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Elegant parallax scrolling and a variety of layouts for presenting your music, concert tours and merchandising articles - this theme will help you create a powerful and impressive homepage for your band. Anyone who loves music and wants to promote their music can use this topic to present their personal playlist, albums or music videos. WordPress vocal music theme is fully responsive and adapts the size to all devices.

Debate about music - Responsible Music WordPress topic

Hi, Is there a way to just have full length records and not single tracks for sale? So I want to have the single tracks in the record so they can see the track in the previews, but they shouldn't be able to buy 1 track just the whole record, how can I do that? I' m about to buy this subject.

However, I want to be sure that this topic gets more up-dates. I' d like to know if you have any plan to refresh the topic and when we are expecting it. It' s been over 6 month now, no new fix. I' m interested in this topic, but I want to know if a user can have a function to add content once they have logged in?

Every goddamn fucking goddamn fucking goddamn fucking goddamn fucking goddamn fucking day I try to download a song, he doesn't play. Is there going to be another upgrade on this topic to ensure longer term interoperability, or is this outdated? This is it now, but it's almost a year old without an upgrade. Their response means that there will be no more upgrades for this item, making it unsure to use it and buy it now.

I' d still like this subject. All my music page is HTTP, but when I click on a keyword in the Ajax page, it displays HTTP again.

User-defined fonts

The sound echoes through your styling, your picture and your setting. Big headers and an appealing location-wide video streamer offer limitless power. Twotone lets you customise your design with more than 30 hand-picked Google Scripts. Define an picture in the customizer and it will appear everywhere on your website.

It is also possible to define a user-defined heading for each page or to randomly show a heading for each page layout. Alternatively, you can keep things easy and show a spot colour for the headers instead of an outline. If you adjust the colour of the head text, you can adjust the colour of your title, your navi and the sound of your Audioplayer.

In the Topic Options area of the Customizer, you can define a full-height headline that will fill the Web application browser pane. Beneath the head area is a fast-reacting, two-column widget area where you can view current events, forthcoming shows, video, recordings, and more. Tell your supporters where you will be performing by viewing a schedule of forthcoming concerts or shows.

Your next appointment will be at the top of the page immediately. As with the coming performances, you can view a history of past performances as a guide. You can use the user-defined Giga Position drop-down menus to include annual Giga Archive content in your link lists. Every show has its own page where you or your supporters can exchange Facebook, Twitter, e-mail or other forms of online networking.

Unique pages show date, place, time, ticketing information, calendaring and more. Bonuses include embedding the event location info and linking to Google Maps for more detail or routeing. Much like the Giga Library, a user-defined drop-down list can be used to create linkups to different albums and stand-alone libraries, or to include outside linkups.

Separate recording pages show your tunes in a clear and easy to use tracking list, so your friends can hear your tunes, and give you the ability to link to purchases of your tunes. Every song is linked to a page where you can enter song texts, click here for downloading information, or simply enter extra information about your work.

Easily browse and browse your latest YouTube, Vimeo, or other featured services by entering a simple web address (URL). Twotone takes over the embedded and fast reacting videosupport. Splitting your own website's content with separate pages of content will help you boost your website's audience and your musical presence. Recording and movie archive supports separate column for quicker surfing.

Select an audioplayer with a customized play list throughout your website or restrict it to the title page. Fully reactive, Tweotone allows your website to be accessed from any phone, from your phone to your desk.

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