album. - Variable $out not defined. - Final Post Shortcode. - Public posts speed dial. - Scope for extending the children's theme. - Impending event viewing problem. - Error displaying past event. - Folder View from the Topic Option.
  • Use the Albums shortcut to show the track list on any page or posting (widget style). - Press this button to select the desired preset. - Ataxonomy function for performers (categories). - Click to show specific performers by postal ID. - You can also add comment aries, subheadings and breadcrumb options to the art page. - albums wideget audio date fix. - Goto Google Map in event individual page.

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